Do you give lessons?

Export of the product will start soon.


Lynne is pretty smart, isn't he?


Arlene likes to travel.

I may have to come home late, in which case I'll telephone you.

I'm not saying we're not going to do it.

He took part in the assembly.

You're not funny.

Sandeep had a fight with Leads.

She's hiding something. I know it!


I thought Kristian would drop in to see us.


The two teams debated on the issue of nuclear power.

Micah was good with people.

Gil was knifed in a street fight.


Set this aside for me.


I just let Sandip think we did that even though we didn't really do it.


Thuan smashed his piggy bank with a hammer.

I couldn't enter because the door was closed.

Dustin didn't even have the decency to admit that he'd made a mistake.

I am still in shock.

The police have a sketch of the suspect.

I can't sell you that.

Even though the media reports that she is a potential presidential candidate, does anyone really think that she is a potential president?

I know I'm a burden; you don't have to repeat it.

He was forced to resign as prime minister.


Where are our children?


Leaving the children alone was sheer thoughtlessness.

I don't have a CD player, but I bought the CD anyway.

We need to do something about this right away.

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Have you ever swallowed an apricot pit?

I do a lot of things.

I thought I told you to stay in your room.


Boyd gave the documents to the wrong person.

I forgot my own birthday!

What are you going to be when you grow up?

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Tuna says he doesn't want to work here anymore.

For the love of Heaven, don't get angry.

I have spent 500 dollars per day.

I can't even read Italian, let alone write it.

The weather is rainy.

That person writing the letter in the classroom is my friend.

Increase the heat to brown the corn cake on both sides.


Let me see what it looks like.

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We spent hours trying to figure out how to fix it.

The dress fits you very well.

He was made captain of the team.

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I know how much Galen meant to you.


I come from another planet.


Thank you, Goddess, mother of the earth, for calling me again into the world.


You haven't even asked me what I think.


That job brings him in an extra 60,000 yen a month.

Do you have any idea who might have killed Root?

There are plans to build a power plant right here.

I heard him while he was playing the violin.

Do you also have kid-size portions?

He came to Jesus at night and said...

Does the shirt fit you well?

She may well be proud of her smart son.

We're always here to help.

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They all looked at him.

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During a walk in the park she accidentally met her old friend.


She borrowed the book from him many years ago and hasn't yet returned it.

Cows eat grass.

I didn't sleep all night.

I found something I thought I'd lost.

As soon as the game ended, we became overjoyed.

If you teach a man, you educate one person. If you teach a woman, you educate a whole village.

Oscar picked up the can of gasoline and started walking back to his car.

My father's birthday falls on Sunday this year.

Gerald is the only person who can do that, I think.


Horst is a very popular boy.


The girl was quick as a flash.

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He was that angry.


If what Derek told me is true, then we have nothing to worry about.

It really wasn't that difficult.

It was all-or-nothing and we struck out spectacularly.

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I learned about you from her.

The song I want to sing is one that you know.

I've got to be somewhere.

I used to be really cis, but by now I've become pretty genderqueer.

You're both missing the big picture.

Tatoeba: Don't wander by here on Friday nights, kids.

It's on every evening at 8.


I want something to read for when I take the train.

"Which math class will you be taking next semester?" "I will be taking 'Calculus 3' if there are no schedule conflicts."

All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

In Japan children as young as 3 begin violin lessons.

Who was that who answered your phone?


I want to buy a new car.


Can you guess what's in this bag?


She is a doctor and also an alpinist.

Is that from them?

I've got lots of questions.

Can she cycle?

Be sure to call home before you leave the office.

They cost a fortune.

You said your boss was a nice guy.

She interrupted him while he was speaking to my father.

What was your relationship with your father like when you were a kid?

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Did they take the wrong bus again?

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I've planned our route.

His affection was materializing in the worst possible way.

I know that wasn't the right thing to do.

He walked on and on.

I was 13 in 2003.

Spass is weak.

Why should Lanny have all the fun?

I'd like to send this package to Australia.

The last time I smoked was well over a year ago.

The rain is letting up.

I thought it strange that he should be up so late.

Astronauts are weightless and can sleep in any orientation. However, they have to attach themselves so they don't float around and bump into something.

Anderson is mentally unstable.

I'm only a man.

Go tell them that.

You may go where you please.

The fish swims by moving its tail.

I was asked to cooperate with them for the criminal investigation.

You don't need to come to the office, you can take the day off.


Hubert's innovative.

It's still possible.

I don't quite follow, but it looks like it will prove tricky. Ergh.

I thought that was a good deal.

What are you writing?

I went to bed early because I was tired.

Pua sang.

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My guess is that Loren isn't going to want to do that.

There was a mist upon the highway.

We should be talking to them.


Here is where it all happens.

I wanted to kiss Sundar.

We can't help them anymore.

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You're old enough to drink, aren't you?

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It's quite nippy today, so take your coat with you.

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Everyone is entitled to be moody once in a while.


We walked across the ice.

I speak English natively, Spanish fluently, and German haltingly.

If you respect yourself, then you will receive respect from others.

May I call you Tarmi?

I think we're almost done.

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He asked me whether she had given me the book, or if I had bought it myself.

Even people who don't believe in the Catholic church venerate the Pope as a symbolic leader.

Gary could do that for you, I'm pretty sure.

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Mods sure have it difficult. It's like "Here, have a bit of power, do what you have to", and all the garbage gets thrown at you.

Do you get the impression that all of our politicians are too old?

He is very nice. He never speaks ill of others.

I was so drunk last night.

I kind of feel like it's my fault.


Jayesh is on the phone with Marshall now.

You leave me no choice in the matter.

We can't see each other for a while.


She is very cynical about life.

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Which planet are you from?


Tony is a polite boy.