I doubt that we'll ever be invited back.

It could've been us.

Do you play chess?

This is a present for you.

There are beautiful lakes here and there.

He went so far as to call her a fool.

Is Clara coming to dinner with us?

The pile of bodies under the bridge was such a macabre sight.


The cliff hangs over the road.

When we landed, we saw our friend on the pier.

If it were not for air, we could not live.

She tried to conceal her grief at the party.

He made up the whole story.

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Take a look.


Mann didn't want to continue the conversation.


I must admit that it was my fault.


Can I please have something hot to drink?

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He got his sister to help him paint his room.

How does it feel?

Don't make fun of foreigners.

She will be a good companion for him.

Do you want to say it or should I?

Leo should've asked Gretchen to marry him while he still had the chance.

We tried to get them to come.

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They said they're thirsty.

Translations are like lovers- the beautiful ones are never faithful, and the faithful ones are never beautiful.

The ship was at the mercy of the sea.


I need to ask you a few questions.


Raphael is a lucky bastard.

I didn't think anything of it.

Robbin is untidy, isn't he?

Hold them for me.

Several people have noticed this problem.


I know Jeff can take care of himself.


God's will first.

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I am constantly forgetting people's names.


Do you really think you need one of those?

Wake me up when you get home.

I expect him to come soon.


That's a risk you have to take.

The bowl was perfectly round.

I'll be right outside.

I have a three-year contract.

Hurf didn't do anything I wouldn't have done.

It's a fine day.

I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

Are you done washing your hands?

Newton was instrumental in developing techniques to prevent counterfeiting of the English money.

My mother taught me to always look both to the left and to the right before crossing the street.

I thought you were Andrea's best friend.

She suffered from anorexia as a teenager.

She slept with the window open.


When is my flight?


It seems like the obvious thing to do.

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We named our dog White.


Rod didn't know much.

I don't think we're going to make it.

This is the fish he caught.

Some lawn equipment is loaded into the jerry-built cart.

Now that you're grown up, you must not behave like that.

By the way, how old are you?

Roll down your window.

Tell him to hurry.

We must investigate social abuses.

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Not all of the staff was present.


Don't those news announcers very often expect to talk?

She made the right choice.

I can't speak French without making some mistakes.

Vickie is eating snacks.

This is bullshit!


If you want to go out with Rudy, you can.

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Why could you not come yesterday?

I cannot see the stars. It's cloudy.

I'd like to go.


"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any."

Do you want to go out for a drink with me?

Just because a certain book does not interest readers does not mean that the fault lies in the book.

Why do you want to kill us?

We've got to get you out of here.

Run fast!

I'm still not used to it yet.

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I didn't have much water.

What makes you think he likes you?

I would have gladly gone abroad during high school, but my parents didn't want me to.

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Limit your remarks to the matter we are discussing.

At travel plazas in Germany, many people eat currywurst with french fries.

Sanche's beer froze because of the cold.

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To be overwise is to ossify; and the scruple-monger ends by standing stockstill.

He was admitted to the club.

Are we going home?

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Only something that exists can be explored and explained.

To the best of my knowledge, humans are the only two-legged mammals in existence.

How long adolescence continues is determined by biological factors.

It's a pipe dream.

The northern wind blew all day.

This medicine will increase the survival rate of the patients.

When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.

Marco decided to submit his resignation.

I haven't eaten pizza recently.

I was shocked.

Evan is deceitful, isn't he?


I wouldn't have come all the way out here if I didn't really need your help.


Saqib looked at his watch and saw that he only had five minutes left until lunchtime.

We cannot control the tongues of others.

How does that sound to you?

I just wanted to see how Nicholas was doing.

How exactly may I help you?

Since it rained, we did not go on a picnic.

I'm going to tell them that.

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He is anxious to go with you.

If you don't eat breakfast, you'll probably be hungry during the morning and won't be as efficient at work as you could be.

Is there also a similar proverb in Japan?


The song played by that blind pianist really moved me.

There's been a sudden change of plans.

I don't remember them.


The economy is in turmoil once again.

Ozan knows we trust him.

Vickie has a social nature.

Timothy doesn't know that I have a cat.

How does it feel to be back?

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Shari's favorite thing was cooking.

Sergiu and Len fell into each other's arms.

Everyone is inside Andries's trailer.

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I can't believe that he's gone.

I can play the piano after a fashion.

I concur with all you are saying.

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I think he'll understand this.

The motor died before we got to the top of the hill.

He was not conscious of his weak point.

We were told this would happen.

Saqib scratched his back with a backscratcher.

We want to talk to you.

We have a very strong community.

I can look into this for you.

This promises to be a great flamewar...now where's my popcorn?

Nothing would please him but I must do it myself.

Can you speak Japanese, too?

And I would not be standing here tonight without the unyielding support of my best friend for the last 16 years, the rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady, Michelle Obama.

Summer seems to have come at last.

Lee decided to just kick back and relax.

Winnie and I'll be best friends forever.

You like older women, don't you?

I think your work is very good.

The weather will soon begin to calm down.

I can't leave home, even if only for a while.

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"You know Jurevis, don't you?" "I can't say that I do."

Let's stay married.

Wolfgang is really into basketball.

John tends to get angry when he doesn't have his own way.

He's always talking like a big shot, but it won't be long before all his faults are exposed.

Elric works on Sundays.

Ethan bought a camera just a couple of days ago, but he's already lost it.

She was supposed to be here by noon.

All my friends like Kyu.

Don't put me on hold.

Nancy is more shy than reserved.

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Does that hurt?

He is familiar with what is going on in China.

Lila might be able to persuade the others to help us.

They must be crazy to believe such nonsense.

Given another chance, he'd do his best.


To tighten up the rules is one thing, but to comply with them quite another.