Wearing fluorescent yellow socks with black pants isn't a good look.

Have you seen anyone else?


You've had a busy morning, haven't you?

Manolis may not have been telling the truth.

Good actions are never in vain.

Tatoeba boosts your confidence and you are inspired to try further.

Keep it in a cool place.

We were in Boston last week.

There are very many people who read simply to prevent themselves from thinking.


Maureen told everyone that he thought Edwin would make a good wife for someone someday.


I take it you have a problem with Panacea.

Do you love your father?

There are a lot of results and a calculation mistakes.

Phil spent the night at a friend's house.

My grandpa was an avid collector of stamps.

I'm from the future.

Genius is but one remove from madness.


He never went out.

I'll let you know when we come to the station.

I've no idea what's happening.


Will you go there?

Let me show you the way to the elevator.

I'd been glad to receive some advice.

The head of our department is a man named Marnix Jackson.

Everyone is doing OK.

I thanked Sharada for his help.

Corals can live for thousands of years.

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Adlai knows how to have a good time.

My grandmother passed away.

Have you chosen a major yet?

Phiroze was three meters away when the bomb exploded.

We'll be on the road for a total of five days.

Don't neglect your daily responsibilities.

Kelly will appear on TV.

If your orchid has yellowish leaves, it means that it was placed in inappropriate location.

Please say that again!

You must practice it at regular intervals.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

Hugh may be back before 2:30.

Larry works as hard as any boy in the class.

He is a diligent student, as students go.

I got a noisemaker as a Purim gift.

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Stanley wanted me to find out who you've been dating.

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The plane took off at 2:30.


The exosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 kilometers.

Would she like that?

Ning looks like he hasn't slept in days.

Dick is the one who shot Skip.

Maybe we ought to ask him.


There's nothing the matter with Miriamne.


You should write a book.

Susanne did his best to comfort Kerri.

He can also speak French.


Stevan left a message for you.

Who do you plan to eat dinner with?

He interfered with the fans.

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Is there a museum in this town?


I lent Carol the money to pay this month's rent.

Les thinks the food Giovanni makes is usually too spicy.

What's the minimum salary in Spain?

You should have warned him before.

That's precisely what I wanted to hear.

You must rewrite this text.

At first, Mechael thought French was difficult, but now he thinks it's easy.


Do you think the situation will improve?

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Bullying is a learned behavior.

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In London there are a lot of different events which one would like to join.

I'm supposed to be helping him right now.

I'll pay with travelers' checks.


Meeks is retiring.

Doesn't Tuan remind you of John?

On entering a dark tunnel, we could see nothing.


I paid her five dollars.


It seems out of order.


He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Neville really needs a vacation.

I'm proud of Werner's accomplishments.

Until when are you staying?

I think you've bought enough stuff for one day.

Imitation of gestures, actions and manners may or may not be a conscious act.

I mistook you for my brother.


He gives me the creeps.

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It works seamlessly with your iPhone.

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I want to go abroad next year.

Over ten percent of them can do the work.

The bug has been corrected.


The status of the project is as follows.


What could that be?


I'll telephone you every night.

She opened my messages and ignored them deliberately.

I put my coat on inside out.

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The architect adapted the house to the needs of old people.


How come you have not started yet after a day.

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I've been working on this for just for a couple of days.

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I saw Ramanan swimming across the river.


What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Gretchen didn't want to encourage Dominick to do anything that might get her in trouble.

We grew up in poverty.

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Nobody knows what happened to the jet.


Take whatever you like.


Earn money on the races! Know-how collection on horse racing will have you raking it in!


Black clouds were passing above the city.

I want this to be over.

With pleasure.

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I've never seen Martyn wear a hat.


Three of the protesters were wounded.

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We had nothing to talk about.

I didn't mean that literally.

I studied English, French and Chinese.


I eat in the classroom.

Will you tell me how to play the guitar?

The farmer employed five new workers.

I'm meeting him for dinner.

Maybe I just imagined that.

I'm not going to lie to her.

I told you we had a lot in common.

Amir still hasn't gotten over the shock.

Please make yourself comfortable.

Leung and I just had a huge fight.

Look at this bird I just found.

The lake is about 25 meters deep.

She was great.

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Hands up!

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Can I just ask a few questions?

Zulfiqar was the famous sword of Hazret-i Ali, fourth caliph of Islam.

I've seen how well you treat Floria.

He badly exaggerated his ability to achieve a breakthrough.

Graham Greene is a favorite author of mine.


She is concerned about her son's health.

Ro is unkind.

This is the most shocking thing that ever happened in life.

You can stay if only you are quiet.

I used to work in the same restaurant as Ginny.

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We had to stay home because of the storm.

Writing is a deeper sleep than death.

This design resembles his earlier work.

Mark the words that you cannot understand.

What do you want to watch tonight?


Hard work has carried him this far.

Dreams tell the truth.

Do you have any knowledge of this matter?

He fired but missed.

I skied for the first time.

Tammy wants a motorcycle.

The teacher aroused our interest.


The southern Italian island of Sicily has been covered with a vast plume of smoke and ash.

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We're going to travel to Estonia next month.

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I've always wanted to learn French.

I hope the time will soon come when there would be no more war.

I think that Japanese students are very good at gathering knowledge.

Naoko can run fast.

We have different color eyes.