Love makes the world go around.

"Please go with Marsha." "What if we don't want to?"

Wake up and be more attentive!

I looked around for Miles, but I didn't see him.


The little boy disappeared down the road.

Willingness to correct is an indication of wisdom.

This car must go.

I didn't plan on staying.

If you need something, just call me.

You're losing me.

That's our best hope.

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I think it might rain this afternoon.


You had no choice.

I'm eating dinner now.

What do you think is in that box?


You're such a good friend.


Doyle took a swig from his bottle of rum.

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Art got his notebook and pen ready.

Lui doesn't look very busy.

Knute is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

I paid him on the spot for his work.

When did you arrive in our city?

He bound the package with a string.

I think I have the best job in the world.

When did you fire them?

You don't mind, do you?

Winston was convinced, but not me.

Mechael would probably be disappointed if we didn't go to his birthday party.


He can do the most amazing acrobatics.


The pupils of our eyes contract in sunlight.

As a matter of fact, I love him very much.

How do you know I don't know?

While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.

He is fortunate having such a good wife.

You're the only one who can help us.

Lock the office.

She was kicking up her heels with delight.

She died less then a year later.


Nobody can see this movie without being moved.

Rolf isn't sick anymore.

Both Magdalena and Ania are from Poland.

We heard the door shut.

Seen from the sky, the river looked like a huge snake.

She doesn't pay attention to others; in other words, she is selfish.

It isn't really helpful to translate word by word.


The police asked the criminal to give up his gun.

The kid is watching some lustful Miley Cyrus video.

Everyone seemed sad to see Larry go.

She asked him for help.

Don't ever come back.


What was it like when you were young?

We told everyone that we were moving to Boston.

Any doubts about the validity of this argument are promptly forgotten once we see the data.


I'm happily married, no matter what anyone says.

There are some books on the table.

You can go one hundred kilometers an hour on the highway.

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We have to stay positive.

I've decided to leave Boston.

Kitty deleted Presley's email message.

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The telephone rang.

"Do you mind if I use your phone?" "No, please go ahead."

The remedy is in the poison.

Marsh is heating the car.

We haven't done anything.

Would you like to play a game?

It's kind of cool.

Dan warned Linda about walking alone at night.

I did what I liked.

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As I entered the room, they applauded.

Jackson stayed for a while.

Why are you being so noisy?

Blair is like a sister to me.

Brandon has told us everything we need to know.

He is an independent thinker.

At the same time as we arrived it started to rain.

You did this.

My toolbox contains only pliers, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

We played. We lost. How about starting it over?

I want to score more goals.

Curt hopes you're able to attend the party.

We'll see each other again someday.

Twins often are very similar.

You've got to sign your name.

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Whatever you do, do it as well as possible.

Long live the chaos!

It's a bit much to expect me to pay the bill.

Let's rest for five minutes.

I'd like to cancel my appointment for tomorrow.


He regards so-called compulsory education as useless.


What's your favorite Disney movie?

I have three brothers. One lives in Japan and the other two live abroad.

They saw something odd.

You're a good customer, so I'll do what I can.

There's not enough food.


Kikki is proud of his past.

I'm never gonna intentionally get drunk.

That must be what I saw.

Let's hope they don't even think about it.

I had a long talk with him.

I apologized to Dori.

Tor didn't mention having seen Hotta.

We can go there without having to inform them.

He angrily tore up the letter from her.

I can't speak French well.

He's an albino.

Speaking of Nagoya, have you ever been to Seto?

I can hardly wait to get home and sleep in my own bed.

I knew that was what you wanted.

He said that he must see the manager.


He is an insurance agent for a New York company.

Your bereavement saddens me.

Charity starts at home.


Don't read under insufficient light, for it is bad for your eyes.

I don't think that would be appropriate.

She lies ill in bed.

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That was some storm.

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Her crying is just an act. Don't take it seriously.

I usually take a bath before going to bed.

Nicolas often has trouble remembering things.


Getting rest had a wonderful effect on him.


Saumya went back outside.


I'm not sure I want to see it.


I was a fool to trust Stevan.


Melinda is waiting.


Am I forgetting anything?

Maria hasn't watched the news yet.

Travis thought he'd broken a bone in his foot, but an X-ray showed that he hadn't.


She's a bride.

We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience.

To tell you the truth, I've been scolded by my mom.


A dog is sensitive to smell.


A bat is not a bird any more than a fish is.

He couched his demand in respectful words.

This is what I need.

Thank you very, very much!

Mississippi is the fattest state in America.

His eyes locked with mine.

Everybody's talking about what happened at the meeting.

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Andre's the one who broke the window.

Cash or charge?

Perhaps we'll see you both later.

I'd take anybody apart who dared to say a word against her.

I'm boiling with anger.

Mario needed cash.

Harris told me that he would do it tomorrow.

That's an old Japanese custom.

You don't look all that busy.

He is now at the desk.

He remained there for many months under close guard.

I wish we had done that.

I confided my troubles to him.

Sometimes, it's easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.

We have to be extremely careful.

I don't have an office, nor do I need one.

Please don't ever say that again.

What's the point of showing up on time if everyone else shows up late?

Were you with Clarissa that night?

This was one of the best days of my life.

I didn't feel like calling them.

Try this pancake and tell me if you like it.

I know a million jokes.

The harmonic series is divergent.

Only today did I know the details of the matter.

Did you really do that?

You look very good in blue.

Everything's OK now.

Darci was shirtless and barefoot.