Do you want to learn to paint?

We should follow them.

The girl drank down the milk in one gulp.

Albania wants to join the European Union.

I didn't really care.

I considered that.

Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.

I want to find out where it came from.

Our team won in the intercollegiate tournament.

Derek looks tired this evening.

Is there a reason why this is untranslated?

Isn't there anything you can do to help?

I think we should scrap this plan.

Coffee is one of this country's most important products.

He is supposed to be at home today.

His answer was favorable.

I was to go to school.


If you were them, what would you do? If they were you, what would they do?

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I'm not sure what Tahsin's plan is.

If you have not yet paid this bill, please let us hear from you.

I wish I could sing as well as Lady Gaga.

The yakuza were tormenting Hiroshi.

You've lost weight.

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We'll get on it immediately.

Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than toenails.

I wish I knew it.


You've got to study harder.

My elder brother is able to drive.

You said to them that she kept us waiting for hours and she didn't show up, which was not the case at all.

Trent saw Roxie dancing with John.

The heavy door swung open.

Anatoly knows how to play mahjong.

The time is approaching when we must leave.

The frame of the house should be finished in a day or two.

They consider themselves our equals.


I am watering the backyard.

How many batteries does your camera need?

Hang on tight!

She is all in all to him.

How many people are out there?

I left a note under the door.

Freedom--especially the freedom of association--encourages small bands of zealots to public outrage. The price is high, but the bargain is good.

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How did you know I was Canadian?

I want to cook for you.

It would of course be cheaper for you to sleep at our place.

He's known to appear sluggish.

I don't want to know what his name is.

The beautiful of that country is beyond description.

"Where's the water?" "It evaporated."

That'll cost about three hundred bucks.

You bought it from Suyog, didn't you?

That's a highly energetic and unstable compound. Don't make it.

Kevyn has nowhere to go.

You're my life and all that I want and need.

I had a good night's rest.

I keep nothing a secret from you.

That's kind of gross.

Pascal didn't want Connie to leave.

I might not be able to help.

He said no one could help him.

Brenda certainly has a lot of friends in high places.


Let's take a rest here.

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She's a real witch!


He doesn't speak English very well.

Study hard so that you can pass the exam.

I don't understand what the teacher said.


Why did you pick her?

I'll allow this.

He'd love to live in the city.

Are you staying with her?

I don't know why Duke doesn't want me to go.


Vassos could barely contain his excitement.

What was she thinking?

Death ends man's finite existence.

Glasses and dishes were broken.

The people thought that he was a distinguished scientist.

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Do me a favor.

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Count your change.

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I'll catch the next bus.

I'll try to solve the problem by all means.

I'm not the one who told Nora to leave.

I'd like a bottle of water.

They have been struck by lightning three times.

Saiid yelled for help.

Six people applied for the job, but none of them were employed.


Hsuan is extremely unstable.

Sharks are notorious for having a thirst for blood.

Jonathan obviously wasn't happy.

Do you want to rest?

He was guided by his fears.

The author states his opinion supporting it with academic research.

Welcome to the team.


Who wants more coffee?

I need that information now.

I got an unpleasant news.

They were very loud.

Give me a week.


Kevin is older than I.

Dan is Linda's childhood love.

Mara knows what's at stake.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.

Spyros missed his stop.

Ozan put off his trip to Australia.

She indulges in tennis all the day.

Midori sometimes drops consonants.

I shouldn't have tricked her.

The assassin was Charles Guiteau.

Dimitry walked out into his backyard.

Carl made a big mistake.

The conference continued till 5 o'clock.

The revolution is over.

Ken has been looking for you.

I moved nearer in order to hear better.

I was late because of the traffic.

I'd like to ask for something to drink.

If I were to tell him the truth, he would be angry.

I ran into an old friend of mine at the party the other day.

Looking into the room, I found nobody there.

Everybody had a hard time.

Julianto told Marguerite that he didn't think it was a good idea for her to go jogging in the park by herself.

Buying new equipment isn't going to solve your problems.

Dylan is a lot smarter than you are.


I've seen her on TV many times.


You don't love me!


Do you like your new job?

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In a scary scene, it never fails that there is either an owl hooting or wolves howling under the full moon.

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I thought it was about time we all met.

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I can never see this movie without being moved.

Always be true to yourself.

I paid 2,000 yen for the parcel to be sent by air.

Just listen to Roderick.

When will the snow melt?

Randal's up.

They'll be all right.

I'll meet you at the library.

I would take French, for choice.

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After the conversation ends, he says a friendly goodbye and wishes me a pleasant evening.


Does George have a fever?

I have no proof to the contrary.

I wish you great success.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.

Does your language have a word for "exobiology"?


What will you say then?

I should've sold my house last year.

Can I change the route?


Sedat was shirtless and barefoot.

There's no use for plastic supermarket bags aside from putting trash in them.

The rainforests are disappearing at the rate of tens of thousands of hectares a day.

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I think Samir is only pretending to be asleep.


I have trouble getting along with Kristen.

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I'd better warn the others.

They joined the navy after finishing college.

The opposites yin and yang pursue each other through time.


You can always rely on them.

He came to the throne by succession.

Who do you agree with, Mr. Burns or Mr. Roland?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain and cure illnesses.

Two sheep were killed by a wolf.


The television doesn't work.

There's nothing illegal about creating a shell company.

There is a man working on the farm.

What kind of flowers should we get for Barbra?

Personally, I prefer chocolate eggs over colored chicken eggs.

Wait a second. My shoe is untied.

I know that you don't want to talk to me.

There's still plenty of room for improvement.

That water tower holds a three-day supply.