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The boy carved his name in the tree.


I can go wherever you like.

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My dream is to be a firefighter.

She is a famous singer.

Some people think French is really hard to learn.

I exchange letters with her.

It's great to see you're having so much fun.

I want to be young again.

She lighted a cigarette.

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She coaxed a smile from the baby.

For example, they are not happy to help clients in the store.

The man took my arm.

She sang one of her own songs in her wedding.

You might want to think about what needs to be done.


Bill gave me something to do.


Tell her I'm on my way.

Larry will never have to worry about going hungry.

I miss my cat.

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My nephew was accustomed to staying up late.

I'm definitely going to give up smoking!

When he bit me, it was so painful that I fainted.

Jesse is very good at problem solving.

The motion was carried unanimously.

I haven't gotten any messages from him since then.

I'm terrible at tennis.


Can we check the rapid spread of the 'flu?

I rarely go back home at five.

He is sprawled out on the sofa.

It is characteristic of him.

Gail doesn't want to get in trouble again.


Misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot.

The rumor worked to his disadvantage.

The flower is not black.

Diane never speaks to me.

Can you stay with him?


In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

We all thought it difficult to execute the plan.

Peter said that he feels much better today.

I just hope it's worth it.

Bill was harboring a fugitive.

She is senior to me by three years.

The beard's gone!

Institutionally, a major restraint is the copyright problem.

I suppose you already know that's my car.


How do skunks scream?

Leslie played basketball when he was in college.

If he had received her advice, he would have succeeded.


I'm going to keep looking for Svante.

I am suspicious that this is an illegal taxi.

Hit up on the D-pad, and the background music will change as the background itself becomes the Demon King's castle....

"Let us stop here a while," said the Fox, "to eat a bite and rest for a few hours."

Interfering a funeral it's a great show of disrespect.

Austria is a parliamentary republic in central Europe and consists of nine federal states.

The lid of this box won't lift.


It's popular among senior citizens.

Hundreds of people were on the spot.

He is always in the background.

I'm going to release you.

I told Kristen to wait for me.


You both seem bitter.

Receiving a gift from you was an unexpected surprise.

You can't tell him not to go.

Maria now lives with his dad.

Finding an optimal solution will take some time.

This island belonged to France in the 19th century.

Your work is making watches.


That kid is a little demon.

I could tell you about beekeeping for hours, but I don't want to bore you.

Your name is Doug, correct?

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I thought Milner was an electrician.

I buy newspapers every day.

The boys and girls are playing in the garden.

I know how frustrating this must be.

We often hear it said that Japanese are good workers.

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Little did he know what was waiting to happen mere hours later...

It is very natural for a human being that one always give himself a precedence over the interests of others.

I usually keep a diary when I travel.

I will take my mother out in my new car tomorrow.

How many professors are there in Turku University?


Ted is going to kill them.


I'll introduce you my brother.

Please make sure.

We feel really safe.


That day will go down in history.

He did a courageous act.

Nguyen will quit.


Narendra was shirtless and barefoot.

Is everything OK with Srivatsan?

Alright! They're all mopped up!

Just tell me where Laurianne is.

Once a war breaks out, both sides are in the wrong.


Kikki picked up his glass and took a big sip of wine.

Good communication with students is essential for effective teaching.

Elliott transferred to Harvard.

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Japanese eat three meals a day.

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I have to do that sometimes, too.


I have done the work.

Should I include Roxane?

Why were you holding his hand?

I used to pretend I was Roberta.

Parts of the world that are already hot enough might become unbearably so.

That's what Kris said to Rick.

All her efforts culminated in failure.

Agatha has to go to a hospital.

His life rests on her.

It's not likely that Matt will ever admit that he's wrong.

Stefan asked for a receipt.

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She believes her boyfriend is innocent.

Thanks for clarifying that.

If it's at all possible, I'd like you to take part in the next meeting.

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She's an Asian-American.

Rudy didn't eat anything.

His words carry little conviction.

Neal seems bored.

That's an old Russian custom.

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Do you think I'm to blame?

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Are you in a rush?

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Lewis went out of the room.

The statue has no head.

Marco insisted on paying the bill.

You're our savior.

I was wrongfully punished.

What's your favorite line from that movie?

I consider that racial discrimination.

Herve will be happy.

Have you brought help?

Do you know what this stuff is?

There is someone here.

I just want it to actually happen.

He went deer hunting.


I think that song sounds better in French.

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He is better today than yesterday.

I don't want to be alone right now.

What's on your mind, Cecilia?


Could you lend me a helping hand?


I wonder if that's Griff.


At times, he suffered from a painful headache.

I will always be younger than you are.

The sexist lyrics of the 1963 song "Wives and Lovers" are, by today's standards, objectionable - to say the least.

Laurianne asked me how to cook trout.

The oppressed people cried out for their liberty.

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Who can translate the difference between noise and sound?


Would you mind not smoking?

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I just didn't want to take any chances.


Toby's thirtyish.


He would remind people again that it was decided not only by him but by many others.


Love is like oxygen toxicity.

Teenagers often break rules.

They will have placed the billboard on that building's facade before July ends.


The bear roared and I fainted.

I want a cellular phone, but I don't have enough money to pay for one.

Angela didn't tell Mikey anything.

Let him do it alone.

You should treat everyone fairly.

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I'm not having dinner with you tonight.


I told him to come visit us.