Stanly switched off his walkie-talkie.

Kyu clearly has a point.

He watches television before studying.

We have an epidemic.

I cannot help laughing at your folly.


No one responded.


At that time, Julianto was swimming.

The singers sang together in order to raise money to help people with AIDS.

Kent handed Kemal one of the drinks.

No matter what anyone says, I won't go.

George closed the doors.

Whilst at university, Xiaowang held the post of class monitor.

It's no good trying to bypass the problem.

You've done your best.

It's the living image of your grandfather.

I know you want to make me happy.

Fred's house has five rooms.


Stewart showed her the letter from Santa Claus.


In his fantasy, Mars is like Australia.

Won't you have tea with us?

He's not worth your trouble.

I accompanied her on a walk.

I can do whatever I want.


Josh spent the weekend by himself.

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Make the tea good and strong.

We know each other quite well.

I know where Heinz will be three hours from now.


I hiked through the Pyrenees from Spain to Paris.

Such a person invariably expends his physical energy more slowly.

He lost his umbrella again.

Has anyone seen her?

Cyrus's family moved to Boston in 2013.


Francois intended to tell Sharon everything.

Juan's shirt is as elegant as mine.

Everybody wanted to do that.

In my last letter, I mentioned that I was quite busy.

I want you to stop hanging around with those ruffians.

We visited our father's grave.

He got his wife to mend his shirt.

I have finished my assignment.

Can I try one more?


All of these resources combined together, could not purchase or equal the value of an eternal life.

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I like to fish; it's a very relaxing way to spend the day.

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Are you sure you don't want me to buy you a ticket?

He hesitated for a second.

I need the new version no matter what.

They can overcome their fears.

Let's put things into perspective.

He could not but admire her.

Is that what you told them?

I tore the paper into pieces.

It may be all right.

I talked to her again.

I don't want you there next week.

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On the contrary, Zamenhof always advised testing the new forms through usage.


Why don't you go back to where you came from?

Rudolph isn't very likely to know where Wolfgang keeps her address book.

Heidi arrived safe and sound.

Per wanted Martha to go.

Christina still comes to the hospital every day to visit Rudy.

How much time do you intend to stay in Oxford?

This is clearly wrong.


We must finish this.

Don't come dressed like bums.

I am interested in the cello and the piano.

It took Sehyo a long time to change the tire.

Maybe I can show you.

Damone wants Pontus to learn how to play the trumpet.

I trusted you.

We weren't cautious enough.

Devils are hiding among the rocks.

My dog died last winter.

Don't you want to give me a hug?

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Just keep quiet.

The ship changed course.

I think that my leg is broken. I can't move.

That was a total waste of my time.

I will call in order to confirm it.


He has a grudge against you.

I drew a picture of a pony.

Did Mariou ever mention Oskar?


Scoot over.

That she was there is certain.

Maria, who has just been appointed as National Coordinator against violent extremism, participated in a demonstration, in which they ritually burned the Elbonian flag.

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Celia sat at the bar, just staring at his drink.


I hope Saumya isn't angry.

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Just put those packages anywhere.


You look after the children, Skip.

Were I free from work, I could read these books.

Perry could tell that Alexander was bored.


They want it back.

I'll never meet someone like her.

Joshua just got that suit.

Please come to my office any time.

He is entitled to receive the reward.

She droned on for hours about her family history.

I have very bad chills.

Don't even think of asking me what I think about you right now.

I saw your name on the list.


I'll bring them home.

I wish I could stay here with you today.

This hat is a little too small for me.

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It also has a strong flavour, and adds depth to Chinese food such as soups and stir-fries.


The snake swallowed a frog.

I don't understand why she is acting so crazy.

You predicted it.


Don't talk while you're eating.

He made his fortune from commerce.

There is nothing funny about him.

I won't be able to sleep.

Let me go in and talk to Brender.

The legend gave the name to the place.

Ken looked out the window to see what was happening.

It would be unfair if we treated him so badly.

John stamped the check.

In autumn the migratory birds fly south.

I've always thought you knew how to speak French.


The Netherlands is called "Nederland" in Dutch.

He was badly wounded.

We can't start today.


I hear that Naren hired you.

Rupert's hypothesis is plausible.

How will you get home?


I couldn't sleep because of the noise.

The organization is underwritten by grants from philanthropists.

I have bought a car.

Lithuanian is a good language.

His selfishness was such that nobody liked him.

What are you going to do afterwards?

Does she know how to play the piano?

I don't know where Michelle came from.

How many times am I supposed to give you the benefit of the doubt?

I picked one.

This star is five light years away.

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What's their connection to him?

I'll contact you when I can.

Would you do that?


So, you think you can dance.

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There are also nightclubs where you dance flamenco.

Beth waits for Vincenzo.

Dylan died a little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon.


She did not eat anything until she was rescued.

Colin turned on the music.

The crust is rising.

Do you think he will be elected president again?

I want you to take care of me.

You may see Hillary there.

I will be back in an hour.

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He was a stately man.

Val dried his face with a towel.

Most graduates of the Department of Science proceed to a master's program, and roughly half of those continue on to their PhD.

I reckon you should do it.

I'm not sure I get it.

He has always been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Sergio tried to resuscitate Sonja.

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Don't go back to sleep!

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This is a post office, and that's a bank.

You'd better go now.

Are you positive?

That's completely untrue.

It is too early to go to bed.

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Noam told his son the story about a monster that ate children.