The functions sine and cosine take values between -1 and 1 (-1 and 1 included).


My nose is stuffed up.

Tait writes slowly.

I heard that Mr. Inoue has stayed at that hotel.

He was supposed to go to school.

The small boys rang the door bell and ran away.

I haven't had this much fun in years!

I got acquainted with the chief executive.

You have what you need.

She is not only beautiful, but also gentle and, furthermore, intelligent.


He came out from behind the curtain.

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We all live within a five minutes' walk from each other.


It is said that...

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More and more people these days are getting overwhelmed by housing loans.

They have good appetite this morning.

This subject is outside the scope of our inquiry.

I think you have a fever.

I've never actually met her.


I'll see you in the new year.

I wish that my parents hadn't told me that I was a mistake.

I have no intention of ever coming back here again.


It was a new book.


You can't force us to go.

I couldn't stand a life without pleasures!

Darren took off his coat and threw it on the floor.

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

This summer, I'm going to France.

Son, don't rack your brains over this problem, we'll solve it on our own.

I'll be back at seven o'clock.

Christina finds it difficult to read small print.

I can't play tennis very well.

She put on her coat and went out.

Dwayne can survive this.

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A Mr. Jackson has come to see you.

Rahul took a sip of Rafik's drink.

I wouldn't want to bother him.

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I knew we were going to be friends.


Read it one more time, please.

We both know what's out there.

I want her to lose.

She is wearing a long face.

I'm here to rescue him.

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Do you think I care if he likes me?

Frederick asked Page to help him.

It barely missed!

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Bradford was never unfair.

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Why did you break up with her?

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What do you two usually talk about?

Why can't you just be normal?

All men are created equal.


Shall I have him call you?

Whose is this book?

I cannot fix the computer.

That's a bad day for me.

She came to Tokyo when she was eighteen years old.

He is as old as my father.

I phone her every evening.

I really like to watch Power Rangers!

Why are you speaking so loudly?

Let's get your coat.

That's a real one from a top brand.

It is difficulties that show what people are.

I just wanted it to be over.


What do the prisoners eat?

The world changes a lot.

Jacques didn't recognize anyone in the room.


I cannot say how far his story is true.

Did Ravindranath threaten you?

Kevin rolled the window down.


I'm supposed to see him.

You'll be fine without me.

It's hard to surprise us.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

That's the most immediate challenge.

I don't want him to be angry.

If I should be suddenly spoken to in English, I might run away.


Tell Sofoklis to pick up the phone.


I got nowhere with the work.

Kitty cannot read yet.

He asked me to go to bed early.

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It'll stop raining soon.


I was with Claudia last week.

All the people are in favor of your idea.

Lanny bought some expensive meat to cook for dinner.

When we deal with people, it would be wise to try to separate the sheep from the goats without letting them know it.

Can you charge your phone now, please? I need someone to talk to.

Read after me.

Maybe I wasn't Lester's type.

He hurried so he wouldn't miss the train.

My sister dressed herself for the party in a hurry.


He had to bathe the wound three times a day with a saline solution.


I'm dying to see my mother.

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Merton might be able to help us tomorrow.


Add the water to the mixture and, using a cold knife, stir until the dough binds together.


That decision will have wide and serious consequences.

This looks like a good spot.

Do you think I'm doing the right thing?

It's my pleasure to help you.

I was trying to impress Louise.

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Never confuse pity with love.

There is no need for her to work.

I swore I'd never be like Sonja.

Love will triumph.

I am John.

I wish I had come here by train.

John was making mistakes all the time.


You must leave diagnosis to your doctor.

Every word is important.

My father expects me to marry Dieter.

Gigi went to the same school that I did.

Daniele doesn't know about Bob's death yet.

That'll change.

They were waiting for the go-ahead.

I'll buy this.

What time do you get up on schooldays?


I can't eat raw eggs; they must be cooked.


She gave me a wonderful present.


Christmas in Japan is, if anything, a day for couples.

Since my school is large, I have to run to get from one classroom to another in a 5-minute break.

Birds are the natural enemies of insects.

You should have nothing to do with him.

Biology isn't Clarissa's favorite subject.


I can call Byron if you want.

In this democratic age of ours men clamour for what is popularly considered the best, regardless of their feelings. They want the costly, not the refined; the fashionable, not the beautiful.

I met somebody online.

This work demands specific abilities.

It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine.

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We gave the church another coat of paint.


I don't really mind.

Someone is looking at me.

I feel just like a kid in a candy shop, here!

It was more expensive than I expected it to be.

Whose lyrics are these?

Where did I put the hammer?

I can feel it in my heart.

God forbid that anything should happen to Jackye.

My father was a good-for-nothing layabout who sat about on his posterior all day and ate potato chips.


The pride of New York is its museums.

I have finished.

I failed the written test.

The alarm clock is ten minutes fast.

I went to the movies with my brother.

Look in the mirror pal.

What happened to the girl you were sharing the bedroom with?

What do you want from me?

It's better to take your time at this job than to hurry and make mistakes.


Stop wasting time and get back to work.

We met by chance at the supermarket.

I can help you chart the course, but you have to make the journey on your own.

Susie's mother is a very beautiful woman.

Barton resumed walking.

Lychees are one of my favourite fruits.

His story was simplicity itself.

When you want cooperation, share the responsibility.

This elevator only goes up to the sixth floor.

We've got to be careful.

Mayo is nice to everybody.

Phiroze is in his car.

This law is paternalistic.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Who looks after this dog?