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Revenge is a dish best served cold...
If I think it, I say it.

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Say What...? Part 3

At this point, you're either following the logic of this piece, or you're reading on hoping I say something profoundly stupid so that you can send me even more hate email than I already get. Either way, you're here. So, welcome back.

Say What...? Part 2

I want you to picture something. We've probably all seen the black and white footage of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. It was at the height of Nazism and Adolf Hitler was in the stands, beaming over his Aryan team of "super athletes". Now, picture 2 German athletes taking a knee as the German national anthem was played. The very next thing you would might have seen was the SS coming on to the field and dragging those athletes off to be shot. You wanna know why the First Amendment is so important, um, that'd be a REALLY good example right there.


I wonder, sometimes, if I am some sort of an anomaly. An enigma. Am I the only one who thinks the way that I do? Does that apply to you, as well? If it does, welcome to First Amendment 101.

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I've been having a somewhat evil amount of fun on social media lately. I probably should be ashamed of myself, but quite frankly, I'm not. It's too much damned fun! "Doing what, oh scribe," you may ask? Baiting the weak minded! I've been called a racist, a homophobe, a nationalist, a bigot, and a myriad of more colorful names (none of which are appropriate for this PG rated website) by folks upset over the fact that they're just not getting their way. Which folks? The minor percentage of oxygen breathing homo sapiens amongst us who believe that THEIR worldview is the ONLY worldview and whomever opposes it is Da Debble.

Having a bad hair day...

Over the last couple of decades, the US has tolerated (and yes, I do mean TOLERATED) threats to America by lesser nations, states, regimes, and organizations. Since World War II, the game was simple, with only 2 real players in it; the Soviet Union and the United States. Fast forward to the Reagan era and the collapse of the Soviet Union into it's constituent parts and nations. The US, at that time, went OUT OF IT'S way to help the newly emergent Russian Federation to right itself as a country and stabilize the region. It was purely self-interest, mind you. They still had their fingers on the Big Button. But it is 2017, and the world has changed. And it's about time our foreign policy changed with it.

And You're Shocked....Why?

Ah, and so the quadrennial effort at national self-flagellation has concluded. Or has it? I stayed up late Tuesday night as the returns came in, not so much to see who "won" as much as to watch the absolute meltdown of the media in real time. I taxed the batteries in my remote as a I flipped from CNN to Fox, to ABC, to CBS, to NBC, and back. As the evening wore on, even the most minuscule of professional veneer the media was sporting evaporated away as the votes were tallied and the results of the only poll that matters were revealed.