I anticipate that there will be trouble.

If only you were here, I could consult you about it.

I don't have a dress good enough for such an occasion.

I don't believe you. You're always lying.

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Thanks for the meal.

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I can not stop crying.

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Hienz often reads in bed.

He's waiting for the train to leave.

David said you needed this.

Will you show me the picture?

He loved to travel.

She asked me if I could sew.

Love makes the time pass. Time makes the love pass.

I don't know for certain.

Niels isn't concentrating.


We're not seeing each other anymore.

It's just the beginning.

We have to stop meeting like this.

She dared to call on him.

Hwa and Lar both glance at John.

She's adjusting more and more to the new circumstances.

We saw you come in.

Japan is surrounded by the ocean.

She likes her eggs hard-boiled.


Let me give you my business card.


Everyone knows about Sonja.

You only have to slide it into the slot.

Choose a song and transcribe the lyrics.


I hope that Emi will appear soon. I'm tired of waiting for her.

Drug addiction degraded many people.

I don't know how she sleeps at night.

Are you done with that magazine?

Bunnies are so cute.

Take one for the team.

We gave up.

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Are you sure you want to do that by yourself?

The shopping district is easily accessible from our house.

I thought Eileen would never shut up.

In summer, it's a tragedy.

I sold it for ten dollars.

Ravi is a leader.

The butter spreads easily.

Piete is demented.

Have you ever dealt with this kind of a problem before?

Hartmann didn't want to go to war.

Sundar is the only one here that I know.

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I knew what the problem was.

This is a strange behaviour when it comes to rats.

He struggled to keep up with his classmates.

I wish you didn't have to go to work today.

You won't need me.

Amedeo told me that he wanted to stay single.

I live from hand to mouth.

I don't know if there is a difference between the two shirts. They are identical for me.

Bring the frozen fish here.


Bring me a bucket of water.

You forgot to water the plants!

Hang in there, guys.


I'm just not very happy.

Nothing's missing.

Vickie is very good-hearted.

The ship is about to set sail.

Why did you lie to them?

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No one will be fired.


Jane affirmed that she was telling the truth.


We were thrilled.


I just want a vacation.

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I was losing balance.


The Internet is no solace at all for most people. It feels unnatural for them...

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If the metal plate terminal of the game cassette is dirty it may be difficult for the game to start when the cassette is inserted into the game console.

The world is getting smaller every year.

Oskar, I think I've fallen in love with you.


Like causes produce like results.

John is going to tell Lucy about the origin of rugby.

When I saw him, he was still young.

We elected James chairman.

This car is always breaking down lately.


She dropped a bombshell upon him.


My father were very busy

Stephen was in a bad mood.

I need diarrhea medicine.

I never could figure out why Ahmet didn't like me.

That had to hurt.

You're wrong about that.

I have to say I envy you.

Ole had a great big grin on his face.

I don't care about what other people think.

We should be helping.

Our teacher seemed surprised.


Rajendra is eating a pear.


If he comes, show him into my room.

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They're early.

The city always glows, lamps replace the sun. Its panorama ornaments the profound horizon.

You didn't miss much.

Did you remember to buy candles?

The forensic technician found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

He's a doctor of good reputation.

Sidney's car died on him in the middle of the intersection.

The United States is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.

This is same type of camera as the one I lost.


The work is well worth the trouble.

Cathrin could understand what Manjeri was trying to say.

Just get out of my way.


Me and my colleagues lived in a small 2 room cabin built on the edge of a cliff on the mountain. I say 2 rooms, but besides the entrance, there was a 6 by 2 tatami room. We ate potatoes, dried fish and tofu. Because we were on the top of a cold mountain, the potatoes would freeze during the winter.

Can I borrow the Powerpoint clicker?

Now the good news is, we can solve these problems and meet these challenges, because America, by definition, is an innovation society.

Johnathan left without saying anything.

I had never before seen this species of fish.


There's an old cherry tree in the garden.

I eat in the house.

His eyes filled with tears.


Vick shoved the bowl toward Linley.

I went to Boston to visit Tyler.

I think you've been lying to me.


Put on your shoes.

The scholarship enabled her to study abroad.

I haven't heard anyone call him a late bloomer in a while. But I do wonder when he's going to grow up.


The train is supposed to leave in five minutes.

It failed.

She drinks a little wine at times.

Don't add too much salt.

Shyam ate cake.

As far as I am concerned, I don't think it's true.

Klaus looked after my dog while I was traveling in Australia.

My initial assumption was correct.

Kenneth lied about taking the money.


Tell us what happened that night.


Her wish is to study abroad someday.

Both Robin and Markus aren't very good at speaking French.

London is the city he loves the most.

"Are you doing something after school?" "No, not really. Why?" "Do you want to do something with me?"

Anita did it on Monday.


He works all the harder because his baby was born.

Your job isn't easy.

Go to your room and wait there until I call you.


I feel always restricted here.

You can stay with us for the time being.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.

Carlo seemed somewhat disappointed.

That did me good.


How did you get into my room?


Daniele swept every room in the house.

You have to go get it.

Did you bring them?


I'll save it.

That store sells top of the line purses but everyone knows they're really just cheap knock-offs made in China.

That was the mad cow.

What are you going to do after you leave school?

Shel readily admits his mistakes.


Of the eight, only one was found guilty.


He has a bad writing.

Samsung is a Korean company.

Tony is a well-behaved boy.

I think he won't accept the proposal.

That's why I came to talk to you.

I wish Edwin hadn't told Stanley.

That's his opinion.

I've got a situation to deal with.

The Tung tree is poisonous.

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We moved house last year.