I had a hamster named Cookie.

I was trying to lose weight.


Being very rich, he thought he could do anything.

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Kurt listened to what Oscar was saying.

You answered by yourself.

It seems the meeting cannot take place. Two attendees are stuck in Charles de Gaulle airport.

He doesn't understand the youth's speech at all.

The die is cast.

I think that it is impossible to master a foreign language by self-learning.

Even an intelligent child cannot understand.

Parents warn their children not to eat food given to them by strangers.

The man and his wife helped each other.

I'm voting for the first proposal.

I like to be at home.

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Rod runs as fast as you.


Are you saying that Vladislav's crazy?

There won't be an alternative.

Maybe we should sit together.

Close your eyes, and count to ten.

What happened here today?

Would you mind if I asked you some questions?

Deirdre asked her husband to grow a mustache like Erwin's.


Valerie advised Dory to go to the doctor about her stomach cramps.

We will leave as soon as he comes.

He keeps a diary.


My computer froze up.


That's not very good.


I thought Cindie said something else.

The horse is the noblest conquest ever made by man.

During the week I read the news in French.

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Laurence mistook Ramesh's singing for a cry of agony.

Leith was very angry at Shatter.

I just need you to help me.

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I suppose that's one of the reasons Reiner isn't here.

She told Mehrdad the whole story.

Are you against my plan?

He called you.

I just wanted to be popular.

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Behold the Man.


The lawyer's job is to prove that her client is innocent.


It was the greatest joy that I have ever experienced.


The square root of 2 is not 1.

Frederic can't stand the sight of blood.

She was amused at her son's tomfoolery.

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Marguerite climbed up so high that we couldn't see him.

We need to get this done now.

I don't think I could do that kind of thing.

He enlightened me on how I should attack the subject.

He gets on well with Mister Brown.

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I was born in America.


I speak French with Ariel and Socorrito.

I want to walk with you.

When will the store open?

You guys can't be serious.

The bus stopped to take up passengers.

She is chattering yet.

We hope it's good.

Please let me know as soon as it's decided.

I'd like to try on one size smaller than this.

Bigger is not always better.

Let Michelle get some rest.


That's not helping.


He can understand but can't talk.

If anything should be wrong with my car, I would go by bus.

I'm not a bird, though I'd like to be one.

Here we are finally at the airport.

The boy was tired.

Those children are keen on skating.

Well you can indicate everything you see.


That girl is a true blue country singer.


If I were you, I wouldn't do a thing like that.

We went to see turtles on the beach.

They became nervous.

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He was standing by the gate with his hand in his pocket.

Milo put some flowers in her hair.

The party was a success.

The referee showed him the yellow card.

Hy is a jock.

Have you gotten yourselves acquainted?

They've waited for you.

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How often do you shave your legs?

Jochen traded his old computer for a guitar.

He asked her to give him preferential treatment.


I had an umbrella with me but my friend did not.


Can you take me with you on the plane?


We have to get them help us.

Tell me; who is this young man?

I agreed to her suggestion that we meet again five years from then.

Rees is a convicted drug dealer.

Janet is helping his mother wash the windows.

Opinions are not facts.

People with agraphia can't write due to a brain injury.


Take this one, for example.

Do you want to have some coffee?

There are a lot of kids in that family and most of them wear hand-me-downs.

You're wearing the wrong shoes.

The dog will bite whoever's last.

He wants to eat this fruit.

Why don't you go home?

That does not augur well for the rest of our dialogue.

Stay in this room.


Why do you think I'm upset?

I don't know how to make you happy.

Laurel has been a teacher for thirty years.

I'll talk it over with Jerrie and see what he thinks.

Go help Sumitro.

This is what I'll do.

I'll find her for you.


This can't wait.

"Where is everybody?" "In the meeting room".

This way we can evaluate if the sound quality is good enough.

Billie is not able to easily distinguish between boredom and hunger.

Hey, who are you?

Does Spudboy like French?

It's a good paying job, but the fly in the ointment is that I'll have to spend a lot of time traveling.


You must trust us.

Elias made me hurry.

Give those cookies to us.

You've dropped your pen.

Have you ever played Angry Birds?

I like that description.

Don't push this button.

Who committed this murder?

Teriann isn't as good at French as you think he is.

The geologists explored for oil on our farm.

My parents love her.

I first learned of how beautiful stoats could be when David, whom I had lately befriended, showed me his stoat photo album.

Food prices have been going up.


I thought you liked everybody.

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Dan revealed to Linda his plans for the future.

This is one of the most venomous spiders in the world.

You should begin right away.


I'd really appreciate you not telling Jeffery about it.

Was it Mr Yamada that came to see me during my absence yesterday?

An expert analyzed the fabric found in the car.

You had a long day.

Our thought is expressed by means of language.

I don't think I've ever seen you so upset.

We moved to Boston when I was three.

Could we meet privately?

I couldn't have been happier.


He makes most, if not all, of the important decisions for his company.

She is all in all to him.

We don't care how much water you use.


I overheard what you said.


We're desperate.


I think it would be really good for you to do that.


Why's that important?


The FBI was brought in to investigate the murder.

She looks very sick.

What other explanation can there be?

She must have forgotten all about the promise.

I am proud of my pretty cat.

There is only one way to be sure.

We can't afford to be choosy now.

It is necessary to put something by against days of need.

Where was Claude tortured?

Beverly says he feels sorry for Vice.

He wanted to help his friends.

He started at the bank in the post of manager.

What are some things you like about your hometown?