Frank, do you know where we are?

You should have followed Claudio's advice.


I don't know what I'm going to do with my cat now that I'm moving to another country.

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Living as I do in a remote village, I seldom have visitors.

The student strove for excellence.

Who allowed her in?

Sally likes to make paper airplanes.

Eat your soup before it gets cold.

They like to chop wood.

No wonder he failed the exam, after wasting so much time like that.

I'm not a quitter.

Did Neal have dinner?

We need a car.

When he has eaten, he goes to sleep.

He prayed that his daughters would forgive him.

I know people say that a lot.

Watch me do it again.

Is this chair the same as the others?

Did you see something else?

I feel like waiting.

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I was embarrassed when he talked to me.

Don't forget to call me up tomorrow.

He is taking a day off today.

They don't like you.

Gerard's bags are packed.


I thought it was something like this. I tried to come because I was worried.

They appointed Mr. White as manager.

I wish I could figure out how to finish this project without asking for help.

We don't need that stuff.

I still need to check with him.

During the final against Italy, Zidane received a red card for head-butting Materazzi.

I'll be bound.

He bought me a drink.

How do we get rid of them?


I took Highway 58.


Vincent's hands are behind his back.

This sentence already exists.

What are you doing so early in the morning?

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He came back after many years.


Men are like bears: the uglier they are, the more handsome.


Can you forgive us?

I always read the sports page first.

In the post-War period, up until 1975, Emperor Showa prayed at the Yasukuni Shrine a total of 8 times.

Have you ever kissed a girl before?

Just leave it there.

Owen sliced each strawberry carefully.

My sister will be thirteen years old next summer.

Don't kick the dog!

Even if you are busy, you should keep your promise.

People were weeping at the news of his death.

A noise aroused me from my sleep.

I didn't do that with Axel.

Cyrus hadn't been prepared for that.


Manavendra won't forget this.

Malaclypse majored in psychology.

I felt scared.

An own language for each nation and a second that's shared by all.

You only really need to sound exactly like a native speaker if you want to become a spy.

I'll get even with you!

Do you want me to leave a light on for you?

A long train of camels was moving to the west.

We were unable to make contact with them until it was too late.

Her novel was translated into Japanese.

How do you cook rice without starch?

What I write is not English.

I've been worried sick.


Wrong! - or no? Correct!

She had never seen a fuller beard than his.

I like the child all the better for his mischief.

How are we going to get back to Boston?

I hear that you're very good at what you do.


It's nothing, don't be afraid!


There are no houses around here.

Greek philosophers placed value on democracy.

You warned me, but I didn't listen.

Pratt behaved himself.

They say that "Hamlet" is the most interesting play in writing.

We are flying to Germany on Sunday.

He debated on the problem with his parents.


I was away for a year.

Please, come in and sit down.

Where are you studying?

What's your diagnosis?

He comes to see his sick friend day after day.

He jumped into the river in defiance of the icy water.

How did you know about the bomb?

Lori always dreamed of becoming a race car driver.

Maybe Kanthan doesn't have children.

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I heard that Olaf shot himself.

Jimmy was afraid he might do something he'd regret.

Srinivasan and Stephan can't both be telling the truth.

I'd like to have an answer.

I forgot to attach a stamp to the envelope.


In America, we usually buy eggs by the dozen.

There are many people who can do the same as you.

The thieves split up their loot.

Ricky began to feel afraid.

In signing the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796, our second President John Adams wrote, "The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims."

I thought we had found the perfect hiding place, but the police found us.

They're involved.

The king was greatly entertained by the music.

Straighten your tie.


You must take his age into account.

How do you say this word?

I told you about this already.

I want to get married.

I can't lose weight.


You really hurt me.

Irvin usually takes a shower before eating breakfast.

Tell me what's wrong.

I'll tell Elizabeth myself.

He plays golf every Sunday.

Harold pitied Sumitro.

None of the books are instructive.

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Earl woke up to the smell of bacon cooking.

They are having a party tomorrow.

The cat is on the rug.

She need not have paid the money.

The answer to that's obvious.

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The house was big.


He will not get the job without someone to back him up.

Forget about them.

I never meant it.

The news was devastating.

Marty didn't make a sound.

I've worked hard my entire life.

We're just having a good time.


Dan invited Linda to have a coffee with him.


I then began to understand.

I was uncertain of my ability to do it.

How was the concert?


We may as well walk as wait for the next bus.


I learned that when I was in kindergarten.

Wasn't Izzy in Boston with you?

Lonhyn is very needy.

The room was full of smoke.

Make haste.


Neither of them are drivers.

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In this country, the majority of the population professes Sunni Islam.

Let me have a talk with her.

Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.

The investigation died a couple of weeks later.

Even the long neck of a giraffe contains only seven vertebrae.


He woke up to find himself lying on a bench in the park.


I made Masanobu a doll.


Choose a particular event you remember well.


Did you call Rainer?

Why didn't you help him escape?

The police got to the scene of the accident.


You don't have to go with Tovah.


All of Marcia's predictions came true.

We are having a whale of a time.

Simon used to be drunk by this time every night.

Put me down, Wilson.

I wouldn't mind helping them.

Stay together, no matter what happens.

Do it the way he tells you to.


Josh would never wear a coat that looked like that.


Why don't you quit Facebook?

Does that about do it?

I didn't deserve to go to prison.


As many as ten people saw the accident.

The outlook for the defense is grim.

You are never short of stories in the United States.