Toerless definitely had something on his mind.

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NB: This was drawn a long time ago so the quality is low.

Piete was never my partner.

Gordon will get well in a week.

I rely on you to help him.

Stephan doesn't know which button to push.

Do not talk with your mouth full.

That problem still remains.

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They're defenseless.

He crossed the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat.

Tandy is considerate of others.

We've done that in the past.

He grew up in the movie industry.

Two is the fourth root of sixteen.

Julius needs help.

His parents have worked at sea for many years.

I have been studying English for five years.


What an ugly cat.

They endured many difficulties.

Benjamin said that he'd call you later.

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This adds a new dimension of complexity to the problem.

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You have rendered us invaluable service.

They will go to the hospital.

Oscar says, that he doesn't remember that at all.


We've got a mystery to solve.


We used to go fishing together.

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I tore one.

Get your ass in here!

Metal birds come and go, deliver and take people and goods, disappear and reappear behind the symmetrical artificial mountains.

To sum up, we can say that his new novel is disappointing.

Sekar was totally incompetent.

Do you love my sister?

It seemed rather bad.

The fans want to get their autographs.

I told you you had to go home. Why are you still here?


I told you to stay away from my sister.

One day an old man went fishing in the river.

Let's go tell him.

Why can't you just call her?

It's too late to help me.


Edward, we have a problem.

We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

Jeffrey knows how much I love him.

I like to study Spanish.

She sang better than him.

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Our plane took off exactly on time at six.

I really hope that doesn't happen.

I moved back in with my parents.


I am a hungry spider.


They see very clearly that this is an emergency and that this cannot go on for long.

When will I see you next?

Excuse me, I have a question.


Darryl didn't give me what I asked for.

It is the one you used to hear when you were a little child.

It should be possible to change that.


Write him a note.

The standard pitch A is used as referential pitch for tuning most of all instruments and is set to 440 Hertz.

Josh told me that he loved me.

But for my brother's help, I would have been drowned.

Don't forget to write.

Brendan must be getting sleepy.

Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to one's progress.


I had a problem with my car this morning.

I got arrested.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Park Street used to be a dirt road.

Downtown there were so many people that it was difficult to get around.

European Portuguese sounds like Spanish as spoken by a Russian.

I'm the captain of this ship.

Varda is awake.

If the budget gets exceeded then we will need to kick in a couple of dollars.

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My family loved her.

I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left.

We don't approve of it.


Return it when you are done.

Bring food.

Lorraine is going to have to go alone.

I've heard of you.

It was very cold last month.

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Suzan deactivated her Facebook account.

Justice and kindness are virtues.

He wore a mask so that no one could recognize him.

Who searches, finds.

The bigger words he used, the harder it was to find anything inside of them.

He isn't coming today.

Ruth isn't home yet.

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The car is old but in good condition.


Micah has a lot of responsibilities.

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I am happiest when I am reading.

I had some help painting the fence.

The two nations have strong trade ties.

Intel gets a huge royalty from the invention.

Reiner could've answered all those questions.

Murat stood on a chair so he could reach the top shelf.

That is the tallest building I have ever seen.

I always had my eye on you.

One of the youngsters tripped and fell.


When will we repaint her room?

Knudsen got impatient waiting for Lloyd.

Hurf, do you want us to go with you?

Quietness is a great treasure.

Come and get it.

I went to the cinema yesterday.

Come back when you're done.

Do you breastfeed or bottlefeed him?

I've misjudged them.

Gary isn't on the volleyball team.

I'm not involving her.


I don't understand Dutch. It's difficult.

It's hard to explain.

I should be happy for her.


Today was definitely shorts and T-shirt weather.


"Ah ... I'm just not feeling so well" "Really? Are you OK?" "Heh-heh. Actually I'm playing hooky."

Piotr risked getting in trouble for me.

There's not much to see.

She looked frightened at the news.

I'm a fan of German opera.

I asked for some time off.

She got through her work before five.

The pregnancy left her with stretch marks.

I have to go off because I have an appointment with a friend.


A good mastery of these idiomatic expressions and skillful use of them in writing essays.

I've got reservations for dinner.

We should let them rest.

It's a crazy market.

Marvin didn't write back.

But that's not all that happened.

She tried to take down every word the teacher said.


A terrible day.

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We went shopping in Shibuya yesterday.

I could never compete with you.

He tried writing a short story.


I must beg your pardon.

He dislocated his shoulder.

I'll thread the needle for you.

I asked for her.

I recommend the public transport should be improved.

I've got a little surprise for you, Boyce.

He got hoarse from so much shouting.

My brother became cheeky.

He is a bus driver.

I hit Carsten.

Let's see if you're any good at it.

Everybody's got something to hide.

These words are sure to be the incoherent ramblings of a mad man.

I don't have any close friends.

No place is safe.

This is where Leslie told us to meet him.

The tulips in my garden are now at their best.

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The scientists assembled dozens of temperature records from multiple studies, including data from sediment cores drilled in lake bottoms and sea floors, and from ice cores.

Luke's miserable.

This alone is enough to convince us.

I don't want sympathy.

He stayed home from school because he wasn't feeling well.

The box, which I had found was empty.

I learned how to write my name when I was three.

Listening to the personal analysis about global economy made by people who watch only CCAV has always been kinda funny.

Jurevis was master of the situation in no time.

Thanks for all the help you've given me.

I'd rather not comment on that.

We did everything that was possible, but nothing helped.

Tigger used to play the piano when he was younger.

I'm good at math.

This is amazing.

Dawson didn't go to Boston.

The metaphor of death is a metaphor of violence.


You look funny doing that.