Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians has garnered a lot of attention lately, and with good reason. It’s been quite a while that Hollywood created a movie with a full Asian cast (without the whitewashing we typically see in films with Asian plot lines). And it’s very rare to find that type of representation in a romantic comedy. But, the post isn’t about the movie. Rather, the book it’s based on.

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Time travel: If you read sci-fi you may think you’ve heard this story before, but the great thing about a time travel story is that the possibilities are truly limitless. In Elan Mastai’s All Our Wrong Todays what you find is a story that is is familiar enough to be comforting and unique enough to keep you interested page by page.


Hillary Clinton Explains, “What Happened”

Fair warning…the post involves…politics. Yes, I know. If you’re brave, read on.

So, love her or hate her (ARE there any other options?), Hillary Rodham Clinton has changed our U.S. political landscape irrevocably. And the 2016 American election for president will go down in the books as one of the strangest, most intense and in many ways, most shocking in history. Since November 2016, we’ve heard pundits and talking heads try to explain: What happened? How did we get here? What does it mean for the future?  Continue Reading


If you hear “self-help book,” and internally groan, you aren’t alone. In fact, Sincero herself starts this book with, “What little I knew about the self-help, spiritual world I found to be unforgivably cheesy: it reeked of desperation, rah-rah churchiness and unwanted hugs from unappealing strangers.” Not exactly a glowing review of the genre, but this honest, sarcastic voice is what makes this book different, and impossible to put down.


Top 3 Books to Read in the Summertime

Summer is magical. It’s the perfect season for tank tops, flip flops and lazy weekends reading by the pool (or my favorite, the sea). If you’re like many avid readers, you’re always on the hunt for your next great read and summer demands only the best stories. See my top three picks to read this summer and get to it before the lazy days of sunshine slip away.

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Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. I am a person who likes books, and if you’re here, then I assume you do too. I’d like to connect with you on what you like to read, while I share reviews of my favorite books, share ideas and discuss the other lives we live through reading.

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