Now, how would I know that?

The resistance movement has gone underground.

The fruiting season for the cherry trees is from June to July.

Meg agreed to Ken's plan.


Who needs rhetorical questions?

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Lorien told me the same thing you told me.

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Don't pretend you're so innocent.

It was the third year of Meiji when their family name was changed to Saga.

At last, we reached California.


Where is the Turkish embassy?

Don't tell me how to drive.

Many of Pope's men were not prepared for battle.


I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

Leave it closed.

Mechael managed a small bar near Boston for quite a long time.

French is definitely not a difficult language.

Frances loves the new toy that Bernie gave him for his birthday.


I have to make a long-distance phone call.

The demand made the offer.

You're rich, aren't you?


Saiid's death was an accident.

I just bought some cardboard.

Milk used to be sold in glass bottles.

I didn't have anything to eat.

Jack stopped talking all of a sudden when Rupert went into the room.

I'm getting sick of the ride.

Can I use your pencil?


I'm working again.

Kim is feeling trapped.

I'll try to keep up with Krzysztof.

We're actually quite similar.

Johnathan complimented Tahsin.

Rajeev said he didn't have anything to say.

There were flies everywhere.

I poured a drink for Vickie and one for myself.

Is it true that Ravi and Jenine are dating?

I've never traveled by train.

The boy may have told a lie to please his parents.

Say this three times, with your eyes shut and you will see what you will see.

Hilda was supposed to be our lawyer.


You shouldn't act selfishly.

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A hammer was used to break the window.


I'm not saying that's wrong.

I thought maybe you were right.

I want to improve my knowledge of languages.

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Toufic walked into the courtroom, surrounded by police officers.

No one is laughing.

I'm not blaming you.

I'm not going to tell you anything.

Nguyen took Brendan out on his boat.

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The street is wet and slippery.

You're being rude to my guest.

They have watched TV serials this evening.

Who are you, how did you come here, and why?

Where did you learn German?

How long have you been in love with him?

I'm ashamed.


Aren't they Englishmen?

That would be satisfactory.

Devils are hiding among the rocks.

The government has made efforts to make our country clean and green.

We're still in shock.

The girls want someone on a white horse holding a sword but not someone with a true heart.

Do what she says.

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They were urgent in their demand.

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Algeria is called "Al-Jazair" in Arabic.

He is a stickler for principles.

Rajarshi did his best to resist Cris's sexual overtures.

Do you think I'm kidding?

She made mistake after mistake.

No one is so learned that he can know all things.

The public's fascination with organized crime is very disturbing.

Celeste can't really do much else.

Who are you voting for?

My mom used to tease me all the time about it.

Could you recommend a few French singers?

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You have no idea what that is, do you?

Dan was thrown off a tall building.

We simply don't know anything about Trevor.


Did I say too much?

Let's sit here and wait for Ole.

Skillful listening is the best remedy for loneliness, loquaciousness, and laryngitis.

Why are you staring at me like that?

He wined me and dined me and then wanted to take me to bed!


I've told Lum where we are.


Where can I park my elephant?


Do you have a crush on my brother?

I was in excellent spirits.

That's not nice. Apologise to her.

Apart from the cost, the dress doesn't suit me.

I think I can help Penny.

Why is Linley so scared?

That fortune-teller is no better than a liar.

Do you study or work?

Page is really hungry.

I'll bring them home.

We can make it there on time.

How about getting some coffee?

You haven't called, have you?

The pain from the compound fracture was almost intolerable.

I don't know if it was because of the late hour or because of the rain, but there was no one around.

Do you want to buy it?

Nobody wanted to say something about my country.

I'm going to tell you something about Skip that you might not want to hear.

I have warm feelings for that doll.

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I don't know if she has a brother.

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The floor creaked.

Hamilton gave Karl his business card.

You must buy milk, eggs, butter, and so on.

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What does she have?

They ask questions directly to the President.

It was raining around Chicago.

Toerless is helping her.

They looked high and low, but couldn't find the ring.

My name is Nobody.

I can play chess, but I can't play checkers.


What would you do if you met a person from another planet?

The girl came without complaint.

You never say that you love me.

This must encourage you.

In this case, I think he is correct.


We have to wash it.

He was an amiable fellow, but had a certain reserve that he would not let you casually trespass upon.

"I hope we'll be home for Christmas", said the soldier.

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You're the best singer I know.

In addition, we are looking for an consultant who can assist us in leveraging their expertise of the market to acquire product from manufacturers in the area.

Michel was thirty years old at that time.

To each group of people its language, and a second, common to all.

Pull your hand out.

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He can be counted on.

I don't know why no one saw Pierce.

They're too busy to talk to you now.

They cheered the young Americans.

The atmosphere in the room was hot and smoky.

Novorolsky never was very kind to Lana.

We understand why.

He has a capacity for leadership.

I actually agree with Ole.


I made an error in judgment.

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Her face turned red suddenly.


The man wearing glasses is an old Chinese author.

Please put down your name in this book.

I don't see why it shouldn't work.


Bert tried to do it, but he couldn't.


How often is it necessary to feed your pet?

Kinch quickly reloaded his pistol.

My day ends at 5 o'clock.

Progress is monitored daily and stored in a database.

Before I joined the army, I was a doctor.

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Catch your breath.

I don't think you can sell that.

I did it quickly.

I expect Harris will be a finalist.

I want to go skiing with her.

She stands out from the rest.

Are you for or against abortions?


We both are friends.

My father put a fence around the garden.

It's not higher math.

I'm studying the English drama.

Reiner was driven out of the church.


Vick took a week off.

Jong allowed Rees to go by herself.

It has: it is in the heart of the Chinese people.