Her dream is visiting Paris.

Her husband's illness caused her great anxiety.

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I shouldn't have overdone it.

He seems to be worried about something.

This one or that one?

I have a surprise for him.

Heidi never dreamed that he would win first prize.

It's very nice to meet you.

Earle bought scented garbage bags.

Smoking compromises your health.

Jack has been living in New York for six years.

He had a bit of a cold last night.

Dan needed money and sought financial relief from his father.


That cannot be denied.


They all answered "Yes" to a man.


I've spared no expense in building the house.


Tell me as much as you can about what happened.

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I don't want to ask you anything.

Let the kids off the bus first!

We should always be careful of what we do.

I warned them not to come here.

Kelvin was too shaken to speak.

I have had no news from him yet.

Is he experiencing some kind of pain?

They have to come.

If you really want to speak to me, it's now or never.

It hardly ever rains in the area.

His unusual behavior aroused our suspicion.

This won't be a real diamond.

Are you joking?

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I read a magazine to kill time.

It was a great night.

You'd better stay at home rather than go out on such a day.

Syed smelled gas.

Don't stand there.

"I'll come again." "Yeah, I look forward to it."

I'm pretty sure Sean has finished his homework.

For reasons mentioned previously, I have decided to resign my position.

Srinivas has been very rude to me.

I'll never again let such a thing happen.

I can recognize him even in a crowd.

Will you live in Sasayama next year?

Let's just hope she won't evaluate the grammar.


Suzan and Bernard went shopping together.


There are statues in the park.


Let's go check on Pilot.


Jitendra and Mitchell have a son named John.


Never have I seen such a thing.

She sowed her field with barley.

Make the best of your small income.

Thank you for bringing your computer.

Did anyone say anything?

We refer to this city as Little Kyoto.

But he is still alive?

Peter came in your absence.

Gordon pushed Eliot against the wall.

You've betrayed us all.

Given her inexperience, she has done well.


I don't have much desire for wealth.

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I'm not too crazy about that idea.

Everyone's a bit confused.

I've just arrived from school.


All of a sudden, we heard the sharp cry of a cat.

What are they trying to tell me?

Is it true Antony is moving to Boston?

She begged for her life.

Would you please look over my report?

Thanks for playing along with us!

Tell Ranjit I'll be there in thirty minutes.

Irfan is being rude, isn't he?

Have you spoken to her?

It's better not to prattle on about meaningless things. The more you open your mouth the more likely you are to put your foot in it.

Don't bother him.


Can you watch the kids?

I no longer need a loan.

What happened freaked us out.


The books of this literary poseur were widely read but they are now forgotten.

Mozart wrote brilliant, complex musical compositions as easily as you or I would write a letter.

The accident happened right before our eyes.

His speech went on and on.

Does anything touch your gums?

I am no longer hungry.

He doesn't know anything about politics.

The boy is full of promise.

The beaches of the French Riviera are very beautiful.

Can we talk for a sec?

Louie and Kristian ate a six-course meal together.

We should go to the party together.

Earnie looks a little flushed.

Tell me the bad news first.

Will you put on this kimono?

The party was a bit of a letdown.

I have no appetite.

The books are on the table.

I don't want Sangho to hear about this.

I'm excited about this.

Even though Jane was well paid, her heart wasn't in the job. She needed to find a job that she could be passionate about.

We've got to hurry.

Try it sometime.

You hate him, right?

I think you'll want this.

I believe in having a good heart and being kind to others.

I appreciate your coming all the way.


It seems those two are made for each other.

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I'm disappointed in you.


The ocean covers 70% of Earth's surface.

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You're probably bored stiff.

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Twins are clones.


We cannot decide whether to go to college or not.

According to Newton's Third Law of Motion "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

He failed many times, but he had no feeling that it was a waste of time.

Ken helped Laura.

Blair knows where he belongs.

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When will the MCA take place?

How much money was saved in preparation for the summer vacation?

His photographs are unsparingly critical, and his inimitable eye unmasks the banal as well as the grotesque.

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He has no friends to talk with.

Barton built the house himself along with the help of a few friends.

This isn't the knife I confiscated from Delbert.

It's my biggest problem.

That small one is also mine.

I have a possible explanation for that.

Beckie crashed into a tree.

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I love pets of all kinds.


I'm afraid that I failed terribly.

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The truth lies in the middle.


How did this effect you?

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They agreed to meet again in Baltimore, Maryland.

The doctor's treatment has only aggravated my husband's condition.

He is the shorter of the two boys.

Knute said he wanted to make amends.

Stop trying to make me feel guilty!

Is Monty from Boston?

We need to talk about them.

Did you let him drive your car?

Greetings to you.

Mine owners refused to negotiate.

Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.

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Do you think Val is satisfied?

Don't be such a sentimental idiot.

Work hard so that you can succeed.


Where did he have to go?


That's interesting. Tell me more about that.

Can you tell me the code for Paris, please?

They didn't know me.

That seems logical to me.

It began to rain as we came near the pass.

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You get more beautiful every year.

It was a huge difference.

All the students will partake in the play.


My parents want me to come home.

Coming events cast their shadows before.

It ended up being canceled, but it gave us a chance to learn each other's feelings.

I've been working on this all day.

We hope to see you again.


The heater works.


He took offense at what I said and turned on his heels.


Ji never arrived.


Amy said he'd see what he could do.

I don't have a cent.

I like bargaining.