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Looking For New Management

Security B-Sides Chicago was founded in 2011 as a “BSides” to the annual THOTCon Hacker Conference by Erin Jacobs (@SecBarbie). Over the past 6 years, The event has been organized by two groups of individuals, lead in 2011 by @SecBarbie, 2012-2014 by @moey and @elizmmartin, and 2015-2016 by @SecBarbie and @zfasel. Countless other volunteers and companies have assisted in many ways that are too great to list, including funding, presenting, organizing speakers, leading side-tracks, helping the day of, and much more. To all of those who have helped in the past, thank you, as it would not have been possible without you.

Hosting a conference is no easy (nor cheap) task. It takes extensive planning, fundraising, and at the end of the day, a lot of luck. Those who have historically assisted have done so out of desire to give back to the community by providing a venue for people to learn, meet new people, and have a day of fun. As the number of security conferences has increased in quantity, size, and duration, the expectations of those attending have increased while the amount of sponsorship dollars has become distributed elsewhere. This has increased the efforts required to successfully organize an event of the size and location of BSidesChicago (or, as some say, the care and feeding of the con).

After much discussion and introspection, the current group leading the production of BSidesChicago (@SecBarbie and @zfasel) have decided to step away from BSidesChicago for a number of reasons, including having sufficient time to dedicate to the preparation and fundraising being the key factor. We do hope to see BSidesChicago continue under new leadership and are happy to assist in the transition as much as we can to the team selected by the Security BSides global team.

For those who wish to pick up the torch and produce a 2017 BSidesChicago, please take some time to understand the level of work and financial commitment required to host an event of this size. If you would like to express your interest and intent to produce it, please contact the Security BSides global team regarding next steps.

With our thanks and gratitude to all who have helped in keeping BSidesChicago going,

@SecBarbie & @zfasel

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Contact Security BSides Global

Those intersted in taking over the organizaing of BSidesChicago are encouraged to look at /www.securitybsides.com/w/page/12194160/OrganizeALocalBSides and contact the Security BSides global board. The current BSidesChicago crew will coordinate with the global board the transition once a team steps up to take the torch.