He stared into the distance.


Tell me more about them.

She will do whatever it takes to find Ramadoss.

We can all benefit from his experience.

Pia is way behind on his rent.

Jimmy insisted that I take him to the zoo.


Stop the car now!

I was at a job interview.

Takeuchi's French is almost perfect.

They mean well.

I'm just a little dizzy.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Would you like to exchange links?

Put on your sweater. Otherwise you will catch cold.

Would you say you're a morning person?

Some people want to amend the constitution.

His secret life came to light at last.

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Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."

He tried to write down everything the teacher said.

The intention that he is watching a television is nonexistent.


We believe that Olof committed the murder.

I thought it would be fun for us to go skiing together.

The President nominated him to be Secretary of State.

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Frederic laughed so much tears ran down his cheeks.

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Let's just see you do that.


I think I'll walk to school today.


Do you want to know my first impression of Pratt?

The top leaders of seven countries attended the meeting.

Do you think you might be interested?

Please answer me when I speak to you.

She has a thing for older men.

He paid a bill.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.

I usually shop in Oxford Street.

Did you like the roses I sent you?

Anybody could slip up like that.

The reason for unemployment must be sought elsewhere.

Somebody might've followed him.

I'm feeling sort of tired.

Who is who?

How is it going in the fish market?

Do you feel giving gifts is important?

Go home to your wife, Allan.

I don't think I know Siping.

More than 500 baby sea turtles were released into the sea.

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Who that understands music could say his playing was good?

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Dan didn't even recognize Linda.


It was in the basement.

Too many people have serious issues with Italian language.

You should go home. It's late and you're drunk.

This obviously concerns me.

Nobody wants to die.

Like lift, there are many factors that affect the magnitude of the drag force including the shape of the aircraft, the "stickiness" of the air, and the velocity of the aircraft.

Taro weighs no less than 70 kilograms.

Dan learnt about Linda's death in the news.

We wish friendship.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Gasoline isn't cheap anymore.


That's not a bear anymore. That's bear goo.

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"You've fallen asleep. Good. I am now going to leave you all alone in the dark while I go out and get drunk." "You are a terrible person." "Gosh! You're still awake." "I stick my tongue out at you as a gesture of defiance. Now continue with the bloody story. If you omit even the tiniest and most insignificant of details, you will return here tomorrow to find these walls covered in excrement. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Shut up and listen."

Learn little by little every day.

This clearly bothers Kerri.

Fred bought a bottle of vodka and some perfume at the duty-free shop.

Leave the dog out for a while.


He was rather a member of a social elite than the masses.

The drawings Lyod has made show people from the 14th century.

I thought I'd surprise her.

I didn't have to try very hard.

For your information.


Why are you being so distant?

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Lee is waiting for an answer.

Some people don't go to a doctor because they can't afford to.

This book belongs to Tony.

Lana's not a bad kid.

You'll never guess what I saw this morning.

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Do you know where Holly is?

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Ken painted his bicycle white.

My parents know my girlfriend.

Harris broke my heart.

The hair dresser is cutting the hair with scissors.

Better be careful, you're playing with fire.

After a rainy morning the clouds were suddenly parted and a double rainbow appeared in the sky.

He has a desire to be wealthy.

I'm going to grab a bite to eat.

As the train pulled out, they waved goodbye to their parents.

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Toerless began to wonder how Amos always seemed to know where he'd been.


The conversation moved on to other topics.

I was just too young and stupid to realize I shouldn't have tried doing that.

The coach told me I needed to practice harder.

You can come.

You can't just decide things unilaterally like that. We have to come to a consensus.

There were several couples on the beach.

I should've run away.

He could face a ten-year prison term.

After First Contact, the material and spiritual development of humanity flourished.

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Send me the text you want to translate.

This is just too expensive.

Teri was killed in Boston.

Dust had accumulated on the desk.

What is the procedure for getting a visa?


He wrote away for a sample.

There he goes!

You'd tell me if you weren't having fun, right?

He barely said a word.

Eduardo loves you very much.


I sweated on the treadmill.

The area is built up now.

We squeezed through a hole in the fence.

He's always complaining about the food.

The old woman has no one to wait on her.

On the outside the school looks like a prison.

In Japan, children begin to play the violin at the age of three.

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I don't have any regrets.


I'm happy to finally meet you in person.

I'm powerful.

You might as well leave.

I rely on your promise.

This is good.

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The first person to talk to me, when I had just switched schools and had no friends, was Kristi.

My car ran out of gas.

None of these buses go to Shinjuku.

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The next holiday falls on a Sunday.


Don't you want to visit Jesus?

It's a lot harder to do than it looks.

They were afraid of the teacher.

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What am I to do with him? Employ him?

Moe and Petr fell into each other's arms.

I had a feeling Everett was going to say that.


It's difficult to transplant an old tree.


Is Howard there?


You can't tell anybody what's going on.

Let him use the telephone.

You've done a remarkable job.


This sea lion can balance a ball on its nose.

I have abdominal gas.

Jerry felt lightheaded.

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There are things that only intelligence is capable of searching for, but which it itself will never find. These things can only be found by instinct, but it will never search for them.


It's a wholly new experience for me.

I think I'll stay a while longer.

The ship was ready to sink any time.

Herve is deaf, but he knows how to read lips.

Micky is a pretty cool guy.

I make too many mistakes.

It is believed that there is no life on Mars.

He blew soap bubbles.

The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.

"How can I lose?" answered Satan. "All the umpires are down here in Hell."

I'm disgusted with my life and my self but I'm not unhappy about that.

Some pitied them.

Give Milner something to drink.

I hate hypocritical communities.

Roxie had to go back to the office.

She has just graduated from college.

He investigated in the hope of finding some useful general features.


Do people ever accuse you of being shallow?

I was disappointed at the result.

He was too old to walk.

Rain by its absence ruins men; and by its existence restores them to fortune

Can you wake him up for me?

I'm glad to see you again.

He is the owner of the liquor shop.

I polished her shoes for her.

"Thank you for everything." "You're welcome."