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I laugh to make you happy.


She has no more than fifteen dollars.

Not everyone who lives here is rich.

Maybe we shouldn't eat any more.

It'll just take about three minutes.

You can come at any time.

I have to go pack.

The press besieged the minister with questions.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't want there to be any chance of a misunderstanding.


The invention of the mobile phone took place in the seventies, and it became accessible to all in the eighties and nineties.


The papers that were in the safe are gone.


You don't seem too enthusiastic.


Who is he and what's his name?


Some people keep a food diary to keep track of things they've eaten.

Put on your shoes. Let's go out for dinner.

Can I go to my locker?


It's Mt. Rushmore.

Lindsey came into the room a few minutes after Gunter.

I must think it over before answering you.

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"Keep away from the vertical cliff!" she shouted.


Sundar was a friend of my father's.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one of them couldn't come.

Let's take a 10 minute break.

What's new?

Stop running your mouth!

The hikers traced a convoluted route through the mountains.

I don't want to embarrass myself.

Could you come and see me tomorrow?

My friend's condition is very serious.

We don't censor anything.

She felt ashamed of her mother, a poorly clad woman, who picked up wood in the forest.

That sort of thing can happen when you are in haste.

It is hard to be successful at both study and club activities.

Tran got better.

Wow, look at this.

I've already answered that question.

I succeeded in my first attempt.

I think that puts an end to the debate.

He set off to Paris.

What happened was a terrible mistake.

We're diplomatic.

Syed was my first crush.

Kimberly is even more handsome now.

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Happy Birthday, Romania!

I have a faint recollection of the event.

I struggled to get out of the subway.

What would Saqib do without me?

Prawns don't agree with me.

Jon dashed up the steps.

His nephew was absorbed in the splendid fireworks.

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I went to school.

I have only half as many books as he.

She is the youngest of my three children.


I gave them everything.


Emma didn't say where he had been.

The dog was digging a hole.

I imagine that Bernie will eventually figure out that Cynthia doesn't really like him.


We're not looking.

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The violets adorn my kitchen windows.

Do you think you can handle this problem?

That's quite a list.

I have not seen him for a long time.

I make it a rule to study English for 3 hours every day.

Why didn't you ever say anything?

I must write.

He got used to working two hours every day in the garden.

He set out on a trip.


Can you identify this?

He pulled her into his arms.

Harmon thinks that all Asians look the same.

What you are telling me about Liisa is quite out of character.

"I'll do it tomorrow." "You said that yesterday!"

I hit him on the chin.

Near such high virtue, every maiden fear takes wing at once.

So far as I know, he is an honest man.

What is the date today?

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Shyam couldn't stop talking to Conrad.

You look like you've seen a ghost!

Let's get a picture of us together.

She was robbed her of her bag by a young man.

He's going to work by bicycle.

We're wasting valuable time here.

Look at that cat, it's really cute.

What's your favorite nail polish color?

Do you think Donald wants to go to Boston with us?


Shouldn't Blake be in jail?

I usually don't wear a hat.

Our equipment was destroyed.

I'm sorry, but I don't speak French very well.

This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

It sounds incredible, doesn't it?

Objection, your honor!

Today wasn't a good day.

Mr Wilson made us repeat the sentence several times.

Dominick passed away quickly, in the middle of the summer, without bothering anyone.

What is your offer?


I'll be brief and concise.

At an Indian wedding at the Phillipine islands the bride retired from the company in order to go down to the river to wash her feet. As she was thus employed an alligator seized her.

I'm not sure why Don didn't pay the bill.

Never in my life have I heard such a thing.

You know I'm very stubborn.

Why are there people in the living room?

Do you want to go to a movie?

I'm trying to find out why it happened.

In the middle of the day, the sun sent its warm, pleasant rays into the valley, which transformed the expressions on the faces of the farmers we met along the way.

We stayed at an economy hotel.

It is a little after a quarter to eleven.

That's actually pretty sad.

It doesn't matter to me if you take that book.


There was no one to stop them.

Fluency in English is a very marketable skill today.

I'll dance with him.

I was ten minutes late for school.

I wish it was going to be that easy.

How did you answer him?

It was Jack that broke the window yesterday.


Everett moved here three months ago.

He began to play the music written by a pianist in that country.

She blamed John for the damage.

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Julian had a lot of fun at the party.

I need to get this done.

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

James should've asked.

Haven't I seen you before?

To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

I want to take you to dinner.

I think Takao is up to something.

I work only to go on vacation.

The frog in the well.

Excuse me, but may I put my books here?

I'm certain that if you try hard you will succeed.

The U.S. economy is the largest in the world.

They were only interested in selling books.

I blame you, too.

Bombay is the former name of Mumbai and was given to it by the English.

Skeeter had a son.

Grace just packed up and left.

Masanao has a secret weapon.

They did it in front of the staff.

What did Mitchell know?

Brent is an American, but he speaks Japanese as if it were his mother tongue.

You can drink water, but you can also pass it.


Knowing is half the battle.

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That's your conclusion, not mine.


I think I was dancing in my sleep.

He drops in on me very often.

The big ugly tree destroys the beauty of the house.

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The video claims to be fifty-one seconds long, but it is in fact over 9000 eternities in Ganon's pit!

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We painted the door green.


Trying no longer has the energy to compete.

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I searched high and low for my glasses but couldn't find them.

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This is very surprising.

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Even when she thought about something else, ideas of death returned to her mind.


You didn't give him a chance.

Jerry started to drift off to sleep.

Your stomach has been rumbling for quite a while now. Are you sure you're all right?

You must not rely too much on appearance.

He is majoring in physics.

I wish Moore had come to our party last night.

I have to prepare for my presentation.

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.

For all other requests, please hold the line.


I knew them very well.

I went to Hokkaido to see the floating ice.

The Japanese language has honorific expressions.