May I go to the restroom?

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives resigned in disgrace after being reprimanded for cheating on his taxes.

Tell us what you know about Dawn.

That story made me think over the future of Tokyo.

The nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent bedsores.

I wanted Will to take me with him.

There are a lot of eggs in the basket.


It looks like there's an elevator over there.

He took pains to write this song.

Yokohama is a beautiful port town.

Urs is somewhat concerned.

A company of tourists visited our town.

The Olympic Games ceremoniously celebrate the triumph of nationalism, doping and commerce.

Where did you eat?

I want at least a 30% discount.

It was not until I came to Japan that I ate sashimi.

The truck arrived, loaded with gold.

Our country is running short of energy resources.

I'm not the one who should tell Johnnie that.

Please pick me up at the hotel at six o'clock.


What's biting you?


My grandfather's house was on that street.


Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

He insists on going to the park with his father.

There's someone in the backyard.

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Tad and Presley are playing cops and robbers.

Panzer was forty-five minutes late.

It's a feel good movie.


We are all going to die.

Let's go!

I'm pretty sure Hamilton's right.

Serdar can always count on Noam for help.

Calvin still doesn't live in Boston.

A spacesuit is much more than a set of clothes astronauts wear on spacewalks. A fully equipped spacesuit is really a one-person spacecraft.

Japan's foreign aid is decreasing in part because of an economic slowdown at home.

Do you think the accused is really guilty of the crime?

He will drive home, though he is drunk.


If I had money enough, I could pay you.

There is a better way.

Rick had one brother and three sisters.

Maria has known Phill for years.

Jarmo told me you didn't like me.

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I don't play computer games.

Laura deserves another opportunity.

I'll probably be arriving late to the office.

The War of 1812 had begun.

He endeavored to win the contest.

In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.

I think I'd better go.


There's a page missing.


I would like to make a phone call.


It really breaks my heart.


It follows from this that he was aware of the fact.


Jeffery is alluding to divorce.


I don't think your seeing him is good for you.


Vishal didn't feel very confident.

It seems that my little sister got her wallet stolen at school.

He was completely taken in by the story.


I'm aware of the problem.

I can't wait to do that.

Who knows but everything will go well?

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What did Sergiu give you?


Mr. Brown, a friend from Oregon, will visit us tomorrow.


How many stars are there in our galaxy?

I'd like to live in a decent house.

I have to go the bathroom.

Everyone's went there, no?

Strange to say, I dreamt the same dream twice last night.

Can you name any plants peculiar to Japan?

Marion has the memory of a gold fish.


It's all right now, isn't it?

We'll see you get another chance.

Pay attention to what I say.

I see the dog.

In Australia, English is spoken.

Computers caused a great, if gradual, change.

We need more than ten cases of beer for our party.

He has enough willpower.

You already know the answer.

See how they run!

I don't think you should tell Celeste the truth.

You should try this.

She looks like a boy.

I'm all set to start.

What is your decision?


Siping doesn't have to go back to Boston.

What is luck?

We can't tell you what you want to know.

Although the alarm rang I failed to wake up.

How are you feeling now, Knute?

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His overwork brought on an illness.


I knew it couldn't be that simple.

Root was very busy today.

They couldn't kill Saad.

They have enough capital to build a second factory.

Myron agreed to go.

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Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude.

I wanted to see them.

My house, located on a hill, command a fine view.

Harmon arrived just in time.

My little brother really likes a game in which you put animals in their natural habitat.

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Where's the nearest drugstore?


How does Internet work?

Don't speak ill of him in his absence.

Somebody might've followed you.

Patty appeared calm.

He earns twenty dollars a day.

We will not add more pictures to our magazine.

Brenda would want you to have this.

It was simply an oversight.

I've got to get a reference from the University.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.

May it only depend on that!

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The Japanese national power is still developing.

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She showed her my photograph.

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I'm not very optimistic.

Philip works nearby.

What time is the plane scheduled to land?

I think that you do know about that.

Survival analysis showed a significant reduction.


I would be happy to be of any service to you.

I found it difficult to convince her.

You're welcome to come along.

Where might the strangers be?

Rajiv gave Bruce some money.

Don't be afraid to do that.

I see no point in doing it.

My neighbor on the second floor told me some juicy gossip you're not going to believe it!

He had a tuberculin test.

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We've got two cats - one is white, and the other's black.

There's enough room for everybody.

They acted according to my advice.

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Jagath salted his egg.

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Vegetation lowers crime.

He stood in an upright position.

I don't know when she will leave for London.

Do you think I'm sexy?

Brender wants to study abroad.

Jordan has been trying to learn how to ride a unicycle.

When the ball was over, the princess drove away in her carriage at full speed, for she wished to get home in time to change her ball dress into the bear's skin, and the carriage into the wheel-barrow, before anyone discovered who she was.

Malcolm watered her horse.

Did you receive Wendell's invitation?

I'm going as fast as I can.

The lights are on downstairs.


Everyone ignored me.

I need to come clean.

Be cheerful.

Let's go to lunch together.

According to the newspaper, it's going to rain today.


Tyler can carry that for you.

Thank you for considering me for the job.

You told him that he should have a reward.

The library has many books.

A mere glance is not enough for us to tell one from the other.


Urs spent fifteen minutes trying to pry open the drawer with a crowbar, but he couldn't get it opened.

Gerard is capable of doing such a thing.

I'm trying to figure out how Pradeep did that.


Did you say your name was Floria?

The kitchen cupboard was filled with tins of soup and food.

I heard a noise in the bedroom.

I'd like to offer you some help.

I'm invited to Claudia's party tonight.