Women worked at home.

Is this Arabic ? - No, this is Uighuric, a language spoken in North-West China.


How much are the oranges?


There's too much pineapple glaze on the ham.

You must miss her a lot.

I was in favor of going and they were in favor of staying.

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My sister is very wise.

We still don't know.

You have good genes.


I was asked to identify the body.

Don't ask me what it was.

Molly fell asleep on the bus.

How can I get rid of Billy?

I sweep the floor.


If Pantelis hadn't helped Scott, she wouldn't have stood a chance of surviving.

She corresponds regularly with her pen pal in Australia.

It's a pity that you can't come.

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What kind of food do you like to cook?

Manolis has three soccer trophies.

Don't interfere with me.

I don't know why Lois didn't go.

It sounds like he is going to Kashgar.


Dispose of the old magazines.


You can't trust Vassos.

Come right in.

Whoever says so is a liar.

Love kills happiness, happiness kills love.

Today I got to meet my new philosophy teacher.

Tell us a story.

She was advised by him to stop smoking.


There's a chance he won't play on Friday.


He stood on the floor.


An honourable death is better than a shameful life.

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Let my things alone.

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I think you should tell your parents that we're married.

Kriton knows what's coming.

I'm not going second, I'm going third.

Where can I rent a Halloween costume?

He terrified her.

Pablo Neruda was Chile's ambassador to France in 1971.

Have any of you seen Randall today?

Pour me a glass of wine.

Why is Kolkka going?

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Did Gregor help his mother yesterday?

You have ten minutes to make up your mind.

I handed the examination papers in to the teacher.

You don't seem to understand anything.

She takes pride in her looks.

Who do you suspect?

When are you going to ask her to marry you?

Shatter was very kind to Olivier.

I always feel gloomy.


The broad lines on the map correspond to roads.


Do you realize that?

After three drinks, the man passed out.

Doyle used to dream about Jess.

I felt completely out of my element.

Tracy told Kimberly to wait a minute.

The dog runs fast.

I tried to maintain my composure.

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My mother has been sick for two days.


That doesn't help.


It is quiet here at night.


Spike lives in the middle of nowhere.

There are as many vipers hiding in the grass as there is evil lying beneath a beautiful countenance.

Those who know him speak well of him.

Are you taller than Eddy?

What is this?

Who's your favorite video game character?

Betsy isn't coming here.

That's why we must fight.

I can't be distracted by this right now.

Did you actually see it?

He would often go fishing on Sunday.

Open the windows.

It appears that my mother knows the fact.


Sanford bought a camera like yours.

I can't even think about it.

The letter was written in terms of business.

I really don't think we need this.

I had no idea Micah was coming.

She is wrong in nine cases out of ten.

Johnathan crawled silently into Laurel's room.

I side with a weaker party.

She's being entertained.


Every sentence present in Tatoeba is a lie, especially this one.

There was a mist upon the highway.

She makes more money than I do.

I'm not like him!

She's sitting as if charmed by the music.

I should ask, shouldn't I?

I heard that he was very rich.


I turned to my sister for a piece of advice.

Chip is very gregarious while Shai is quite antisocial.

Mats promised not to divulge the source of the information to anyone.

I never drink at home.

I know that there are many racists here, but you don't have to change your name.

It's a little late for prayer.

Can you tell me what you're talking about?

They sell shoes.

They defended their country against the invaders.

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Does Calvin need me?

It is no use trying to solve this problem.

Would you have Steven come to my office, please?

I'd like you to have dinner with me.

There was a lot of furniture in the room.


No one arrived.

The guests are drinking beer and wine.

It is interesting to play basketball.


You forced me into this.


Japanese eat more than just Japanese cuisine.

The buildings were draped with snow.

Walk slowly to the door.

I'll pick you up at your office at 2:30.

He came to suddenly.

You boiled nothing.

I dashed off the report.

Valeria looks sick.

I can't understand his obsession with hockey.

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You're drunk.

What makes you think she likes you?

Andrew began to snore.

Your remarks were out of place.

My car was badly damaged in the accident.

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I wish I had the courage to do what Roberto did.

She earns her living by teaching.

How did you hurt your hand?

His ideas carry a lot of weight.

Who is better able to run the bed-and-breakfast business than Mr. and Mrs. Jackson?


I love being around him.

I took his temperature.

We hurried in the direction of the fire.

She was very pale.

Miriam is a native of Boston.

How quickly can we do that?

In the United States, people play a different version of mahjong.

How do I change the language of a sentence?

Gil is one of my friends.

No one had even seen something like it.

This book was first published in the previous year.

I broke a glass when I did the dishes.

He is a Japanese businessman, but he lives in Finland.


What makes people do that?

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Future generations will admire your statue.

Just don't make me do this again.

How long have you known each other?

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Let's hope Betty hasn't done anything stupid.

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A very well known wine is produced in that region.

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Spain is a developed country.

You kissed her, didn't you?

I think I understand what went wrong.


The detectives walked through charred ruins of the factory.


An accident is often brought about by a bit of carelessness.

It's so good to hear from you.

She raised that child at a great cost.

You shouldn't judge others on how they look.

It's long and hard.

Sometimes, I think not all humans are sentient beings.

You've been a great help already.

Even though Marcel works hard, he only earns 30 000 Canadian dollars per year.

On examination, I found that it was impossible to carry out the plan.


Esperanto is pretty much of a non-language.