I'm looking for someone with whom to learn English.

Don't wilt away, love.

We don't know much about his personal life.

Where is the closest travel agency?


Tell Karl not to talk to Omar.

Would you like tea or coffee?

Who's your favorite singer?

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The GNP has been growing at a snail's pace.

I am not crushing them.

I would like to go to sleep now.


You're so weird.

Her figure will be shown off to advantage in a kimono.

They're out of their minds.

She's a successful novelist.

I'll make sure Benjamin gets there on time.

He urged his horse along.

He is smart, and what is more, honest and punctual.

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All right, let's get back to work.

Claude wasn't willing to do what Vilhelm asked him to do.

At the time this story takes place - in 1699 - the Kingdom of Norway was still one with Denmark.

Don't worry. Everything is going well.

Let them know where I am.

Young man, enjoy yourself while you are young!

You're wonderful.

We both fell asleep.

There are nine planets travelling around the sun, the earth being one of them.

This is the very last thing I can do for you.

All students looked up to their homeroom teacher.

Grandeur and gallantry never appeared with more lustre in France, than in the last years of Henry the Second's reign.

It must be a mistake.

I don't think anyone else could do my job.

The extremists refused to negotiate.

I cannot afford to buy a new bicycle.

No beer before four!

I don't have the patience for this.

Amos gave Bruce a nod.

His condition is if only, better than in the morning.

Where should I file this correspondence?

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Cats don't like getting wet.

Erwin started to put his coat on, but then decided to stay a bit longer.

Pravin is a very creative guy.


Pradeep bought me a kite.


I think we shouldn't make a decision until we hear from Vinod.

You help me with the translation.

Patricia seemed to be praying to himself.

I felt the terror of my neighbors after the earthquake.

The matter is settled.


I thought I must do it.

I hired Wayne because I thought he was the best person for the job.

How long did you know her?

I knew we could count on him.

It's not like Ninja to be so late.

I'd like to get a head start.

I just wanted to check to see if you're OK.


He went from his house up to the railroad station.

I thought I was losing my sanity.

We want him to go home.


Why did Antonio spend time in prison?

You know I can't wait for you if you're late.

I was never the likeliest candidate for this office. We didn't start with much money or many endorsements. Our campaign was not hatched in the halls of Washington. It began in the backyards of Des Moines, and the living rooms of Concord, and the front porches of Charleston. It was built by working men and women who dug into what little savings they had to give $5 and $10 and $20 to the cause.

Valerie works as a croupier in a casino in Monte Carlo.

I was mortified.

That's all I had to say.

She thinks that she can sing.

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I don't know what has become of him.

The habits of highly intelligent people offer a clue as to how to do that.

How could Lea do this to Mariou?

My parents live at ease in the country.

I really liked Ricky.

I'm beside myself with joy.

I hate my family.

My grandmother looks after the children during the daytime.

Wayne has beautiful long hair.

Would you like some cookies?

She said that she had met him three months before.

I have some things I need to tell you.

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to see you alive.

Vinod didn't go to sleep till late that night.

We should be there helping her.

I have a bomb.

Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you did!


Error never leaves us.


You drive me nuts!

You need to work together.

If you press this button, the machine will start.


Tammy developed feelings for his best friend.


The gramophone was born of Edison's brain.

Barking dogs don't always bite.

After asking for my key at the front desk, I took the elevator to my floor.

Neither joy nor sorrow can last forever.

The singers sang together in order to raise money to help people with AIDS.

Never ask a question if you aren't prepared to hear the answer.

They won't put up with this, when they find out.

It's pretty damn good!

I've spent almost all my money.

Why don't you take this medicine for a few days and let's see if it works?

It's as clear as mud.

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Tell me how it happened.

We need to make the change now.

There weren't any roses in the garden.


Catherine died from an overdose of sleeping pills.


I've asked him to help you.


She is having dinner.

I'm sure there's a connection.

I can beat him!

Mysore is a marine aquarist.

Don't speak to her like that.

I heard a woman scream.

The world changes a lot.

I have two nieces.

How hot will it get?


I wish there was an easy way to fix this.

A lot of students around the world are studying English.

It did happen.


Bring the keys to your brother.

Stones don't float.

Lake Chad continues to shrink.

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I enjoyed your company very much.

He started a new life.

With hands like these, I should have become a surgeon.


Why do you spend so much time watching TV?

Everyone felt sorry for you.

I'm still trying to figure things out.


His theory deserves consideration.

I gave the poor boy what little money I had with me.

This watch is ten minutes slow.

Ralf spent more than three years in jail.

Pascal broke the rules and was kicked off the team.


That doesn't look good at all.


They have to lose.

He heard you.

I am going to Hokkaido in the summer.

He has no knowledge, not to mention experience.

Suu isn't very patient.

Japan must take over that role now.

Bart didn't think that movie was interesting.

My friend lives in the middle of nowhere.

Father and mother together are called parents.

Most car accidents happen because drivers aren't paying attention.

He has nothing to do with it.

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I wouldn't mind stopping for a while now.

I hadn't planned on staying so long.

I've never heard of that stereotype!

We need to find it.

We have five fingers on each hand.

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Hsuan can reach me at this number any time of day.

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I'd like to talk to them.

She doesn't need to go there herself.

Let's discuss it now.


It's easier than you might think.

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Don't make a fool of me.

Can I come inside?

Johnny bought his camera for less than I paid for mine.

You should give up smoking.

You talk about Boston too much.

If you wait right here, I'll go get what you want.

A bento is a small meal made of boiled rice and seaweed, that is sold in cheap wooden boxes.


Naomi slept through a show on TV that he'd been looking forward to watching all day.

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I spilled one.

He walked on and on.

I could pick you up on my way to work.

I live pretty close to them.

I was as surprised as Rodney was.

Jeff slipped on a banana peel.

Jacobson isn't Julia's brother.

This is your dog.

Where exactly are you?