I'm ready to respond.

That was the last I saw of him.

You have no fever whatsoever.

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Leslie is a classy guy.


She proved an intelligent pupil.


When women are together, they always laugh.

She is good at geography.

What's your favorite drink in the summer?


You whispered.

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The look on his face was next door to hatred.

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We still need to buy food for tonight's party.

Come on, Mah, we don't have all day.

They finally reached the top of the mountain.


Pitch the ball.

I had a problem similar to that not too long ago.

Can you do without an English dictionary?

I assume that Amos can swim.

I've always wanted a dog.

At last, we reached our destination.

Would you have another cup of tea?

The deadline had to be extended.

She isn't perfect.


Don't be silly. I can't do it.

It's time we left.

How do you know about Marion?


I'd like you to drive.

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A cat got out from under the car.

I was hoping to surprise you.

Olivier might not be as happy as he looks.

I can testify to that.

I can't speak Vietnamese.


I would rather remain single than live an unhappy life with him.

Are you sure you can't buy one of those in Boston?

It was she who made him do it.

I stopped and stared at him.

You're not gaining anything by doing so.


He made a speech in which he supported my point of view.


Let's focus on getting this done.

Monica's favorite sport is baseball.

Are these shoes too big for you?

"I'll come again." "Yeah, I look forward to it."

You shouldn't go to school.

We are very drunk.

Suzanne's had numerous opportunities to set the record straight.

I worked in this factory.

Maurice thinks Charlie is lying.

Phillip steadied himself.

Ric lies without any inhibition.

I haven't ever seen one of these before.

Trick or treat.

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I couldn't stand looking at it.

You must not get away from reality.

I don't expect that Nelken will swim.


I'm a Giants fan.


Existing legislation does not take diversity of races into account.

His father worked as a swineherd.

She's spending too much time watching TV.


That family has lost its social position.


We were actually pretty lucky.

Brandon was sent by his company to Boston.

It was a hard slog for Jim to raise her two children as a single parent.

You'll be my guests.

He came into the room first.

She has a big family.

Pull your car out a bit, I can't back my car out.

Why do you hide your thoughts?

They always behave themselves well.

Miltos said that was not his problem.

It's one of the reasons.

He found it.

Everyone else laughed.

I hate celery!

I'm prepared to do that now.


It's not like you not to call.

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I think we should just give up.

I think it's worth asking.

If I had known about it, I would have changed my plan.


He won't like that.

It is rather warm today.

I'd never get caught.

Jeannette did a good job planning the party.

Her demands are excessive.

This would never have happened, if you had listened to me in the first place.

I think we shouldn't be doing this.

Your threats don't frighten me.

How can I ever forgive myself?

Do you really want to lose weight?

I'm not going to let Hilda go to Boston by himself.

How many blankets are there on the bed?

They cancelled the festival.

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That doesn't happen a lot.

Vladislav's desk is cluttered with papers.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

We've got lots of time.

These goods are greater in quantity than in quality.

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I've just gone and lost my key somewhere around here.

I know that would make me happy.

What have you done with your car?


I couldn't be happier for the two of you.


Fear is essential for survival.

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You should be going soon.

People waited for buses.

She likes a tiger.

I will return to Australia the day after tomorrow.

I have no reason to resign.


I understood what she said.


I asked my mother what to take there.

When was the last time you used a fax machine?

Do you want to stop Rathnakumar?

Please give me a pen and some sheets of paper.

I don't want Harvey in this building.

They're on commercials.

I'm working with them now.

Your resume is very impressive.

You can't afford that one.

The piano was made of beautiful, dark brown wood.

Is Aun still in love with his wife?


She's cute and fun.

His death made everyone sad.

Dwayne is Shannon's younger sister.

Aw, my father's going to China.

Who did you get these flowers from?

Case told me not to go there alone.

I want to know where you want me to put this.


I'm coming from the garden.

We stayed there all night.

I had a very good time today.


I can't believe Rick did that.

What is it called?

Is there anything you don't know?

I'm a musician.

Donal leaves for Boston tomorrow.

They set off fireworks with a great bang.

Ethan teaches the third grade.


I asked him to come in.


My legs are smaller than yours.


My mother told me not to study so hard.

"Where is Judy?" "He's not working today."

Try to rest a bit.


Is it a llama?


The peak of mount Everest is the highest spot in the world.

Please don't force me to do this.

To visit my friend.

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I heard a siren in the distance.

Why do you hate them?

Let's be fair.

He didn't pay anything.

I blew on my hands to warm them.


The mother signed to Alice to follow her.

How much do you earn?

You shall have this album as a prize.

After years of success he has come down in the world.

Do you think Liyuan will like the gift I bought him?

We got through the work just before ten.

Rhonda tried to open the door, but couldn't get it open.

Tell George I don't know Kent.

Does she still want to take part in the party?

We started singing.

Do you really want to help me?


That man stole my purse.