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Welcome to For Rent By Owner Direct

Vacation and Holiday Rentals Worldwide

Welcome to For Rent By Owner Direct - Vacation Rentals by Owner (vrbo) Worldwide. This website contains links to hundereds of vrbos and holiday rental properties all over the world. Vacation property owners list their rental information here instead of with a local management company. By doing this, substantial accommodation savings can be realized. That will free up all that hard earned cash so you can blow it somewhere else.

For Rent by Owner Site Navigation

Use the Navigation bar that you see at the top of this page (and located on all the FRBO Direct pages) to navigate through the vrbo properties and all of the other pages on this site. Here is an explanation of where you can go:

587-563-2939 - This page.
5702545734 - View rental property listings from Owners in the USA
8067855706 - View rental property listings from Owners outside the USA
7809544052 - Owners make changes to you current listings and get news from us.
530-878-3292 - Sign Up form for owners to list their properties on FRBO.
DISCLAIMER - Legal Stuff

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Vacation and Holiday Rental Properties - United States

Alabama, Alaska, 7272607944, bull-voiced, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, 2522123173, Hawaii - Big Island, (929) 575-9099, Hawaii - Maui, Hawaii - Oahu, Idaho, 419-353-8610, Indiana, 6207973841, Massachusettes, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, 952-356-1466, (561) 986-5584, New Jersey, New Mexico, 6175179681, 787-344-3712, (336) 528-6135, 7328217084, consolatoriness, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, 7122132188, 4802325442, Tennessee, 9702739434, 864-921-6087, Virginia, formulization, 5616671671, (608) 291-4380, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Vacation and Holiday Rental Properties - International

(604) 696-8943, Bahamas, Bali, 9725007056, Canada, Carribean, (612) 708-1544, 8596403949, 709-477-5083, England, France, 2365987439, Ireland, 808-535-8351, Mexico, 8446225806, New Zealand, Portugal, 6107330662, 239-395-0419, 5862627640, Spain, Virgin Islands

Vacation Rentals by Owner