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I want to go over it again in more detail.

Shai, please take the trash down.

We must think about peaceful uses of atomic energy.


Ole is a strange kid.

I wanted to kill you.

My friends encouraged me to learn German.

I believe you know what this is all about.

Jeannie went to high school with Alain.

My secretary is typing my texts and my assistant is talking on telephone.

I just want everybody to live.

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Why are you sleeping on the couch?

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I am smart.


A few minutes more, and I'll be ready.


What are they up to?

You were told to stay on the ship.

Don't defy their orders, just limit yourself to obey.

I'd like to find somebody to talk to.

You might find this book interesting.

Mike is the only man on the board.

We have to take him to the hospital immediately; he is seriously injured!

Show me the money!

I taste of salt.

I found no money left in my pocket.

Does she work in this city?

Eva's business was awarded the contract to provision a team of scientists for their polar expedition.

That's never gonna happen again, right?

Monty is growing up too fast.

This car runs on natural gas.

I'm not a baby anymore!

Mrs Thomas taught us history.

There's obviously been some sort of misunderstanding.

We elected Jerrie chairperson.


We have a lot of friends who are going to help.

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I know what's wrong and right.

Could you mind my bag for a moment while I go to the toilet?

That's something of an understatement.

Ernst was sitting in an easy chair, watching TV.

I think death is preferable to shame.


I was surprised when Shatter asked me to play tennis with him.

Orville can't describe how exciting it was.

We have corresponded with each other.


Maru crawled out from under the table.

He leaves the parental roof soon.

Then they played "ring-a-ring-a-rosy" until they were tired and thirsty.


I'm going to get myself something to eat.


She is a big eater.

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Sridharan prepaid.

Thomas is under observation.

Naren and I are both a little busy.


Her sadness was written all over her face.


In springtime, the dawn. In summer, the night.

Just tell them what you want.

What do you think of it?


You found something, didn't you?

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Lloyd wished he was back in Boston.

High fructose corn syrup is found in about everything you eat these days.

The dog fetched the bird.

Your nose is bleeding.

Lawrence is getting frustrated.

Louiqa often does volunteer work.

The book is expensive.


How long does it take to walk from here to the city hall?


You're scaring me.

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He does not know.

We'll be working on that this week.

It's been three years since Jenine died.

You know Felix pretty well, don't you?

Kathryn has finally forgiven me.

I can see a lady and two dogs in the car.

He did duty at the expense of his health.

At noon, I have lunch with my classmates.

Quiet down!


Sandip's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

Will you meet our demands?

I have to shake hands with the President.

With whom am I speaking?

It looks like your secret's out.

Nobody has to know.

I can't take it anymore!

Loren made a stupid decision.

Several other people were injured.


I was with her last week.

I was wondering if you would talk to Nou.

Did Sergio forgive you for what you did last week?

If you want freedom, you'll have to face your parents.

I don't think that would ever happen.

I'm not as creative as Louie.

This melody is familiar to many Japanese.


I don't let it bother me.

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That factory makes toys.

We have to save for a rainy day.

What's the big mystery?

Who wrote these letters?

The rain continued all day.


An unknown number of victims may be trapped beneath the rubble.

Three species of rhinoceros are critically endangered.

I know I'm not supposed to be here.

The fog was so thick that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

What does he do for the city?


I can hardly make a speech without feeling nervous.

We're having breakfast.

As soon as Christian gets here, we'll start the meeting.

I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

It seems that we're becoming more right-wing all over the world.

I'm not bad!

We have three of them.

The population of this city is decreasing every year.

Are you all cold?

Is Liz always so helpful?

Kieran ran into the room.

Nothing has been decided.

The suspect began to confess at last.


The police searched for the lost boy.

All students like holidays.

A vast forest covers the mountains.

We had hardly reached there when it began to rain.

She frequently gets sugar and salt mixed up.

It is hard to see the sights of Tokyo in a few days.

Torsten wants me to write a birthday message to Hans.

Where do you think we should live?

My happy schooldays will soon be behind me.

It was as if they considered me one of them.

I'd like you to meet with Nick.

The car would have been repaired by me.

This is getting interesting.

Hsi didn't hear Harmon enter the room.

The rain kept us from going out.

Now step away.

When I see this photo, I think of my family.

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My father has just come home.

All you have to do is wait and see.

If it snows a lot tomorrow, let's make a snowman.

I got accustomed to living alone.

To say that she was perfectly content and satisfied with these arrangements, and regarded them as being no business of hers, and that she took her arms and legs as they came, and allowed them to dispose of themselves just as it happened, is to render faint justice to her equanimity.

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He was groggy from too much wine.

Hilda told me he's getting married.

The fruits are dried in the sun.


Sumitro appears to be enjoying the party.


The powerful rip current carried Emmett far away from the shore.

They were mediocre.

Has Hon come back already?

Dimitry doesn't know how to reply.

Let's not get discouraged.


Don't talk about us.

Kit can't stand loud music.

For certain tasks, my computer can be very useful.


I don't want to insult him.


I had to give Donn more time to think about it.

Does Uri really believe that?

Don't talk to me while I'm talking.


She makes no allusion in the book to her profession.

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Rocks are beautifully arranged in the Japanese-style garden.

I'm a little worried about them.

But for air, nothing could live.


I drank some wine.

I asked my brother to repair my bicycle.

You should read many books when you are young.

I told the police that Jon was with me at that time.

The coolness of summer nights is stored in massive wood walls. Thus the interior temperature of the house is maintained at a pleasant level even on hot days.

He's an exorcist.

You have many enemies.

So-called "foreign" words, i.e. those which the majority of languages have taken from one source, are used in Esperanto without modification, acquiring only Esperanto spelling; but when faced with a number of words derived from one root, it is better to leave only the fundamental word unmodified and from this create the derivatives according to the rules of Esperanto.

Rakhal gave a sigh.