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Freezing is one of the best ways to store food. Thanks to low temperatures, the food retains its nutritional and taste values. However, it is worth doing it correctly to avoid throwing things frozen before. Thanks to such maintenance, the food that we have prepared will be good to eatContinue Reading


Discolored fruit, flabby vegetables, stale yogurt … In the event that we misuse the purchased products, the view of dried or just old food should not surprise us. Continuous rush and lack of time makes us forget about food that is spoiled for a long time and as a result2099803486


The lunch consumed at the desk is constantly in doubt. Mindfulness advocates stress that the meals consumed in this way simply do not serve us in the world. And the experts of good manners admit that it is not always in line with the principles of etiquette.

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He gets in the least expected moment A wolf-hunger or just an appetite for “something good”. Food in a hurry does not serve anyone. However, there are some snacks, which can be reached between meals, are ideal for work and do not cause remorse after eating. We have checked whatContinue Reading