You sound childish.

That will not be possible.


You talked to her, didn't you?

I'll try not to bore you to tears with this speech.

Change is scary.


He flew to New York on business.

Could you possibly translate this for me?

Ro is extremely lazy.

Harris is our guide.

I'll leave my daughter's education to you, after I'm gone.


I don't enjoy doing that.

Mind if I join you guys?

Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool.


Does he know what you're here for?

You're not helping any.

Use them wisely.

That was really good.

Dan knows how to milk a cow.

What's the admission charge?

I know this boy well.

Don't forget to confirm your reservation in advance.

I like the Tatoeba logo.

"It is written: only Link can defeat Ganon." "Why Link?" "It is written here!" "Who wrote it?" "That is of no concern of yours."

Don't you want to know where it's from?

In English there are some words borrowed from Japanese.

"You have to take all this medicine to get better," said the nurse.

Today, we'll learn three new words.

Do you feel tired?


I saw to it.


It's clear that you're wrong.

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His face turned pale.

I don't owe Nate any explanations.

I was wondering what you were doing.

I'll go to the park with you if you want me to.

Can I help you gentlemen?


We're your friends, Cory.

Why didn't you come to school yesterday?

The USA never declared war on Hitler. It was the other way.

We just got started.

Krzysztof donated three paintings to the museum.


Nathan is wearing a drysuit.


Lewis unfolded the blanket and spread it out over the grass.

This pistol is a fine antique from Rob's collection.

I don't know what you're looking for.


They lost their trust in him.


In 1917, Albert Einstein proposed a description of the universe based on his Theory of General Relativity.

Flags had been hoisted on the eaves of houses.

He writes with a fountain pen.


Don't touch the glass.

We should finish by 2:30 p.m.

He studied after dinner.

Spy is angry, isn't he?

I'm sure we can work something out.

She walked twenty miles a day.

I'll check further into the matter.

With a slow movement of his hand, he pushed aside a lock of her hair. Then, tenderly and softly, he kissed her neck below the ear.

I assume you're talking about Miriamne.

Looking for his house, I walked about for over an hour.

You're asking in vain for forgiveness; your act can't be forgiven.

I know it wasn't easy.

Jeannette got a raise.

Kit told me he was planning to go to college in Boston.

Shame on you for lying.

It is not likely that he did it on purpose to deceive me.

Chris can't stop it.

There are torches that do not need batteries. Some are charged by shaking them, some by cranking a handle and others by repeatedly pressing a lever.

It is no laughing matter.

Melinda asked Naoto to sit down for a while.

He is nothing more than an egoist.


The Ribbon of Saint George is a symbol of fascism.

I was born in Boston, but I was brought up in Chicago.

I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights for women and men.

What did you take?

I have no idea what this is about.

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That's simple.

Stop daydreaming.

Both policemen were killed.


They give out their reactionary cosmopolitanism as "internationalism", they try to cover up their fight against peace and democracy by pacifist and pseudo-democratic phrases.

He was sent to Guantanamo.

We have lunch about noon.

Oh, have a heart.

You smashed it.

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This is just another day.

Who eats bees?

I'm not on duty today.

Venkata is still alive and well.

I warned Norm not to eat that.

This development was not foreseeable; it simply surprised us.

Irwin couldn't hear what Myron said to him.

Hold the line, please.

We'll see about that in a minute.

I would like to go back in time to see what the dinosaurs looked like.

This street is clear of traffic at night.

A ronin may not have the status of a daimyo, but he has the freedom that the latter may never have.

Have you ever had a problem similar to this?

Don't put anything in the bag.

The victim died at a hospital in Boston.


How did this happen to you?


I thought you were going to be gone all afternoon.

I'm going to open the wine and let it breathe.

We will have been studying English for five years next February.

I don't hate my sister.

I think this is a dream.

I'm glad you accepted my offer.

I don't want to be anywhere else.


Please don't force me to do this.


Joe found Aaron fascinating.


Don't you remember what I said?

This will improve the performance.

You are a husband to your husband.

A rook is a chess piece.

Joel and John were both kicked off the team.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Micky thought he was doing what Jaime wanted him to do.

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My dog didn't do that.


That's what Catherine does to those he doesn't like.


I found my lost wallet.


Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.

Jem's face reddened.

The hockey referee intervened to stop the fight.


India ink produces an interesting pattern when used as a dye.


Will she be able to finish it today?

What we need now is a little peace and quiet.

The heater broke.

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Toft was a judge in an art contest.

Listen very carefully.

Hienz lacks experience, doesn't he?

Your mother insists upon your accepting it.

Stephan is still young and inexperienced.


I will not tolerate critiques.

You never can tell what some people might buy.

Wait until I sit down.

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Lester doesn't get along with most people in the office.

We have to find it.

I've heard that Carolyn is sick.

The book contains fifteen biographies.

You said you were going to handle it.

The dog barked.

I'm happy with what Izzy did.

Why do you need a screwdriver?

I'll give him that.

In Japan, only women are entitled to take the national obstetrics exam.

That movie stinks!

Jenny dances the samba.

Oscar owed me a lot of money.

Steen is no ordinary man.

The manager made an apology for having been out.

I think Vladimir is creative.

I can't raise my right arm.


Are you ready to talk to me now?

Tobias started a fight with Joseph.

I don't intend to tell you anything.

Do you think Ramesh is unbiased?

I have things I want to do.


I thought Mitch had resigned.

Natraj had difficulty learning French.

We went as far as Kyoto.


A robust discussion ensued.

Neither Christofer nor Gunnar was in a talkative mood.

Aimee wondered if Nici loved him as much as he loved her.

Someone stole my wallet.

I get paid 300,000 yen per month.

Don't drink beer before bedtime.

How would you help her?

Through this sentence, the author was making it known to Wayne and Matti that their destiny was escaping him, as he didn't understand the deep meaning of his own sentences.

Hope you'll get better soon.