That's what usually happens.

Investment in education is undoubtedly the only effective way to bring a country out of poverty.

Lester would like to ask you and Eli some questions.

Pablo refused to let us come in.

Ronald is feeling sorry for Amos.

In foreign countries, especially in Western countries, students are encouraged to express and develop themselves as individuals.

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Do you have any further questions to ask?

I believe you've been trying to contact us.

I just wanted to see you.


Everyone was happy.

Terrence handed Art the message.

Bart did not want to meet up with Kenneth in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.

Monica could change that.

I'm sure Lloyd will be back soon.

Moe married for money.

Gill handed the knife to Phill.

My husband and I will travel to Versailles in the spring to watch an opera.

The snow is falling fast.

I find her very pretty.

A few days later, he came.

Guy uses paper filter for straining coffee.

This is what Elliot has been waiting for.

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Remember to turn out the lights.

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You're the only one who can convince Kory.

The queue for buying tickets was unbelievably long.

Kamiya gathered his papers and put them in his briefcase.

Pierce wants to see Sonny again.

He will drink the champagne at midnight.


I hear you went to Harvard.

He had a crush on her.

African elephants have less hair than Asian elephants.


Michelle has a lot to do.

Don't come in here, please!

I made twenty blurry shots to have one almost correct!

No one says "I am plowed", but in the third person it is "the land is plowed"; bibo "I drink", bibitur uinum "the wine is drunk"; manduco "I eat", manducatur panis "the bread is eaten"; laboro "I work", laboratur uestis "the clothing is worn out", et cetera.

I saw Andreas dancing with another girl.

Who will look after your dog tomorrow?

Take whichever flower you like.

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I didn't even get a chance to see Soohong.

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Suyog has no plans to go anywhere.

I think what you're doing is dangerous.

This is the nicest present I've ever received.

We haven't even discussed it.

I think it's time for us to leave.


He made me laugh.

I've come to the same conclusion.

What leads you to the conclusion that I wouldn't agree?

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I would be honored to give you a showing in my gallery.

I told him to stop, but he did it anyway.

The old woman had a narrow escape from being run over by a car.

The message has been encoded.

Edgar put some clothes on.

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I was taken aback by his rudeness.


Professor White published his first book last year.

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She is really in good health.

Mohammad is uncertain.

Your view of reality is too materialistic.

I was born to love you.

Will Gore stand as presidential candidate?


She has no shame.


Today is my elder sister's birthday.


Mah knows what went wrong.

Many people would agree with you.

That is not how we do things here.

Nici was the one who introduced Nichael to me.

My cousin is the last person to break his promise.

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I noticed that Vilhelm had a small tattoo on his right foot.

Shatter got Isaac out of trouble.

I don't think I'll ever retire.

Jerald is in love with you.

The stable is right behind the farm house.


How many neurons are there in this human brain?

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Would you like to see your room?

You take there and save inside this. Put it near that.

Milner started talking to himself.

The ducks quacked.

There is a television in the room.

You shouldn't go around telling lies about people.

"Do you want it to eat here, or take away?" "Eat here please."

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You are not welcome in my home anymore.


Waiting for a train is tedious.

I racked my brains to write this.

A dog barks; a man walks.

Elaine told me he was planning to go on a cycling trip next summer.

Place the words in the appropriate order to make sentences.

He doesn't work for us anymore.

I want you to speak frankly.


There are seven men and four women in my section.


And your sister!

The meeting on sales promotion is dragging on.

Printing firms around the world are generally willing to pay perhaps a 20-percent premium to buy a printing press from Germany, because the German presses are very solidly built and are machined to exacting tolerances.

Ethan doesn't remember what happened last night.

I'm not sitting here.

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You may ask any questions you wish.


I know that you lied to me the other day.

What is the language spoken in Mexico?

No, you may not.

Where's Petr working now?

It was weird.

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I've read both these books.


Shouldn't this be in the refrigerator?

What's the subject of that play?

It would help us if you would reserve the following hotel during our conference.

I only asked Carol to pay his bill.

Japan achieved a remarkable development in industrial technology after the war.

She had a headache from lack of sleep.

The man saw the driver who caused the accident.

No one could've predicted this.

Women, then, are only children of a larger growth.


What time is dinner served?

She's easily influenced.

The company's gamble paid off.

She was unable to completely give up her dream of traveling abroad.

Geoff walked down the street carrying a black gym bag.

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Who else agrees with me?

That politician has come down in the world since the so-called "Recruit scandal" was publicized.

He has worked in France his whole life.

On entering the bedroom, she started sobbing.

Would you like to be left alone?

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My father is always cool.

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Is the park open today?


That's actually pretty cool.

Lyndon said, "You can kiss your girlfriend goodbye if you don't kiss her goodbye." which meant "If you don't kiss your girlfriend goodbye, then you'll never see her again."

You give me a headache.

Why are you getting so upset?

I helped him cross the street.

Lol, what?

I was disappointed at there being so little to do.


I never did!

I don't call it colonization, I call it systematic raw materials exploitation.

John had a brilliant idea.


My pastime is collecting insects.

I don't want to see this again.

Jennifer is trying to quit.

Wow, isn't that amazing?

I am less slender than my sister is.

Shankar started his company three years ago.

This is a universal truth that transcends time.

We have a lot of earthquakes in Japan.

He ran so he would get there on time.


Did they find it?


I broke up with her yesterday evening.

About one hundred and fifty dollars altogether.

Malaclypse wanted to meet me.


Dan took photographs of his house.


I've been meaning to get in touch.

He works on the railroad as a driver.

It goes without saying that country life is healthier than town life.

He was a jihadist.

You're difficult.

She is given to tennis.

He weighs around 300 pounds.

He laughed until tears filled his eyes.

How can I jump so high?

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Have you ever been to Tehran?

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In my hurry I bumped into someone.

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Srinivas had always wanted a daughter.

The road up and the road down is one and the same.

I felt like I really belonged there.