Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

I could not even make a guess at the working of her mind.

I'm asking you to do me a favor.

I'm supposed to wait for you.

When's the last time you showered?

I think that's offensive.

Please clean this place up.

Will you come to my place tomorrow?

Try to come early.

Everything stopped.

Amigo looks distressed.

It will not happen again.

Dan said he could sleep in the basement.

This county is poor in natural resources.

I admire Jones's tenacity.

You're the only one who can help us.

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He's got a rap sheet as long as my arm.


Not all elves are mean.

This farm's land is very fertile.

I tried to speak Chinese and Mr. Wang tried to speak French.

This is the worst hotel in town.

A female friend of mine loves to go to gay bars with me.

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I used to go out a lot when I was younger.

Subra didn't know what the problem was.

I was surprised that her hobby was karate. She always wears cute clothes.

Why did you ask Jakob to do that when you knew he couldn't do it?

The eagle soared majestically above the snow-covered peaks.

Ernst will do whatever you ask him to.

English is always considered an international language.


What's your favorite movie with a car chase?

His income was diminished by half after retirement.

When was the last time you ordered goods?

I just thought I'd call and check.

Metin asked me what I needed.

These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?

Let me get my wallet.

That museum turned out to be huge.

Several houses were carried away by the great flood.


Please bring me a big glass of water!

What do you think is down there?

Mechael wasn't told anything.

The doctor advised me to quit smoking.

The boys are still playing in the sandbox.


It was natural that everyone should like the girl.

Cindie is coming in for a visit next week.

She bought him a sweater.

The girl's parents agreed to her request.

The hamburger is a famous American dish.

He's tough on crime.

Pierette put a bunch of letters on Blair's desk.

They got extraordinary grades.

Stop that right now.

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The dog nipped at me.


I had no idea you were planning to go to graduate school.


I can handle this, no problem.

Does he really want that?

I'm waiting for Godot.

The human is an egocentric animal.

Pat might have missed the train. He hasn't arrived yet.

This is a bus which goes to Tokyo.

Have you ever learned how to play the guitar?


Next Sunday we are going to have a party for Mr Oka.

I might ask Tomas what happened.

My parents don't approve of my girlfriend.

Put these socks in the washing machine.

The pen is on the table.

He abused my trust.

Hillary was very well behaved.


This is just the type of car I want.

I'm trying to solve this problem.

I told Alastair which one I like.


Do you have an address?


She found a job as a typist.

I can not get enough sleep any more.

Barton handed Alison the roll of masking tape.


Come on, help me.

If you want to work here, you need a permit.

Her letter cast a new light on the matter.

I'm not going to wait for you.

Timo brushed Kate's hair.

I tore a ligament in my knee and had to have surgery.

The word is out of fashion.

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Garlic is good for one's health.

The sun was shining, yet it was cold.

Is it all right to use a flash here?

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What do you think they were doing?

The Prussians should be on their guard against the southern Germans.

Good morning, Mike.

How do you find his new novel?

I don't know the reason why he was absent.

It's been decided that the entertainment for our year-end party will be a question-with-comical-improvised-answer session.

I love dealing with professionals.

I am categorically opposed to the company declaring bankruptcy.

They rewrote it.

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I believe that is a fair accommodation.

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If we decline, what are the alternatives?

I'll demonstrate.

I'm not interested in the same things I think you're interested in.


I should have known better than to call him.

I study abroad.

According to my teacher, I'm a good pupil.

As far as this problem is concerned, you cannot escape your responsibility.

Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

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Peter is a merry fellow.

$8.50, please.

The president's death caused great sorrow.

We're getting a divorce.

I still haven't decided yet.

I know exactly what you mean.

Alison needs to sort it out himself.

Neal stared out the window.

When he turned up, we had been waiting for two hours.


Are you really happy?


I still haven't paid them.

This girl is very awful.

Is eating red meat unhealthy?


This is the key I have been looking for.

You get on the JR Chuo Line.

As is often the case, she's not here.

The building was still there in my time.

He works all the harder because his baby was born.

He heard a cry for help.

I just don't get the way that men think.

I instructed him in English.

I'm sure you misunderstood.


Did you ever hear of such a thing?


How did they manage to do that?

Several children are playing on the sandy beach.

She is singing with a guitar.


When are you going back to your own country?

I ate a gulab jamun.

He ordered me to go alone.


The river carries a huge volume of water.

Some insects can take on the color of their surroundings.

She worked hard.


You just messed up.

This is one of the principal arguments against your plan.

I felt immediately a bit better.

I don't think Beverly and Brandon should get married.

I can't work with these people!


Move out of the way.


Save dinner for me.

Spring brings warm weather and beautiful flowers.

Tango is the vertical expression of horizontal desire.

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I am prettier than you.

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My son is busy studying for the examinations tomorrow.


My brother became a cook.

Just answer the question please. We don't have much time.

It's too heavy to carry.


I need information.


I had to pay the bill to the tune of ten dollars.

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I'm not a genius.

There is no passage for big vehicles here.

I've got a bad case of jet lag.

He is a novelist and artist.

Pontus's car is stuck in the mud.

He didn't like school.

I had to look after you.

Harold doesn't believe a word of what Isidore just said.

The police caught the suicide bomber before he could detonate his bomb.

I was literally pushed to school.

I had a letter from her yesterday.


There are some good apples in the basket.