He can sing.

Diceopolis is Athenian.

The boy solved the simultaneous equation with ease.

I hope you recover soon.

Whoever was sitting here left his pencil.

Don't tell Dominick where I live.

Rand used his umbrella as a weapon.

"Why didn't you tell us?" "You didn't ask."

I haven't noticed Sabrina doing that.

Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird.

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You need to learn to be assertive.

Those black people have long been deprived of their rights.

Do you eat breakfast at home?

He's a surfer.

Answer to your name when it is called.

Just to be clear, this was not me.

This house is very spacious.

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Barring unforeseen circumstances, we'll be closed in a year's time.

Santa Claus is usually drawn as roly-poly. He is almost never skinny.

The thief stole the jewels last night.

Pieter started to unfold the piece of paper Laurie handed him.

That's just not right.

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I was fascinated by her performance.

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They can't have lost the game.

I happen to be a pretty good judge of character.

Come closer to the fire if you're cold.

Would you both be quiet, please?

Perhaps it's too late.

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Which is your favorite song?


Love is hard to define.


Come back in a day.

Laurie knows how to swim.

Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

Trey is an embarrassment.

Where can I find Mitchell?


Oh, how we laughed!

You're scaring her.

I spent two hours solving the problem.

This investment is the opportunity of a lifetime.

"However", stressed Vladimir Putin, "today is another situation".


In September, 1929, stock prices stopped rising.

She was found hacked to death.

I wish you both the best.

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This is a cargo ship, not a passenger ship.


It's not backwards.

She's grown quite thin since the last time I've seen her. I wonder if she's sick or something.

I want you to find them.

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Let's quit fighting before somebody gets hurt.

Would you please reserve a room near the Toronto international Airport?

I will win the game next time.

I'm going to see some student.

I like reading Fritz's blog.

Is there a simpler amino acid than glycine?

What role does the Chorus play?

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Does he really want that?

He's biased against Christianity.

We have corresponded with each other.

I go out to buy the newspaper.

I was just telling Kim that he should go out and buy something to eat.

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It's much cheaper to live on grains and vegetables you can grow in your garden.

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The police think Greg has been kidnapped.

Maurice spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand what he was saying.

You're not hungry, are you?


He ratted us out.

How many credits is this course?

He was my comrade in arms.


I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

The house is on sale.

The medieval church despised the body and exalted the spirit.


Please help!

I thought I was going to get into that bar, but they wouldn't let me in.

Everyone in the room seemed to agree.

Would you like me to get you one?

This speakeasy is controlled by the mob.

Let's pool all our money.

All the problems haven't been solved yet.

He is handsome. In addition, he is good at sport.

I'll show you where we can hide.

The camera recorded nothing.

Older people are often afraid of trying new things.

Finally she gave in to temptation and ate the whole cake.

Srinivasan read Janos's secret diary.

Police officers wear blue uniforms.

You can find her phone number in the directory.

Was I supposed to ignore him?

I want you to take some time off.

Queen Victoria was the sovereign of Great Britain.

It is finally all over. Now we can relax.

Indra is apparently a truck driver.

Kanthan is playing you for a fool.

I feel quite bad.

He is still in bed.

I have extremely light skin and not at all brown.

Juliane keeps his doors locked at night.


I will never get back together with her.


You have at least three options.

Can I trust you?

Coming home having accomplished his task, Saify appeared larger.

He ate a herring salad.

Matthew can't play tennis here.


I already told you that a hundred times.

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What you're asking us to do is impossible.

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I hope you're going to support us.

His office is going to be shut down for want of money.

He is a good fellow.

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You seem to be having second thoughts.

Can we do this later?

They left before we arrived.

This poem was written by a nameless poet.

Tanya doesn't like to talk about this kind of thing.

Prakash will help us.

Donald says he already knows how to do that.

We hardly ever talk to each other anymore.

Sysko hangs around in secret pubs at night.


I thought I had the right to be here.

I travelled on shank's pony.

What would you take for the lot?


I'll convince him not to go.

I was surprised that Clem didn't win.

I explicitly told Robin not to do that.


What do you want instead?


I do wish we could finish today.

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She snuck out to meet up with a boy.

Let's pick her up.

Rajiv solved all the problems.

What time do you think it is? Where have you been out so late?

It's not Vincent's problem. It's mine.

I am told he has a broad back.

The boy runs quickly.

Who cares what Ram thinks?

I thought you said you weren't going to be here.

I brought you hot chocolate.

He nods and shakes the spheres.


According to scientific estimates, the universe is nearly 14 billion years old.

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Kimmo is sitting in the car.

Jingbai sat very still.

My house is small.


We've never lived here.

It's quite natural for him to think so.

He haunted the art galleries.

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He's a carbon copy of his father.

I'd like to see what Syd has.

I need to know what you know.

Izchak went abroad to study French.

Class sizes are limited.

Visiting your country has been a dream I have had for a long time.

He agreed to wait for horses and ordered supper.

Why have I never been told it?

I'll postpone my trip to England until it gets warmer.


Do you think Toerless will ever get a driver's license?

That's a separate question.

I think I love Elliott.

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Melanie's parents permitted Emily to stay in their house.

We're in a rush.

If you don't have a safety pin, a straight pin will have to do.

I'm not busy tonight.

I felt tired after having worked for hours.

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I didn't come here to party.

Women like men like their coffee: They've got to be strong, hot, and to keep them up all night long.

Let's not pack our bags just yet.


That old cabin is on the left.


These children are neglected by their parents.