It has nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.

Be passionate!

Tricia was actually here tonight.

I told them to tell you that.

Everything flows, nothing stands still.

The store also opens at night.

They're disappointed in their son.

Call Ravindranath and Lisa this evening.

Graham wants evidence.

We have to get Heracles' bow back.

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Lewis is the one who gave this to us.

Phill majored in educational psychology.

What more could one ask for?

You'd better hurry. If you don't, you won't get there before dark.

It's cold outside, so he came inside the room.


She rubbed her hair with a towel.

Quit following him.

Have you ever read Gulliver's Travels?

She married an American.

Edmund likes reading books.

The spiritual journey does not consist of arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have, or becomes what he is not. It consists in the dissipation of one's own ignorance concerning one's self and life, and gradual growth of that understanding, which begins a spiritual awakening. The finding of God is coming to one's self.

The only reason why Ferdinand Magellan could claim to be the first man to sail across all of the world's meridians was because Christopher Columbus had chosen to swim.

Peggy has been listening.

You must be Eva's mother.

Each one has white teeth.

I started crying like a baby.


I don't really care who wins.

Sympathy is a feeling characteristic of mankind.

Philippe is meeting with economic advisors.


His vainglory put the Republic at risk.

In winter I like to eat chocolate.

The damage may reach HUF 300,000.

Does that mean that you forgive me?

We're halfway to Boston.


"Now I must say good-bye," he said suddenly.

Does someone here speak Japanese?

She can't stop us.

It was easy for him to answer the quiz.

This caused most of the local bath-houses to fall on hard times.

Despite the rain we went out.

He knocked at the door again and again, but there was no answer.

He was at the front for three months.

Liyuan is against it.

The child is drinking some milk.

He can cut the cards well.

Somebody stole my car.

I helped you save your lives.


This is preposterous.

You'll be all right now.

Did you ever go to Okinawa?


He is proud of never having been late for school.

Do you mean you really don't know?

Their team cheated during the baseball game.

Naresh bought a new pair of ice skates.

Can't you see she doesn't want to talk to you?

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Pandora is resentful.

You look quite run down.

Dan found Linda in bed with her lover.

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She contradicts herself constantly.

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"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."

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I can't reveal my source.

You deserve to succeed.

It looks like the question was too easy for you. Next time, I'll have to make it a bit harder.


Harry is a salesman, too.


Brian is too old for me.

I want you to read this letter.

They were just in time.

Don't waste my time.

We couldn't stop it.

I've upset you.

"Is he alive or dead?" "He's alive."


How high is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building?

The homeless sought shelter from the chilly shower.

The opinion poll was based on a random sample of adults.

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Heather doesn't know when to quit.


He is likely to win this game.

I'm not ready to die yet.

They were all hoarse from shouting.

She was determined to make everything work.

Mwa has already achieved many of his goals.


The washing machine still doesn't seem to be working.

Who do you think is familiar with this matter?

Francisco is very good friend, but he looks like a wild boar so I don't consider him a potential love interest.

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The dog ate the fish, bones, tail and all.

Daniel is making chocolate cake.

I leave in the morning.

He kept talking.

To find the answer to this question, I went to the city library.

I need a visa to enter that country.

Look at this picture of my family.

Look, I'm really sorry, OK?

The weather turned bad.

Instead, I will turn to a discussion of the two economic variables I defined a moment ago.

Spudboy can't handle this anymore.


That guitar never sounded so good when I played it.


Please tell us why you need to stay here.

She hasn't done anything.

Science has made remarkable progress.

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Chunkey is an ancient game of Native American origin.

We lost sight of the tower as we entered the town.

I like this much better.

I want a blue, a red and a black pencil.

I'm in pain every day.

I want this delivered to Elvis by the end of the day.

My friends always say I'm too reserved, but my family always says I'm too boring.

We made the most of the opportunity.

I like green peppers very much.


We must get rid of her.

Sir, these checks are fake.

Janne didn't bother even to paint, though he usually liked it a lot.

The child came near being drowned.

Laughter is a human trait.


It won't help you.


There's no way I'm going to pay for your ticket.

It is no wonder that some people feel anxiety at the thought of walking into a hospital.

I am fond of playing the guitar.

Misfortune never come single.

You were not able to check their movements.

He went to visit her at the hospital every Monday.

I don't know what happens here.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Have you figured out what to do?

Miriamne changed his last name to Jackson.

With the time passing, his respect for him became love.

That's better.

Morris isn't yet sure what Richard wants to do.

Only the most impeccable dishes are served to the royal family.

Spirits are to be found all over the world. This school was built upon the site of a shrine and thus there is a particular tendency for them to gather.

I have visited more than nine countries so far.

Maybe I shouldn't be so suspicious.


What are you doing, you fool!

He is a nominee in four award categories.

Try to look busy.

I'll hug you to death.

Are you having a good time tonight?

Harvey says he can't find his hat.

We're going to eat at a new restaurant tonight.

In fact, I was there.

Do you know how much strawberries cost right now?

What was he arrested for this time?

I believe in Buddha.

I'm going to find out what's going on.

I know you know how to do what needs to be done.

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Aren't you from the consulate?

Sirius is one of the 27 stars on the flag of Brazil.

Prakash gave me useful advice.


What's your favorite room in your house?


The next year, World War I broke out.

How tall he is!

At least there was one vegan spread.

This is the ticket line.

I'll stay here as long as I can.


These are high quality goods.


We sit on a bench to rest.

Repeat your name!

I can't take the day off.

We're never going to see Gypsy again, are we?

Noam paid for her lunch with five dollars.

You believe Galen, don't you?

There was fear in his eyes.


You should do something with your hair.

It would be nice if that were so.

She's in big trouble.

I'm afraid to touch anything.

Can you please tell me what's happening?


I could've played a lot better.

I hear everything you're saying.

Many oval-leaved plants are poisonous.