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Credit Hub Capital Pte. Ltd.

  • Moneylender License No: 132/2016
  • 190 Middle Road
    #10-01 Fortune Centre
    Singapore 188979

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Are you looking for reputable licensed money lender with lowest interest rate in Singapore?

It is hard to tell when emergency expenses will come up. In fact, it is difficult to be too sure about one’s finances considering the tough economy. When times are hard, and you need to find the right moneylender for your needs, it helps to consult a reliable directory that features Singapore’s reputable credit and personal loan providers. This takes the stress out in searching for licensed moneylenders that you can find in the country.

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EasyCredit is a reliable and trusted directory for legal & licensed moneylenders in Singapore. We provide information about financial institutions in Singapore that offer short term business loan, personal loan and cash credit services for your concerns. While we do not provide the loans, our efficient moneylenders directory listing can assist all borrowers who are looking to find and consult Singapore’s legitimate and reputable moneylenders.

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An Easier and Stress-Free Way to Borrow

For those who have limited ideas on how the personal loans market business works, it can be challenging to get by and choose the best option for a personal loan / payday loan. You will have to devote an extensive amount of time researching and gathering information about different cash loans or short term loans offer by legal money lenders in Singapore – and you need to make sure that you find licensed and reliable ones with the best terms and lowest interest rates.

Forget about the lengthy process of searching for the credible Singapore moneylender with the help of EasyCredit. We give you endless choices of the country’s reputable moneylenders at your fingertips. All you need is to use our directory, find your choice of lender, submit your loan application form online, and expect an approval withing minutes. It is that quick and simple!

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For licensed moneylenders, joining EasyCredit can help open up your business to a stream of new and loyal customers. As we advertise your company, we make it much easier for you to obtain genuine borrowers that can keep your business going. All you need to do is to list with EasyCredit, give yourself an edge above other lenders, and begin working with more people the smarter way. We offer premium zoeform that is absolutely free for a week, which gives you instant access to countless loan applications from genuine borrowers.


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