I could run much faster when I was young.

The girl swimming in the pool is my cousin.

Rudy has an Android phone.

I'm back online.

I assume you would like to meet Konrad.

I'm three years older than you are.

The ice-cream will melt, so I put it in the fridge.

I will give him the book tomorrow.


Why don't you have one?

He is a cut above the average college student.

Who do you think was watching TV in this room last night?

Irfan ran inside the bunker.

Roderick can't afford the time to visit Japan.

You shouldn't read magazines that are harmful to you.

My father is at home.

They're just rich kids.

How about a bite?


Ti and Manjeri are teachers.

I was hoping you could help me.

Japan will need more labor to cope with its declining birthrate.

At first, we could make ends meet, but as it continued we became unable to cover our expenses.

Whose pile of junk is this?

You'd have so much more success with women if you'd quit trying to be someone you're not and just let yourself be charmingly awkward.

I haven't been doing that recently.

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I'll agree to your terms.

He doesn't take care of his children.

He has natural gifts.

I thought Vivek would never shut up.

I don't really want to bother you with my problems.

Judge sketched a picture of an elephant for Amanda.

They are faster than we are.


Yes, he's at home.

This isn't about her, is it?

Give me five more minutes.


You get three tries to guess where I was yesterday.


Krzysztof has to be back home by 2:30.


Peter never had to help the girl with drawing.

We need to conserve water.

Mah lets Stephanie do whatever she wants to do.

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He gave me his word.

He is getting far too familiar with my wife.

I just want to make sure that his offer has no strings attached.


Dani leaned forward and spoke to Think.

He's too cute for words!

Even the smallest worm will turn if trodden on.


Is it something you can get rid of?

How could you do that to them?

Such a person invariably expends his physical energy more slowly.

Adrian sat in the passenger seat next to Perry.

Isn't that kind of dangerous?

I'll stay with the baby if you want to go.

Every man is worth just so much as the things are worth about which he busies himself.

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Compared with him, she is very noisy.

Even though they look like it, a hedgehog, a mole, an otter, a rabbit or an opossum are not rodents.

They went to the public swimming pool.

Why don't you go and get your things?

Laurie doesn't like Diet Cola.

Lisa and Knute are sitting side by side.

I'd like you to meet with him.


It doesn't look like you're busy.

Thad probably thought I was angry.

There are huge interests at stake.

You mustn't shout at me that way.

On sundays, I'm not at home.

You must've already done everything that needs to be done.

What does G.N.P. stand for?

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I was bad at English.

Where did get that stuff?

She remained single all her life.

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The full crop yield for the year will not be enough to provide a minimum amount of revenue.


American forces were withdrawn.

You may have it for nothing.

Do you like the apartment?

I know he's hiding something.

His new book will appear next month.

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Rod drank the potion.

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I swore I'd make a difference.

Juliet didn't know anyone in the room.

Don't talk to him.


She took offence at something.

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A gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.


The puppy looked at her with very sad eyes.

Become more flexible!

Don't you come near me.


Summon up your courage and tell the truth.

Are you going to send this by parcel post?

There's something else I need to do.

The results were negative.

I used to ride my bike to my grandparents' house.

This is the only alternative worth considering.

In the summer the humidity is high.

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I decided to major in French.

"Why did Jisheng do that?" "I don't know."

Modesty doesn't pay in the long run.

I have never read that book.

Now hurry up and write your goddamn paper!


You don't seem relieved.

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The civilization of planet Arratellia is superior to Earth's.

They formed a circle.

I finally won.

Albert didn't realize he had his sweater on inside out.

Gretchen hates me.

Sharpen the blades of these knives.

She was truly desperate.


I think he ate about 10 oysters.

Knowledge is power, but it is power for evil just as much as for good.

Thank you for your courtesy.

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I fear so.

A funny thing happened to me today!

She was wearing a short skirt and high heels.

You need to be pretty fit to run up six flights of stairs.

Not a day goes by without our hearing of an environmental problem.

It's unlikely that he did anything wrong.

We beat three teams.

He told me that his father was a teacher.

I left her in charge.

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No medicine can cure folly.

My car is a used one.

Regardless what he does, he does it well.

He was admitted without sitting for an examination.

What's its fiscal status?

Sing something, please.

His baptism's today.

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The tower was blown to atoms.

I can't say anything.

I've got nothing else to say.

Go and get the money ready.

Thanks for your contribution.

What can you tell us about this?

Caffeine is a drug.

He was subjected to strict military discipline while in the service.

Oh? You stopped altogether?

Dwayne is angry with me.

Yesterday I stumbled across a copy of my father's family register.

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It's almost time to get started.

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The floor was covered with dust.

They demanded severe punishment for the southern rebels.

Don't talk to us like that.


Mr. Brown has four children.


This letter is too long to have it translated at a reasonable price.

I feel very cold.

Brender watched as Po walked away.


None of the passengers escaped injury.

Everything went exactly as planned.

Philippe tried to hide her feelings.

The boy can't tell a swallow from a sparrow.

I just pulled out of my parking lot and I'm now headed to your place.


These clouds look like a flock of white sheep.

I'm just going to go wash my hands.

He looks unhappy.

I completely forgot.

I'm not signing anything.

I saw Clyde hide something.

I want to finish this work by five.

It is five years to a day since I came here.

Where's your computer?

You need to talk to him.

She ran to the station for fear that she would miss the train.

They both fell in love with the same woman.

This is my star pupil.

It's quite irritating.

I can't play Flappy Bird.

There's one thing I must tell Vladimir.

As I had seen him before.

She wanted to go, and her father let her go.

I want more information.