The task assigned to him was to do marketing research.

Pay heed to your food.

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He was young and foolish.

We need a goal in life.

The poor are often disempowered by the language practices of those in power.

What can you do for us?

We all have our flaws.

Murph and I aren't Canadians.

Konstantinos has been executed.

Bring pizza and beer!

We talk to each other every day.

How do you know Margaret likes Suwandi?

Lois got stung by a bee.

Marcia said I was to wait.

He gets a haircut three times a month.

Nicolette prayed for Kay's safe return.

This made me interested in how some international proper names are written in Japanese.

Tomorrow, I am going to my home town.

Could you please open a window? - Sure.

I'm looking for her.

We will have a music contest soon.

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I imagine that Roger will eventually find out that Celia has been talking behind his back.

Yesterday, when Evelyn was backing up his car, he ran over Kriton's bicycle.

He turned the steering wheel the other way about.

I was hitting the slots, and before I knew it, it's this time already.

Yes, by all means.


Rabin pays Amigo to clean his house.

They devised ingenious solutions.

Laurence wants to get her belly button pierced.

I'll stand behind you if you are going to do it.

We're working here.


I barely even remember her.


He is a watchman in this building.


Dory said that he's sorry.

Nothing is pleasant in life.

She thought carefully before selecting the works she would place in the portfolio that she was submitting with her application to art school.

Did you see what Matthias did to Helen?

Take it!

Vladimir considers himself to be a citizen of the world.

Take a good look, I'll show you how it's done.

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I can go to Lou's whenever I want.

Saad thought about what Paola had told him.

Did you kiss?

Margie told Bertrand he wasn't interested in helping her do anything.

Let's take advantage of the 'exemption' controversy to reconsider the way we work.


I love you both very much.

Where's the nearest bank?

He said it was nine o'clock.

I want to go to school in Australia.

I just don't know why Delbert doesn't want me to help him.

Boston is a nice place, isn't it?

Just let me talk to them.

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The price of coffee has come down.

You can't blame this on us.

Dan lived a few blocks away from Linda's home.


It rained so hard that we decided to visit him some other time.

Donal said you'd never come.

This time I really mean it.

A person who chases two rabbits won't catch either.

I think you're hungry. Eat.

Have you finished your lunch yet?

The voice of the people is the voice of god.

I don't know where to put it in.

You hate your job, don't you?

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You promised me you'd take care of Joubert.

That looked like fun.

Go get yourself a cup of coffee.

Why didn't somebody tell him?

Computers are really selling like hotcakes.

They kept guard by turns.

I just shot someone, I think.


I'm not afraid of ghosts.


Does your wife know all this?

I'd like a city map.

I know I read the letter to you.


Don't be like the rest of them. You're so beautiful just the way you are.


I have two cars.


They will bring Clark.

It's difficult for our income to keep up with inflation.

Francois never tells Collin anything.


She was happy to be introduced to him at the party.

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I want to discuss this with your manager.

The manufacturer guaranteed the new machine for 5 years.

I've got no place to go, so I'm going to stay here.

He is ill with influenza.

They saw something suspicious.


Hold this while I tie my shoes.


I'd like to sing a song for you that I wrote last night.

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He collected coffee cups.

This one's really nice.

Jef deserves to win.


It will take a while to go away.

Woody and his wife both enjoy playing chess.

I wasn't having fun, so I went home early.

I'm proud of my team.

Place the spoon to the right of the knife.

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Those two pieces fit together.

How much do you think Bill will give me for this?

Where did you park them?

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I am interested in sports.

Take him with you.

I have not spoken to our new neighbors; I simply know them by sight.


His cousin, whose name I have forgotten, was a nurse.

Lynn sometimes says things he doesn't really believe.

His writing is very subjective.

I hate to trouble you, but could you move over a bit so there's room for someone else to sit?

I could be away for some time.

I have been busy writing a short story.

I unfortunately did not have another choice.

A new kind of bullet had been invented.

You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met.


Did you tell him I was joking?

Were you the giving or the receiving partner in your anal sex?

I will see them next week.


Most Swiss people can speak three or four languages.

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Would you like that instead?


The dog sniffed the stick.

Our tent was the only one in the camping area.

I just want to be a good person.

We are liable to judge others by the clothes they wear.

Don't make me wait.


The alternative to surrender is death.

Where've you been all afternoon?

We saw you on the beach.


Farmers suffered crop losses from poor weather.

This would be a good place to raise kids.

I'll never talk to her again.


They said they fired me because I'm fat.


I never expected to meet Lance in a place like that.


There are many webs within the World Wide Web. Rings are obvious. Less apparent are webs of server farms, which are in effect distributed Web sites.

I've never seen Sumitro so busy.

Mason has a growth on his arm.


His advice would be very useful to you.

I need to know why you didn't come yesterday.

Aoife is loved by everyone.

You aren't ready.

We're married.

You don't have to tell Glynn twice to do something.

I'll file all the necessary papers.


I dashed off the report.

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Look out for cars in crossing the street.


The world is a book of which a person that doesn't travel reads only one page.

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Ruth is a wonderful guy.

Clem was the first one to enter the classroom.

I met him tonight.

Be careful what you say!

This restaurant is less expensive.


Protect me!


Hon is quite authoritative.

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I sell computers.

Jakob is checking his mailbox.

It's awful, just awful.

It was so lovely a day that I preferred to walk.

Kurt doesn't want to get involved.

I came across my aunt in Europe.

That star is visible to the naked eye.


She's in the pocket of big corporations.