Srivatsan is only trying to help.

We don't have any deep convictions.

Fair enough.


If I were to go abroad, I would go to France.

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Have you ever seen a car accident?

Tell us about your childhood.

If this happens again, let me know.


She never gets invited to parties.

The founding fathers established safeguards against all the forms of concentrated power they knew about: the church, the state, the mob; but they didn't know about corporations.

Yellowstone Park has many thermal areas of geysers and mud pots.


It is a consolation that no one was killed.

Reinhard threatened to shoot Marilyn if she didn't leave.

He fed his dog at the same time every day.

Can you recommend me a place to stay in London?

Could we take a walk?

He made no response.

Where can I get a taxi?

We need to burn all this stuff before the police get here.

We saw a stranger enter the house.

Do you think you'll be here tomorrow?

I don't really understand it.

Kriton saw his parents arguing.

We want to make absolutely sure that Karen wants to do that.

I suggest that you see Mr White.

I have an important message for Teriann.

It seems like you know everything already.

Can't you just be happy and enjoy the party?

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I love Laurie's hair.

Daniel took a look at the pictures.

That's very kind of you to say.

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As soon as he graduated from Keio University, he took over his family's business.

What did you feed the dog?

Could you pass me the remote?

I'll be your worst nightmare.

I was there with them.

You mustn't reveal my secrets.

Why would you tell her that?

She went to Bible camp.

They give nothing.

The world needs to develop new energy sources in place of oil.

Skef was told by his doctor to remain in bed.


The pole vaulter jumped more than seven feet.

Let's finish up.

Kenneth misses his daughter.

Loukas hasn't done enough yet.

The game was canceled because of heavy rain.

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What place do you want to go to?


Are you getting all this?


Leo is acting on his own.

Summer holiday begins in July.

Why are they questioning Leo?

Vassos carefully took off his mask.

Clean your teeth!


He is totally dependent on his parents.

Black people in America once said, "Give us freedom".

Sports play an important role in social life.

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The dogs finally gave up and wandered away from the raccoon.

Vishal complained to Jos about the food.

Do you think it is easy to deceive children?


Far be it from me to criticize, but your dress is rather loud.

Where there is doubt there is freedom.

Nora won the Iowa caucus but did not become president.

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I had a good time, too.


He is not altogether wrong.

Ragnar was sitting silent for half an hour.

The animals had to be killed.

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Which color do you prefer?

The Diet will soon be dissolved.

Casualties were inevitable.

Nate won't be able to get to the airport on time.

Stevan is very practical.

I have storage space.

The first will be last.

You can say what you want.

May I borrow your phone?

"We need to get ready for the party." "Oh, was that tonight?"

It was her idea.

I think we should go straight to Boston.

I think we shouldn't tell Fritz about what happened.

This song always makes me think of my good old days.

Are you all cold?


That's just a cheap publicity stunt.


You're a hard person to refuse.


What are you really worried about?


He doesn't know his father.


It's immoral.


First they pay no attention. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. And finally, you win.

Have him come see me.

I don't want Jackye to see me like that.


The experiment failed in the initial stages.


You asked me to talk to Jerrie, remember?


The basketball team doesn't practice on Monday.

And like that it's correct?

It's all yours.

Let's go over it one more time.

Annie is still angry with you.

Give me all your money.

We voted for the candidate.

Pain management is the priority.

I don't mind leaving at six o'clock.

He shuddered at the terrible scene.

Claudio wouldn't leave without your permission.

Marci quickly realized that he was different from the other children.

What cheese do you want?

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I'm so tired that I don't feel like studying tonight.

I was always honest with you, but you never tried to be honest with me.

He went to Mexico to work as a teacher of English.

Ragnar looks pretty drunk.

Proverbs are an ornamentation of speech.


I won't even tell Arthur.

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I also need to improve my English.

Did that answer your question?

I took Herbert to a hospital.


Is this some sort of joke?

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He died suddenly at the age of 65.

I agree with your opinion about taxes.

Kobe is the city where I was born.

Here's a street map and main map of the city of Gdynia.

I should've done that, but I didn't.


I spilt my inkwell.


Maybe I can fix it.

He loves writing entries for Wikipedia.

He claimed to be an expert in finance.

Sleeping is certainly the best waste of time.

I have something to ask her.


You knew I was married.

He amuses us with his funny stories.

Oh, you have evidence disproving evolution? Gather your data, have it peer-reviewed, and receive your Nobel prize.

He got a good appointment.

Have you decided whether or not you're going to sell your house?

What time will you come back?

The room is too small to play in.

I want you to try it.

Dan nourished the hope that Linda was still alive.

The mouth is the executioner and the doctor of the body.

I have nothing in particular to say about this problem.


The students chose her to be the chairman.

Ron spent three years in prison.

Please don't walk so fast. I can't keep pace with you.

Dan served only 15 years of his sentence and is now free, living in London with his daughter, Linda.

I've had too many disappointments.

It was the Pan Am flight.

This work is simple enough for me to do.

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It is because you work too much that you are sleepy all the time.

In the cold season when you want to drink something hot I recommend this sort of thermos flask.

I feel shy.

He whom the gods love dies young.

I cannot weigh myself. I don't have scales.

We'll get a keg of beer for the party.

You guys are so immature.

He erased his speech from the tape.

Andrew is on duty tonight.

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I'd like to buy half a cake.

You should obey your parents.

The blind don't believe in love at first sight.

Could I talk to you alone for a second?

It's finally here.


When I was a kid, I had a dog named Cookie.

He is a shade better today.

Linda stuck her tongue out.

She tried to throw a punch at me, but I blocked it.

All the boys didn't laugh at him.