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They could not agree on some parts of it.


My pants are very loose because I've lost much weight.


I've got to try.

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There were fifty entries for the race.

I had no idea there were so many people in the other room.

The police don't have a suspect.

Rajiv finished his sandwich.

Cut the sarcasm. Just stick to the facts.

Sir is being quite vague, isn't he?

Pierre reached for the bottle.

Can you secure a seat on the airplane for me?

I'm very good at problem solving.

This is an uphill road.

The building is surrounded by a barbed wire fence.


Their job is to drive the limousines.

Jerry, tell me the truth.

They were amazed at his courage.


She was looking forward to spending time with him.


You've been here for five hours.

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Why can't we just leave right now?

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I didn't need Horst.

I will have been studying for five years next February.

Martha speaks Spanish, and so does Betty.

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His prophecy was fulfilled.

The train pulled out exactly on time.

I don't suppose you know anything about this.

He died in her arms.

We look forward to receiving your quote by return mail.

Aspirin can provide quick relief for a headache.

We overwhelmed the many enemies.

It's actually a lot of fun.

What has violence ever accomplished?

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My father didn't say a word during dinnertime.


She's kind of pretty.

Could you get me another beer?

I haven't liked anything I've seen so far.


He has a reputation for taking a long time to make up his mind.


Miek wants to buy a dress.

We had unexpected visitors.

Did you choose an interesting book for your son?


I think that's what's happening.

There's a sick man here.

She threw him away like trash when she was done with him.

Riding in the car is for kids.

I want to get this done today.

I'm afraid that he is right.

Lack of sleep is bad for the body.


I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

Thanks for taking care of my sister.

I slipped on the paper and hurt my leg.

We need to buy vinegar.

Hasn't Stefan arrived yet?

Here, I'll help you out.

Do you want to talk to Hilda?


Take care not to catch a cold.

Could you be more specific?

Don't mess around and finish your meal quickly.

He works for the sake of money.

David is trying to be nice.

I just wish you'd trust me.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

Kathy gave away all his money.

I do business here.

Can people buy these?

I'm a fan of Uruguay's president.

There was a wreck on the highway.

Kuldip is a real comedian and she seems to have an overwhelming supply of jokes up her sleeve.

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She lives in New York.

I used to live with Leslie.

He carved his way to fame.

A pointless life is a premature death.

Gao Dao is usually really suave, but he seems completely smitten in front of his girlfriend.

I've baked a cake for you.

Larry told me where you live.


Why was I not informed?

Becky complained that he didn't have enough time to read.

I don't smell anything.


Sanche's not staying with you, is he?

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I don't really trust her.


Sometimes it's better to remain silent.

They ask the parents of other children.

The patrol car pursued a speeding sports car, but it all ended in a wild-goose chase.

How did you come up with that number?

I can't. It's too heavy.


You clown you.


Yesterday a car fell over the cliff.

I think that is his trademark.

Ramesh doesn't like to be made to wait.


I want tacos.

Lay these books on my desk, if you don't mind.

Where shall we eat tonight?

Tonight was tough.

This discovery has the potential to radically change the field.

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Her recurrent nightmare involved a tsunami.

You're too nice.

You should have paid attention to her warning.


Please don't be angry!

I can't gain weight, no matter what I eat.

Humanity died this morning.

It's so simple that even a child can do it.

There will be difficulties.

Clarissa lives and breathes basketball.

Do you have life insurance?

He is well-liked.

The government ordered their destruction thirty years ago.

Let's plug up the hole.

Do in Rome as the Romans do.

Don't push your child into any vocation he dislikes.

You don't need to make a decision now.

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The crowd laughed.

Please come to my room to help me.

Lindsey ran down the street.


You're a billy-goat.

Will you explain the last part in detail?

By the way, where were you last night?

Man is judged by his courage, woman by her charm.

Have you ever sold a car?


I'm sure Norma would like to go with you.

Hohn got a bikini wax.

That's not going to happen here.

Bradley will like it.

I'll try to kill two birds with one stone and get my wife an anniversary present during my business trip to the States.

The dog licked the plate with its tongue.

Do you have life insurance?

The counterfeit bills flooded the market over the weekend.

The trees are barren or bear only small fruit.

He made up his mind to marry Kathy.

I wrote a letter in English.

The president said that the land was in danger.

I apologize for what Mason has done.


Physics is my favorite subject.


How did that get in there?

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They fooled the boy into stealing his father's watch.


They assisted him in performing the operation.


Magnus is a very jealous man.

Where did he get that crazy idea from?

Don't touch my bag.

Hold on there.

We number him among our closest friends.


Would you like to leave a message for him?


They are mere creatures of habit.

What can one do at night?

They're going.

Dannie won't stop crying.

I can draw a map of Brazil perfectly.


There's a myth that Edison invented the light bulb.

Everything you have will have you someday.

Their deep love for each other was unequivocal.

You can needlessly attempt to argue with me all you want; my brain is like a spam filter.

Let's give Clem another round of applause.


Laurie sat on the chair.

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It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.


There is little doubt that tightening of an already stripped system will have dramatic consequences for industry and municipalities in rural areas.

She wears a woolen sweater.

Knute is sure to accomplish whatever he sets out to do.

Owen is an intellectual.

He works in the morning.

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Izchak made us lunch.