Why didn't you tell me what you were doing?

It's the sort of work that calls for a high level of concentration.

When are you going to ask her?

You have nothing whatever to worry about.

If it is raining tomorrow, we stay at home.

Dan was blessed with two adorable daughters.

I'm special.

I think I can surpass my brother if he give me a chance

Sofoklis and Annie often go out for dinner together on Fridays.

"Mom, you need to sign this." "Let me read it." "No, it's okay. You don't have to."

I think we should stop now.

The huge tanker has just left the dock.

I don't want you to think I'm nuts.

It's not quite the same.

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Internal division within the Labor Party was one of the factors which led to its defeat at the recent election.

I hear we're having a fire drill today.

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.


My brother can run as fast as I.

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We could hear the bells ringing from a nearby church.

We have some things we need to discuss.

John had his body cremated and the ashes thrown into the sea.

Is it difficult work?

There, there. It's all better now.


I almost felt sorry for Lori.

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Andre showed considerable courage.

Connie accused Tao of stealing his money, but she denied it.

A devastating potato blight and famine struck in Ireland in the 1840's.

He is suspected of robbery.

I like Hokkaido a lot.

Where does this path go?

He got his position by presidential appointment.

Let's look at the path that you've walked so far.

Rod turned out to be just like his father.

I'm happy if you're happy.

It's the sort of work that calls for a high level of concentration.

Steen isn't good at making conversation.

Why did you quit using Twitter?


Our cat's fur has lost its luster.


Though living next door, he doesn't even say hello to us.

He reached for the dictionary.

Proceeding from warm-up exercises to leg kick practice without a hitch, the lesson went completely smoothly.

She is the one you should model yourself after.

You're coming with me.

People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.

You don't really plan to do that, do you?

I thought this building was abandoned.

It makes me sick to listen to you.

Turn the light off. I can't fall asleep.

I think I can figure it out.

I like watching baseball games.

I should be home in time for dinner.


Do you like bugs?


Tell us what really happened.

Lievaart won the Iowa caucus but did not become president.

Kathleen and Jon shook hands with each other.

Wes is baffled.

Gregory committed suicide in jail.


Father is well as usual.

I have so little money at the end of the month.

This city has many wide avenues.

We used to swim in this river a lot.

Corey obviously wants to help Arne.

He went to America to study medicine.

I'll call back as soon as I can.


How can one be serious with the world when the world itself is so ridiculous!


Suyog ate the whole cake by himself.

Hubert wasn't there at the time.

A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.

These sentences only differ with respect to tense.

I am attracted to a certain boy in my class.

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Forgive me if I haven't cooked supper well.


Sheila and Jarl both work about forty-five hours a week.


I lost my children in the crowd that awaited the last ship for freedom.


Her honesty is beyond question.

What did you tell him for?

We're now alone.

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The Earth's magnetic field traps the charged particles which are hurled at the Earth by the Sun during solar wind activity. When these charged particles react with the gases in our atmosphere, the gases begin to glow. These aurorae, or glowing gases, are seen in the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle.


I accompanied her on the piano.


I could not make myself understood to them in English.

You should not confuse business with personal affairs.

It's great to be here.

I'm lost. Could you please help me?

Hwa was quite diplomatic.

It's for your own protection.

He has been in Japan for two years.

What do you think Julia was up to?

I've tried everything else.

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Hardship makes the man.

Dictionaries are used to look up the words you don't know.

How much are the grapes?

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Get off my back!


She is an expert at it.


It is doubtful whether he will come or not.


I don't think that we should do that.

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Kristen is a doofus.


Time is running short.

Catherine looks really bored.

Englishmen rarely talk to strangers in the train.


I want you to wash the car.

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We did that.


She has already gone to school.

I'll return in ten minutes.

We're a little understaffed right now.


This is what I'm paying you for.

Jefferson believed firmly in the value of education.

It's possible that they'll go to the supermarket today.

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I'm sure it was just a terrible accident.

I'll never forget the experience I had yesterday.

"Buy the elephant!" - "What elephant?" - "Everybody says 'what elephant', but you buy the elephant!"

There is no knowing which team will win.

I cannot decide whether to go or not.


A great crowd waited for the president to speak.

You're indecisive.

The fruit is in the basket.

I'm told congratulations are in order.

You should go back to Jarvis's.

I thought Brenda had already done that.

Nils has no ambition.

I can explain why I need it.

Tahsin gave me a ride to the airport.

This is a matter of the utmost importance.

It's raining today. Where is my umbrella?

You can take the bus to the station.

Don't be long about it!


Are you up there?

Prisoner is discharged.

I have just returned from the post office.


John tends to get angry when he doesn't get his own way.


He's shaking his head as if he had water in his ears.

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Take a look, Tammy.


We could fix it.

Where in all Japan is there a school that has 'advance at the crawl' in P.E.?!

Rebecca shut the blinds.


I think that's up to Johnny, isn't it?

I got caught at a motel having an affair.

Judge's best friend is a mouse named Jerry.


You're going to need a bigger boat.

Close the door behind you.

Beats me.

None of them can hold a candle to Maria.

I'm angry at you.

They bought a new car.

Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

Have you watched some films recently?

Tovah doesn't use drugs.

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Only time will tell if he was right.


Tell me what's on your mind.


He speaks five languages.

It's clear that Winnie doesn't want to talk about it.

It might be worth a try.

Ro said not to talk to you.

Triantaphyllos cut the vampire's arm off with a machete.


They won't do it.

They are in class.

You may do everything but criticize me.

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Can you do it alone?