We'd better leave the car here.


I don't have any objection.

The others don't want me here.

If you buddy up to everybody and anybody, pretty soon people will think you're just a people-pleaser.


I'll ring back at midday.

The countries terminated friendly relations.

I get awkward talking to girls.

She works in world shop.

I will have it uploaded by Friday.

That's my problem, not yours.

Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?


I'll do it according to your instructions.


There is a football (US: soccer) stadium in the city where I live.

What is she worried about?

The students burst out laughing.

This book is too large to go in my pocket.

I've done everything Dean asked me to do.

How fine it is today.

Elric's blood pressure is normal.

Are you interested in football?

Do you have anything you'd like to ask Claudio?

They're surprised.

It was a good race.

You left the lights on.

He's at least twice my age.

I see him quite often in the city. Sometimes we have lunch together.

I am tired from walking.

Murthy has lived in Boston for quite some time now.

Straka came on Monday and went back the day after.

Listen and you might learn something.

The Kennedys were the closest thing that America has ever had to royalty.


She is better at speaking English than any of her classmates.

Max would probably be disappointed if we didn't go to his birthday party.

How do you put up with that kind of humiliation?

Donne will never be forgotten.

I support you a hundred percent.

Why don't you just tell Those what happened?

My mischievous neighbor.

I wish you could accept that.

I have a dentist appointment at 2:30.

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006, and will arrive at Pluto in 2015. It will be the first spacecraft to visit that very distant dwarf planet.

In other areas of the city, fighting continued.

He had no other clothing than that which he was wearing then.

I sometimes have pain in my stomach.

She looked around.

The trade negotiations are still up in the air.


Immaculate conception simply means that the Virgin Pilot herself was born without original sin. Virgin birth is how Christ came about.

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You were wrong.

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What did you get them?

You may as well begin to prepare your lessons.

The flower garden needs watering.


Raman, wake up.


I'm interested in helping him.

I'm going to sell my house.

Lindsay is just doing his job.


I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before.


Who's going to stop us?

First, he entered the room.

Gabriel had never seen anything like it before.

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Tatoeba lacks developers.

This is probably the wrong place.

"Ah, a raw egg for me!" "Is one enough?" "Yep, if I need more I'll top it up."

I need you to explain something to me.

Please clean those dishes.

Truth burns and destroys all elements, showing that they are merely its shadow.

They were all agog for the news.


The moon and stars were shining above us.

Gabriel has found what she was looking for.

I know that you and Marcia snuck away from school yesterday.

What color is the dirt?

Let's get out of this rain.

Give me a cup of milk, please.

I have just come here.

Thanks for making me remember.

She waved both her hands so that he could find her.

The four Galilean moons are called: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Gear the engine to the front wheels.

Jiri didn't even touch Kimberly.

He should disclose everything and face the music.

Didn't they teach you anything at school?

Skeeter knows Dominick's father.


You're very confident, aren't you?

She said that she was eager to go there.

My uncle is possessed of great wealth.

We'll never forget what we found.

Roberto didn't sleep well.

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Dan denied he had anything to do with Linda's rape.

We don't have to tell Julius everything.

It is the calm before the storm.

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She went on the stage when she was 16.

We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.

I felt the same way.

Have you decided whether you are going into town by bike or by bus?

Sue will walk.

I offered it to him.

I'm in Boston all this week.

Please speak more quickly.

John sat looking out of the window.

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She is as thin as a broom stick.

Do you know why I came here?

Jennie still looks puzzled.

My cousins live near the beach.

The police are looking into the records of those people.


For a short period of time, wide neckties were in style.

I was able to study abroad by virtue of the money.

I looked out the window.

Sriram thought the situation was really sad.

The Jacksons have a black and white TV set.

Why didn't you tell me about my parents?

I told you I have a girlfriend.


I don't know what you heard about Phil.

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Smell this.

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For the time being, we don't need anything.


Utilizing an ephemeris, an astronomer can calculate lunar phases and the times of rising and setting of the sun and of the moon all around the world and for any day of the year.


I think I may have to work late today.

Nobody likes her.

Will you help me take the suitcases down from the rack?

We tried with might and main to break open the door.

The train runs every thirty minutes.

He's not as active as he used to be.

I want to be a goat.

I've invited all my friends.

I didn't even know Dylan was here.


I was really disappointed.


The bread is stuck in the toaster.

I can't put up with that noise any longer.

That only happens occasionally.

Give me a painkiller, please.

The programme is over.


I'll treat you to dinner if you help me.

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It'll soon be dark.

First I should go home and change my clothes.

I help him almost every day.

Warren hasn't said a word since he got here.

Malcolm feels exactly the same way as Ning does.


I want the person who did this brought to justice.

Just tell me who you are.

It's never too late to make amends.

We like the house, but we aren't fond of the textured ceilings.

I read the whole book in a day.

Will you give any discount if I pay in cash?

Nobody's expecting us to win.

You must buy a ticket to get on the bus.

Go back to work.

During the entire trip my thoughts were of you.

We felt good.


Where are my parents?


What could it be?

Sergei came to my rescue.

This phrase will be translated.

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Put the vegetables in the strainer.

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He who has bees also has honey.

Bonnie is planning to meet his friends at the local pub.

Lars has never done that.


Is it a deer?

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I don't want another one.

He taught a group of Indian boys.

We wish to speak to him.


He robbed me of my new watch.

His music was not popular at home.

This building is the architect's crowning achievement.

The black angel spread those jet-black wings wide and flew up into the sky.

You won't believe it.