Who's your favorite player?

He's a quiet man, a little bald on top.

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I never go anywhere.

Daniel ate and drank.

I'm not a toothless barking dog.


The dog crawled through an opening in the fence.


Would you wipe the table for me?

Kirsten's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.

Scant difference.

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I forgot my glasses somewhere.


I can't write anymore.

That's doable.

This building is blue.


I left my watch on the counter last night.

The tower was blown to atoms.

No words availed to persuade him.

He took ten deep breaths.

I don't think I'd enjoy living in Boston.

Is Alain smiling?

I haven't eaten anything yet today.

We're going to need your help, aren't we?

Let's get cracking at 8.

They would pretend to hate it.

Each man's pay was in proportion to his work.

Have you ever listened to the French version of this opera?

It's smaller than in Tokyo.

Some insist that the Spanish hostel is a pornographic film.

Huey didn't take a shower this morning.

Do you break your glasses?

Remind me that the meeting is on Monday.

He stopped in many towns and cities to make speeches.

London voted to remain in the European Union.

Let's take turns rowing the boat.

You just look at that Kay - as foolish as they come.

It doesn't matter why.

Don't run away.


You won't believe what I found.

Angus and Kylo don't speak French at home.

He looked small next to my heavyset father.

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Men like to look masculine.

I didn't want to spend my whole life there.

Tai doesn't like it here.


This should keep Hy busy for a while.

He is a golfer.

Each of us must be careful when driving a car.

I found the keys.

Speak slower.


Work and play are necessary to health.

Machinery robs work of creative interest.

That hat looks good on you.

Horst doesn't live in Boston now.

We're positive that they forgot to call us.


Most press reported the negotiations failed to produce an agreement although major progress was made, as time ran out.

If you listen to foreign language songs, feel tunes nice, but do not understand the lyrics, then you can not say you like this song, can only say that like the tune.

The person on the left ruins the balance of the picture.

It's been a really long day, huh.

We have a lot of friends who are going to help.


The value of a good education cannot be measured in terms of money.

Galen and Shirley reached the front door at the same time.

When I say hello to him, he never replies; he only inclines his head.

I built one.

I'm trying to get enough money to buy a new guitar.


What's the right spirit to adopt when learning a language?

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Go ahead and sing.

The boys played cops and robbers.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Not everyone was impressed.

I hope Meeks knows how lucky he is.


Syed thought that there was a good chance that it was Gene who had stolen the painting.

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Where can I find a shuttle bus?


We saw your truck on the road.

Pravin answered correctly.

That's what Willie said, too.

Maybe Pravin and Valerie aren't so different.

He still has springtime on the brain.

I've got a package for you.

Second best is never enough.

I'm not a tattletale.

How much money did Sanford take out of the bank?

Some people read that they may get information.

We're on the same boat.

He had the gratification of seeing his son graduate from collage.

He ended his life by jumping off a bridge.

I am using a 30-day trial copy of the music software.

You live here alone, don't you?

There's a lot of rain all the year round.

They lost their trust in him.


He ended up in jail.

I've got it all figured out.

He goes there three times a week.

A milliard adults are illiterate.

If you don't stop smiling, you'll get a kiss from me.

They loved grand touring cars.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Rakhal is really drunk.

Pilot is as tall as Bryce.

Grace disregarded the slippery conditions and crashed off the road.

The doctor told me I just had to learn to live with the pain.

I can't stop shaking my leg.

I suggest you find a job.

The nurses are very nice.

That's what really impressed me.

The taste of wine is largely dependent upon the weather.

Spring is the season I like the best.

Bert wants to forgive his father for abandoning him.

This book is divided into four parts.

He has not failed for nothing.

He's one who might cause us some problems.

He worked hard for the purpose of buying a foreign car.

I have to wash my clothes.

He fed the horse.

Margie is still in his teens.

You're impressive.

He's making progress.

We like snow.

Nobody but a fool would believe it.


The only thing that matters is whether or not you can do the job.


What you don't know can't hurt you.

He sits upright, not crouched over his plate like an animal at a feeding trough.

Up to now they have worked very hard.

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Don't forget us.

I didn't get an email from my friend today.

Don't write on the books stored in library

Myrick died during surgery.

"Where was the Snow Queen going? Do you know anything about it?" "She was most likely travelling to Lapland, where there is always snow and ice."

I was almost hit by a car.

We had an understanding.

What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

The downtime is caused by a mechanical problem.


She seemed to have been ill.

Environmental changes gave rise to new species.

People should be honest with one another.


I never liked her.

We rarely hear, it has been said, of the combinations of masters, though frequently of those of the workman. But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject.

Atlantis sank into the sea.


I'd like to run a big stock farm.

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Do you really think Hunter might still be alive?

I'm not absolutely sure.

Kurt bought a house in our neighborhood.


I'm starting to see what you mean.

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My first job was at a travel agency, and I didn't like it much.


We still need Izumi's help.

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Happiness can't be bought.

The members decreased by 50 to 400.

The truck arrived, loaded with gold.

She bought that camera while she was in Japan.

I hope you enjoyed your trip.

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How long do you think Jenine was watching us?

Do you agree with Mr. Burns or do you agree with Mr. Roland?

I rarely go to the movies.


You could say she has a sweet tooth.

I think I'll go now.

Since he is wealthy, he can do anything.

She kindly helped me with my homework.

Jean took the knife from Barbara.


Stop screaming like a girl.

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We were afraid.

You've been a lot of help.

Ti stood in line for an hour.

How did Graham do it?

Eduardo is really hungry, isn't he?

She's hiding something. I know it!

I'd like to try it on.

Many people thought he was too young to be president.

He was a great statesman and was elected president.

They live in a mansion.

It made me feel bad.