Associates of Rochester College

Founded in 1959 to Provide Financial Support for Rochester College
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Heritage & Purpose

The Associates of Rochester College were founded primarily to provide financial support for the college. Three weeks before the college opened its doors to the pioneer student body in 1959, Alma Gatewood, wife of the college's first president, hosted a meeting for women interested in raising funds for the new college. Despite stormy weather conditions, about 350 women packed in and around the recreation room of the estate house on campus for that meeting. The unexpected response foreshadowed years of successful efforts by the organization being born that night.

Since our founding, the Associates have played a vital role in the development of Rochester College. Nearly every building on the campus, as well as a good portion of the equipment, athletic fields and parking areas exist in part as a result of major contributions of the Associates. Following are some of the projects the Associates assisted in funding:

  • Associates Scholarships

  • Renovations to the Gold Room, Associates Campus Center, and Admissions Offices

  • Seating in Westside Central Chapel

  • Autumn/Spectrum/Chorus music, concert outfits, supplies, tour & travel costs

  • All library books, periodicals and electronic media

  • New telephone system payments - 5 year period

  • Printing of Student handbook, recruiting materials and postage machine

  • Science/Computer/Bible class materials, TVs and VCRs

  • Internet access fees

  • The 1200 sq. ft. glass Isom Atrium addition to Chapel hallway

As of May 31, 2009, the Associates have raised $4,533,233.

As of May 31, 2009, the Associates have given $3,843,344 to the College.


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