I've decided to go back to school.

I have to stop Hubert.

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Do you want me to throw it away?

None of them are present.

How often do you play golf?

Mr. Takahashi agreed to go with you.

We could use you in the Boston office.

Svante did his homework.

Do you borrow books from this library?

I was thirteen when it happened.

Curt doesn't have any brothers or sisters.

It's a dull job to clean a bike.

Many children at a nearby school witnessed the plane crash.

Jim put the key into the lock.

Stop being sarcastic all the time!

If I had time, I'd visit more exhibitions.

The total bill for drinks came up to 7000 dollars.


You're not in bed yet?

You're a romantic.

She was obliged to marry the old man.

None of them have wives.

What am I supposed to say to Betsy?


That was very harsh.

We're all happy.

They were silent for a moment.

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People like him because of his friendliness.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

I need to be alone to think.

This house is very small.

A robust discussion ensued.


She killed him with a knife.

Nathaniel tried to get the splinter out of Angela's finger.

I want you all to meet your new substitute teacher.

In order to stay awake I may have to drink more coffee.

"I want to buy things," the boy said.


Is there a washing machine in the house?

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It rained for three days in a row.

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The professor is in Japan on sabbatical leave.

I like all of them.

Did you buy a new phone?


You're strong.


They devised a scheme to make money with little effort.


"I'm invincible!", said Gregor before dying.

I want you to tell me everything you know about that.

Justin doesn't think he could do that.

The insulin was making her fat.

Don't throw it away just because it's broken.

I haven't seen that movie yet.

The sperm whale can dive to a depth of 1,000 meters.

I'm sure Raymond had good reasons for doing that.

I don't recognize the language they're speaking.


Let's make sure Patricia knows what to do.


This Wednesday I'll see Carla.


I'd like to ask you about her.

I'm tying up some loose ends.

Today I haven't dealt with the things I wanted to deal with; I'll have to work overtime again.

Dan started drinking at age 13.

I'm faithful.

Chris got a remarkable grade for the complex homework.

Do we have another one like this?


Daren bowed his head and prayed.

The presidential election of 1876 was very close.

What we need now is a little peace and quiet.

We stayed home because it was raining.

Andrea came in carrying a big suitcase.

Smokers are a bunch of idiots.

I just cleaned my room today. Why is it so messy?

Give my regards to your parents.

How did you come up with such a good excuse?

My rusty Ford broke down, obstructing the intersection.

You have a problem. How can I help you?

He left home never to return.

How much does this umbrella cost?

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Lawrence flipped the coin in the air and then caught it.

She answered my letter soon.

I'm sorry, but I don't speak Hungarian.

I saw you snickering.

I have to go find him.


I do not want any milk at all.


She told me good things about you.

Tracey is a heroin addict.

I can't believe Mickey.

I'd suggest inserting a comma.

Just don't pierce anything.

Christopher Columbus once saw a UFO, and ordered his men to fire his ship's cannons at it.

Put your book in your locker.

This gesture is familiar to young people.

Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


Jin picked up the remote and started flipping through channels.

I can't make heads or tails of this assignment.

Christie has threatened to kill me.

Jones only washes his hair once a week.

Do I need to set the table?

He demands immediate payment.

Only a few students knew his last name.

Do you think you and I are compatible?

He heard his name called.

The withdrawal symptoms are more severe than I thought.

Students should try not to be late.


Arne is wearing a low-cut top.

Kriton watched the fight from a safe distance.

They were stuck in the elevator for four hours.


Ernest is the only one on this island that can speak French.

Camels can travel over hundreds of kilometers during several days without drinking a drop of water.

I am going to New York next week.

She is aggressive.

Do you really think Micheal is going to believe me?

Would you mind if I record this conversation?

I really appreciate your help.

The tradesman has the same religion all over the world.

Have you met anyone else?

If that is true, then he is not responsible for the accident.

It is cold outside today.

Flicks on the forehead are the strongest weapon for killing cockroaches.

Is it a llama?


We hope to finish planting the field before the sun sets.

Ronald told me I could find you here.

She claimed to be the owner of the land.


She looks better with short hair.

Did you want to contact us again?

The economy is improving.

I teach French.

We are all apt to be careless at times.


It rained in the forest.

Ignorance of the law is not accepted as a defence.

Bernard is honorable.


Barrett seems really busy.

He was told to expect her help.

It will require substantial time and financial resources.

You must remain calm.

The choice is easy.

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The wind bit her cheeks.

What do you plan to major in at college?

Keep to the left.

Seth is a great actor.

I know a man who speaks Latin.

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Do you have a small English-Russian dictionary?

The work took an enormous amount of time to finish.

I slapped his face.

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Do you want to go first?

The thought of being eaten alive was both frightening and intriguing.

When destiny calls, the chosen have no choice.

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth... penultimate, last.

Hey, Ayako, make your voice louder.

I should've just shut up.

I ordered the book from England.


He blamed the teacher for his failure.

My father doesn't let me drive a car.

I'm not used to doing this kind of thing.

The boxer finally recovered consciousness, ten minutes after he had been knocked out.

Her tears perplexed him.

Jesper changed the plan.

He lost his presence of mind at the news.

The horse trotted down the road.

You'll understand once you come of age.

Use it or lose it.

Does that sound weird?


Terrance was supposed to help me.

Benjamin is quite careful, isn't he?

We'll take turns.

Since he was tired, he went to bed early.

Sjaak is quite unlucky.


I want you to tell Laura that you'll try to get along with him.

She didn't want to speak to anyone.

I want to be sure you understand what's going to happen.

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We haven't given up yet.

I want them to be my friends.

Thanks, I'll delete it then.