We suffered a lot of damage.

I ignored them.

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Last night, I fell into a panic.

"Where did you eat lunch?" "I ate at a restaurant."

Don't stand on ceremony. Just make yourself at home.


Nicholas thinks he's God's gift to women.


Is Martin a good son-in-law?

Winston waited for a while.

Tovah will do as you suggested.

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I represented my university at the conference.


Hank rushed out onto the road without looking both ways.

You must not discuss this matter with anyone.

Do you know anybody there?

Hunting is prohibited in this area.

We ordered the dog to sit.

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Jinny lost his new watch.


She quit smoking.


He suddenly took a defiant attitude toward the police officer.

"Whose examples are these?" "They are Meryem's."

I hope Jane will wait for me.

Though I refused repeatedly, he insisted that I should go there.

Some are good at English, and others are good at mathematics.


Edgar and Gerard were also present.

Does Kurt wear boots?

Clark will be able to swim soon.


This is our main objective.

What did you give her?

Don't even mention it.

He's young, naive and inexperienced.

2015 was the International Year of Soil and also the International Year of Light.

Marguerite, I think you should eat more.

Beware of one who praises you to your face.

Man invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever have thought to build a mousetrap!

Isn't his name Hirotoshi?

We were successful!

We really need to talk to her.


I hate her parents.


I don't think that there is any better way to learn English than by living in America.

It's been fun for us.

Astronomers claim they have discovered the ninth planet of the Solar System.

He is tremendously handsome.

I forgot my wife's birthday.

I'll return to Australia in two days.

Why should you be so sad?


I assisted her in moving the furniture.

Do you like it with mayonnaise?

I was always a loner.

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I knew Kristi personally.

Our entrance examination was near at hand.

You've got time.


What color is your house?


Sanford wants to stay with us until next Monday.

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The ship's mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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Is that a cat?


I did without heating all through the winter.


This is a complicated issue.


He's staying at his aunt's.

It was really quiet.

He has a massive comic book collection, with an estimated combined value of over a thousand dollars.

Swamy is good at everything he does.

Monica is a very nice girl.

Cancer patients often have to deal with debilitating bouts of nausea.

I can't send you all the files at the same time.


What did you just say?

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People usually don't like what they can't understand.


He's a well-known television personality.


Lea knocked on the door and waited.

You're the only one here who likes Joseph.

The number of muffins that you'll receive will be inversely proportional to the number of times you talk on IRC.


Terrance nodded in response to my question.

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I think we'd better talk to Norbert.


Kiss my ass.

We must develop renewable energy sources.

Stanly and Radek were both ambitious.

Hein can't use his cell phone here because he has very expensive roaming charges.

Have you been smoking?

You won't need to worry about that again.

Mehrdad is a lot busier than I am.

In the room, it is dark.

They only wrote idle chatter about me in the newspaper.

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As far as I know, he did nothing wrong.

He went in the opposite direction from us.

The boy narrowly escaped drowning.

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You may link to this webpage freely.

In the old days, when man was innocent, God sent his daughter to see the Earth.

She bought him a car.


We visited Boston and Chicago.


I know what they mean.

My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.

Tovah is in command.

The manager of the hotel is very kind; he spoke kindly to the girl.

I think it's true that he wasn't at the scene.

Everything is gone.

The French are better lovers than the Germans.

Could you put this coat somewhere?

I wonder what ever happened to Greg.

I think that English people might be more used to language learners than people in other countries.

Mr Nakajima can, as well as English, speak fluent German.

The people saved their country from the enemies.

Man has many wishes that he does not really wish to fulfil, and it would be a misunderstanding to suppose the contrary. He wants them to remain wishes, they have value only in his imagination; their fulfilment would be a bitter disappointment to him. Such a desire is the desire for eternal life. If it were fulfilled, man would become thoroughly sick of living eternally, and yearn for death.

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Everything depends on this.

How did you answer them?

I wish I had noticed earlier.

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She eats but little flesh of any kind.

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Meet me tonight.


Srikanth hasn't been home all week.

When does it begin?

Rich felt very lonely.

Did you just call me your boyfriend?

The question is how long.

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Jesse Owens was an American sportsman.


You can't give up on us.

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You shall have a reward.

Space is a realist.

Bahrain became a kingdom in 2002.

Can you please tell Boyd I haven't made a mistake?

What's your favorite Paul Gilbert solo?


Tell me where to find Eduardo.


Joon wants to go back home.

Melinda got a bikini wax.

An extremely terrible thing happened to him.

Perhaps it can be repaired.

I don't want to lie to you.


You shouldn't expect things to be easy.

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The aide suggested a change in tactics to him.


I think Debi will very likely do that.

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She was satisfied with the new dress.

When was the last time you recruited workers?

Karl can't get the bottle open. Could you help him?

I saw her again.

The boy singing a song is my brother.

We've lost too much.

I can't believe I kissed you.

Everyone said that I was wrong.

I thought about charging 50 reals an hour.


Banks across the country had closed their doors.

The news interview under investigation follows the conventional pattern of the turn-taking system, which consists of answers following questions.

"What is it?" "Well, you see, I wanted the shrubs pruned."

Jill was at my office today.

In high school, French was my favorite subject.

Both of the brothers are still living.

Pratap had a lot of friends and was very talented.


Our school starts at eight thirty.


It's been a while since I've done anything like this.


I have something to trade.

I don't know because I wasn't there.

Will you be participating in the celebration?


Don't think I didn't try.

Dan disconnected Linda from her respirator.

I don't believe she would understand it.