We already have enough to worry about.

We are here.


Let's plan a trip to Australia.

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Water gurgles while fire crackles.


I received an advisory notice about my electricity cutting off this month.

Some women don't prefer information, which they may think is just boring, and do prefer to rely on intuition, in which they may not be proficient.

He worked too hard, and became sick.

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He doesn't mean to be mean. It's just his nature.


I remember seeing him somewhere before.

I didn't know Tandy had a sports car.

I was hoping maybe you could talk to Sonny.

Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.

We're probably safe for the time being.


Loren reacted angrily.

I signed the check.

We wanted to help Cynthia.


I have lost face completely.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.

I didn't ask you to go there.

I was made to wait for a long time.

What in the world happened here?

Let's grab something to eat.

I know you're supposed to be working today.

How can I contact a Japanese-speaking doctor?


Harv lived in Boston for a long time.

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To him wealth is the great prize in life.


I got a lot out of that book I read.


I'm not going to give up on Micky.

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The question is how we can raise the money.


Please forget what we talked about earlier.

We need volunteers.

Kay is wearing a neck brace.

Why is the sky blue?

I'm looking out for Susanne.

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He was brought up to be a doctor.

The child's fear worried the parents.

Eduardo sees things differently.


Romain just told Piercarlo to leave.

This system has a safety lock.

She tried to take down every word the teacher said.

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He built a new house.

Phiroze did not consider that he was responsible for his brother's behaviour.

She told her children to put away their toys.

What do you suggest doing?

Stop this infighting! I took you in when no one else would!

I left some scallions out on the veranda for too long and they dried out.

I'm going to a conference in Boston.

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And a tall man dressed in black reading a newspaper.

My new deodorant has me smelling like a beautiful woman.

Brandon is qualified to be a heart surgeon.

He knows countless places.

She performed this trick with ease.

I don't think you have to know it.

They seem so happy.

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It is very courteous of you to call on me.

You're welcome to come with me to Boston.

I told Ritalynne I'd try to find a bigger vase.


Seth slept later than usual.

I am training to be a forwarding agent.

She was there for the buses in Montgomery, the hoses in Birmingham, a bridge in Selma, and a preacher from Atlanta who told a people that "We Shall Overcome." Yes, we can.

I wouldn't send a dog out on a night like that.

If you write, write correctly.


Turn up the volume.


He hustled me into the house.


Stu is very protective.

I'm going to put my name on it.

I'm not a tyrant, but I rule a country without the consent of the majority of its population and intend to make drastic changes that most of them don't want.

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He sat up late last night.


Meal time is sacred.

Aren't you worried it might be a trap?

Sonja can draw a perfect circle.

Is Ethan better?

I put bait on the hook.

What's your favorite convenience store chain?

Not everyone in town likes them.


Even if the opinions of others can be supressed, I cannot imagine to what results my speech may lead.


Do you want me to call them?

There was a great lack of rice that year.

I've been thinking about what we need to do.


Who knows what that is?

Where is the Russian embassy?

We happened to meet her in the park.

Yes, I'm in a rush.

Mommy, I want you to buy me a pomegranate!

I would never have guessed that Pradeep could speak French so well.

I'll buy the tickets tomorrow.

You can see a lot of Native Americans in Alaska.

I thought it was hilarious.


I'm not much good at anything, but please be kind to me.

Jeremy had a lousy night.

His kindness touched me.

Something's terribly wrong.

Don't you regret getting that tattoo?

Open the hatch.

He's such a sweetheart.

Write it down before you forget it.

The ground was blanketed with fallen leaves.

Wade has denied cheating.

Isidore has lost his touch.

Alexander pulled out his pocketknife and opened it.

No one else was in the room.

Kirsten wasn't feeling particularly talkative.

Where do you think Christian wants to spend his summer vacation?

Benson noticed Seenu coming toward him.

It has been 33 years since Marilyn Monroe died.


This will erode his credibility if it is made more widely known.


What do you want that old thing for?

She cheered for her favorite horse.

Sister, don't let this patient out of your sight.

Rhonda can speak French like a native.

Let's be best friends forever.


You suspect Billy, don't you?

I don't want to do that either.

I wish Rolf hadn't told Ole.

Let's see some ID.

You are supposed to obey the law.

Ravi was executed.

Claudia took the train home for the holidays.


Glenn put his hand over Loyd's mouth.

I wish myself dead.

We need you to help protect Spencer.

She dresses smartly.

Road rage is a serious problem in the USA.

I don't think that those damn batteries are in this damn drawer.

Dalton said he'd never see me again.

Even science is not an exact science.

Johan had to wait till Sumitro got there.

That was his name.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.

Latin was written without spaces between the letters, and entirely in uppercase.

This pillow is too soft for me.

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They're not bad.

Jill says she is happy as a wife, but at times you wouldn't think so.

Let's hope Jem got our message.

Can I go to Boston with you guys this weekend?

I'm not a man!

She's working on it.

Duncan was born the same day as his cat.

That's against the rules.

One thing that I didn't like about Boston was the weather.


Brender found Syed's secret diary.

I imagine Cathryn will be here soon.

What do you care?

Due to the heavy rain we were soaked to the skin.

Are you ready to celebrate?

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A typhoon is coming, so be careful.


Do you want to go abroad?

I was uncertain whether to advance or to retreat.

The doctors did not believe he was in danger of dying.

Steve always worries about his daughter.

I want you to go easy on her.

Shane has sold his house in Boston.

You shouldn't talk about people behind their backs.

Measure thrice, cut once.

She forgave him.

He holds only vague opinions about politics.

Nickel is a hard, silver-white metal.

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The ship encountered rough seas.

Instead of stopping, the rain increased.

I work hard for my money.

I wish I'd been smart enough to do that.

"Do you known where Izzy is?" "I'm Maria!" replied Scott.