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ACY Corporation is a Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) components and modules for plastics, palletizing, food and metal press tending adopting. Because we use standard Robotic EOAT components to build complete EOAT solutions and that’s why our cost is lower than the other. Our extensive line of suction cup, adapter, holder, mounting clamp, gripper mounting arm, suspension, sprue gripper, air gate cutter, nipper blade, push-in air fitting and etc. It can let you have one stop shop for EOAT project. ACY has authorized distributor Plastic Process Equipment, Inc. for US, Canada and Mexico area and they have stock in US.

Suction module
EOAT Cutting & Suction module
EOAT Cutting module
EOAT Suction & Gripping module


Clamping 10mm Tube Vertical Swivel Long Angle Clamp

C-8810V : Clamping 10mm Tube and Vertical Swivel Long Angle Clamp, For example clamping 10mm Tube, H..

Mini PNP Sensor Interlaced & Serrated Jaws Sprue Gripper

Mini PNP Sensor Interlaced & Serrated Jaws Sprue Gripper

SG-101SP : Mini PNP Sensor Interlaced & Serrated Jaws 8mm width Sprue Gripper1. Single acting wi..

Mini 30 stroke & M10 Holder

H1-10-30 : 7mm diameter with 30 stroke & M10 Threaded Mini Holder, fitting for as follow1. vacuu..

950106 2.5 Bellows Cup

950106 : S - Silicone (red), N - Nitrile (black), Diameter 6mm 2.5 Bellows Cup match with H1, H8, HC..