That's the meat of a hen.

We'll change it.

Why are people scared of her?

They sell many types of food and grocery products.


"Is he cute?" "Really cute."

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My sister-in-law invited me to lunch in their new house.

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You think I'm afraid, don't you?

Some people watched TV serials every evening.

He's always laughing and having fun.

We became good friends.

You are ten times better looking than I am.

This should be really interesting.

What were the meetings like?

It was almost the perfect crime: we arrived at the scene, opened the trunk, killed the man and cleaned up the prints, but we forgot to hide the body.

Tobias flipped through the pages of the magazine.


Thanks for translating my sentences. I appreciate it.


I have four computers, but two of them are so old I don't use them anymore.

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What's your favorite hotel in Boston?

I don't have a pot to piss in.

I should've known this.

But that's not the last train, right?

He set out on a trip.

Lenny likes money.

I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

I saw Jones fall.

John and Patrice broke up last week.

What's Romain eating?

Arnold met Sekar by chance on his way home from school.

The Giants got clobbered yesterday.

Education is the key to success.

I guess Irving was right.

I have a great deal to tell you.

Vicki's bout went the full distance.

We're almost done.

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I didn't hear a word Hsuan said.


Eddie's dress doesn't fit her very well.

There isn't much butter left in the refrigerator.

Would you mind if we left?


The airplane took off and boarded to China.

I'm sorry. That's really all I remember.

I did so with a view to pleasing him.

Bud usually drinks a lot more than Brender does.

We swim together once a week.

I want to ask Vidhyanath some questions.

You probably scared Clifford off.

No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

His name's Connie.

I'd like a single room.

Too late, when we got there Jack had already gone.

I can't reach him.

You're the best mom in the world.

Please play the violin.

Unfortunately, I have no proof for my suspicion.


I only ride a bicycle at odd times.

When do you want me to call you?

Are you going to send this by parcel post?

They seldom watch television these days.

Can we do it on Monday instead?

Beckie sat on a tree trunk.

I have quite a little work to do this afternoon.

Eva sent me roses this morning.

But for my family, I would not have worked so hard.

Where did we leave off?

Socorrito is a language genius who speaks 10 languages fluently, but he's really bad at maths and can't even solve a simple first-order equation.

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I thought the movie was awesome.


Perhaps the three most popular ice cream flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Can we be of any further assistance?

I tried to dissuade my daughter-in-law, but she didn't listen to me.

I'm not stamping their postcards.

You do fine work.

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No matter how hard he tried, my opinion didn't change.

That sounds downright painful.

He gave the impression of having much money.

Patricia is unimaginative.

Clara is rather hard to please.

Phiroze didn't want to be seen with Jussi.

Micky won't live long.

They are disappointed with each other.

I feel like a slave.

Toufic is the only person who can help me.

I won't come if it rains tomorrow.

Please drop in on your way home.

I'd like to talk about your situation.


They wouldn't have cancelled the game if it hadn't rained so heavily.


She was seduced by Marsha.

They agreed to start early.

I like being a little star, being a big star is too much pressure and I don't like pressure at all.


Manoel and Ricardo are two people that have fallen in love with languages.

Do you want something to do?

She looked glamorous.


I spent a lot of time with them.

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They made a claim for higher pay.

He is good at taking photos.

That's exactly how I want it.


I must know the truth about Barney.

Engineers are problems solvers.

It will be to our mutual benefit to carry out the plan.

He's obviously in pain.

Federer held at love at 2-2.

I think that there is a man there.

The wind drifted the snow.


Nigel felt extremely guilty.

Chances are that he has not heard the news yet.

You check for a pulse, but find none.


Napoleon's horse was white.

I bet he isn't telling the truth.

I'm forever lost, can't you see? I'm in a bind!

There are zero Middle English sentences in Tatoeba.

Every day has a sequel.

We're both very, very lucky.

Did you work yesterday?


He was talking as he walked.

It will not be fine.

Could you explain the last section more precisely?

Jill is not to be trifled with.

I have a twin brother.

Through genetic modification, we can improve crops.

Because of the heavy snow, the train was 10 minutes late.

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You three seem to want something.

You need to go change.

Wonder is the true character of the philosopher.


I'm actually not sure what I should be doing now.

Rajesh is the one who called 911.

Will Sofoklis be OK?

This photo was taken in Boston three years ago.

I don't want to go, and besides it's too late.

I forget, do they have a panda at the Ueno Zoo?

We have freed you from a great anxiety.

Now give me back my key.

Thanks and good night!


Rafael says he still has no idea where Roxane is.


Hurry up! We are waiting for you.

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Can I have the paper when you're finished with it?

Do you have that in blue?

Even people with perfect pitch sometimes have a hard time with Mandarin, let alone Cantonese.


I can be exactly what you need.

She is no less slender than her sister is.

He often comes to see me.

I know Meehan is thirteen years old.

Would you like to go out with me sometime?

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How are you, sweetie?

Please turn off your cellphone.

Don't you want to go to the party?

For me, history is a fascinating subject.

The dog couldn't bark.

Have you ever eaten sea urchins?

Naoto voted for himself.


The majority of the committee were against the plan.

I want to ask you about her.

Vance went to a Catholic high school.

You look funny in that hat.

Laura has already checked in.

He is thirsty for fame.

You said you were working tomorrow.

Pat planned the whole thing.

I should've tried harder to get the report finished on time.

I found no money left in my pocket.

I'm pretty sure Case doesn't know what he's doing.

Eva can't be at today's meeting.

There was a seal in the water and on the shore.


Break out the champagne.

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Dan is good at making approaches to strangers.


Eat everything on your plate, or you won't get any dessert.

I have to deal with this alone.

Do you believe global warming is the result of human actions?

We were destined to get married from the time we were born - Not!

Although we don't have much money, I want to buy this painting.