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MICRO GREEN SOLUTIONS INC is a distributor for a industry leading manufacturer of nano, micro scale materials and carries their cost effective, environmentally friendly coatings for a incredible range of applications. ​


Contact us to see if we can assist in changing your existing processes to something more environmentally friendly, more cost effective and improve upon the desired results. These products are designed to improve your performance, lifespan, running costs and appearance of your assets and operations.​


We offer diverse, impressive nano and micro scale technologies with the products in our Solutions. ​Additionally we can work with our clients and supplier to create something unique for your specialized applications. Contact us below to learn more.​

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Micro Green Solutions will work with our manufacturer and our clients to create unique built for purpose solutions on virtually any substrate or application that can benefit from these amazing technologies. If you have a unique coating, bitumen, oil, gas or other medium problem let us help find you a unique solution.

Please contact us to get started.

NanoCoat is a two component transparent sealer that provides long lasting protection against damage from water, oil, grease, UV light, corrosion, graffiti and other contaminants. Applicable to both absorbent (stone, wood) and non-absorbent (metal, plastic, painted surfaces) substrates, the technology offers substantial easy-to-clean properties due to infused nanotechnology additives and innovative nano-manufacturing processes. With colour-infused, clear, matte and glossy finishes, the NanoCoat treatments are specifically designed for the harshest heavy-duty industrial environments.

Flat Glass
Flat Glass Surface Treatment is a break-through glass coating technology that replaces adhesive tint applications with a simple to apply liquid coating, without the dark colouring of adhesive tinting.
It blocks 100% UVA/UVB and up to 89% IR.

Our Degreaser is an environmentally friendly and newly developed technology in the field of degreasing. It replaces dangerous solvents, harsh abrasives and caustic chemicals. Custom made variations are available to address your challenging cleaning needs or use the standard formulation for use with a wide variety of applications. Degreaser can be economically diluted with water to suit the situation or used full strength on the toughest cleaning jobs.

Petroleum Dissolving Degreaser (PDD)

KARBONtek PDD is a new and innovative, biodegradable, degreaser that dissolves petroleum products with previously unheard of speed and efficiency. It is 13 times more effective than our previous VCS degreaser. PDD effectively removes grease, oil, ink, petroleum and soot from industrial surfaces.

Clear Metal Jacket
Clear Metal Jacket is a removable temporary corrosion protection system designed to be used as a dip or spray application to anti-corrosion protection of Carbon steel and other metallic substrates. This environmentally responsible, user safe film forms a microscopic invisible coating that will expand and contract with the surface to avoid cracking damage with fluctuating temperatures. CMJ replaces traditional oil dip processes and the risks associated with them as well as providing superior performance on investment and safety.

SIGMAtek Flame Suppressant
SIGMAtek Flame Suppressant is water based flame-resistant treatment for materials such as wood, paper, and natural/synthetic materials. Product may be used as pre-treatment for future flame protections or as an extinguisher with residual effects. May also be used as a sub-layer in conjunction with our other ultra-thin coatings. Product yield is dependent on the extinguishing/application process and the absorbency of the substrate. The longevity ranges from 1-10 years or longer if protected from the elements and abrasion.

Oil Eliminator
Oil Eliminator is a bioactive, water-soluble Cleaning Agent that solubilizes staining generated by fats and oils and thus ensures the complete bio-degradation. Oil Eliminator includes innovative surfactants which possess enormous cleaning power and that is neither water-polluting nor harmful to animals and plants, and is non-corrosive to paints, plastics or other materials.

Puretek is an environmentally responsible water remediation additive platform used for the sterilization of waste water which has been contaminated by microbial growth and/or excessive organic matter. The puretek water remediation additive is chemically engineered to self-cancel through use, making it untraceable to downstream analysis. The technology detoxifies sedimentation beds in waste water reservoirs and expedites the sedimentation process via interaction with suspended silicates.

SIGMAtek Absorbent and Non-Absorbent Surface Treatment
These products create a unified, flexible, and environmentally friendly layer which inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and rejects soiling of any kind. They leave a super-thin coating, covering every part of both absorbent and non-absorbent treated surfaces. These coatings help to repel staining and makes cleaning easier and more efficient. They also offer passive germ protection. Corrosion inhibitors and active germ protection additives are also available to be added for both SIGMAtek products.

CALtek™ is an environment friendly, biodegradable and safe formulation for the efficient dissolution of calcium salt deposits typically associated with winter road de-icing applications as well as stains caused by salt water.

GRAFFITItek will work fast and it will effectively remove spray paints, markers, and ink from both exterior and interior surfaces. GRAFFITItek is ideal for use on cement, brick, ceramic walls, metal lockers, desks, an other hard surfaces.

NanoBoss Weapon Coat
NanoBoss Weapon Coat is a high performance nano-scale coating for use on firearms, knives and other weapons. The polytetrafluoroethylene / ceramic composition generates industry leading lubrication properties while remaining residue free. This innovative technology creates an invisible, dry film on the firearm and increases the gliding action of moving weapon parts. Loud, metallic sounds caused by friction, for example rifle bolts, are reduced considerably.


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About Us

A company that defines excellence:

Micro Green Solutions provides ready to use and concentrated nanotechnology surface coatings, nano-enhanced polysiloxane epoxy resin systems, manufacturing additives and custom industrial chemical formulations. Together we offer a wide range of environmentally responsible industrial chemicals, packaged and diluted for maximum sustainability and compatibility.

Multi-Functional surfaces create a unified, flexible and highly durable layer over the treated substrate measuring approximately 1/500th the thickness of a human hair - rendering the surface hydrophobic, oleophobic, and lipophobic - naturally rejecting soiling or staining from dirt, liquids, oils, fats and greases. These easy-to- clean properties reduce labour time and effort while having a dramatic impact on surface cleaning and preservation.

Upon request Micro Green Solutions working along with our clients and our manufacturer can usually create their desired unique Multi-Functional Surface that is formulated to ensure protection from fire, UV damage, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and corrosion. Inversely, coatings can be altered to attract water (hydrophilic), oils (oleophilic), precious metals, electrical currents and more. In addition, various coatings are designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi via infused antimicrobial biocides. Our Canadian based, industry leading manufacturer of nano and microscale materials uses state of the art technology creates coatings that are chemically engineered to be extremely durable, lasting between 10 days and 25 years depending on the variant selected, despite having a thickness only 40 times that of human DNA.

Being sustainable is a reflection of our philosophy and focus, ensuring that continual research maximizes our manufacturer's ability to create new and innovative environmentally sustainable solutions.

We share a commitment to health and safety by supplying biocompatible chemical technologies with proper integration and qualified instruction for our clients.

Kevin Hallett

CEO / Product Specialist

Kevin comes to Micro Green Solutions from his previous CEO position in a specialized energy supply company. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from decades of skilled trades work and running companies in the oil and gas fields. Kevin has a deep network of friends and colleagues all across North America that benefit from the specialised products Micro Green Solutions provides.​

Calvin Hallett

CFO / Product Specialist

Calvin comes to Micro Green Solutions from his previous CFO position and long standing consulting business for many of the largest oil and gas companies in North America and the world. His knowledge and experience relating to SAGD, pipelines and other areas of construction provides expertise in many areas from contracts, engineering and logistics to final applications of the entire MGS line of products.​

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