What kind of job did Mario get?

This is the first time I've ever closed my store at four.

Is Manjeri really only thirty?

Friends don't always stay friends forever.


I would like to thank many people for helping me win this award, but I won't.

He has dedicated his life to the preservation of nature.

That might be possible.

Yesterday was Sunday, not Saturday.

Spanish is spoken in many countries.

Excuse me, your laces are untied.

Pete died a few days ago.


Tell me everything.


The man that you saw there yesterday was Mr. Brown.

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The author, in his work, must be like God in the Universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere.

I thought I told you not to make trouble.

I'll protect her with my life.

A car drove past.

They are afraid to fly.


The tape is rolling.

I absented myself from school yesterday.

I'm against the marriage.

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I don't like this city at all.

The lawyer drew up my will.

He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.

When you're done sweeping, I'll mop.

He was accused of being neglectful of his duties.

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Elliott doesn't like beef.

Let's fire them.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" "No, I don't mind at all."

Air balloons had not then been invented, nor steamships, nor railways.

That's the least of my worries.

The proverb says that what is done cannot be undone.

Let's win this duel.

When was the last time you had a bath?

How can you just sit there?

I was caught in a shower and was drenched to the skin.

It's not going to happen.


He goes to China in May.

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We go to the cemetery.

The novel is an attempt to give something back to the generations of her parents.

He's just a little shy.

Please add a comma after this word.

I saw you in the strip club the day before yesterday.

Vick spends too much time watching TV.

Lukas and Oskar were standing close to each other.

I know why there are so many people who love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees the results. -- Albert EINSTEIN

Let the pigs eat that.


Be quiet. If you aren't quiet, you'll be thrown out.

Let's smoke this charas!

Ask them to help you.


To my surprise, he won the prize.

My credit card is maxed out.

Her acute observation skills make her a very suitable photographer.

I'm also thinking of going to Korea.

This dog is, so to speak, a member of our family.


I saw someone.


I hear you love my brother.

Kathleen's repulsive.

They know we're here.

I don't want to tell Graeme.

Eliot loves getting whipped.

Christina really likes antiques.

We think, dream and remember in pictures and carry within us a large internal archive.


That was my fault.


I understood.


What is two and two multiplied by two?

This is the first time I've ever parked my car in the woods.

The temple is at the top of the hill.

Ramesh was the first one to get here.

Elvis said he didn't like beer.


This is a good hospital.

Tell Spencer to meet me here right away.

This is a pretty view, isn't it?

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

You and I must understand one another, and that without delay.

This art collection is rich in paintings by Dutch masters.

I captured butterflies with a net.

"She started it!" "No, you did!"


I thought you were going to do this.

My name is Sascha.

What will you do when you grow up?

Please, give me water!

I expect you to be there on time.

Who told you that?

Alejandro is a plumber.

Edmund and Erik drank beer together.

Jeffrey has serious health problems.


She seemed disappointed and sad.


We've got a job to do.

Don't they know other diseases?

I won't pay for him.

Are you going outside?

Judge adjusted his visor.

He saw a small Band-Aid on her left knee.

A white cloud is floating in the blue summer sky.

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How is it in the market?

Now I'm mad.

I'm counting the minutes until I see you again.


The train was held up because of the railroad accident.


I heard you and William had a big fight.

Business is very good now.

Call a spade a spade.

Pierce's cooking breakfast.

Sue knows her.

If I got a boyfriend, I'd want one who's at least 180 centimeters tall.

Cassava is a drought-tolerant crop and consequently a major staple food for millions of people.


It was depressing.

I've accomplished my task.

You're not that careful.


Joe's death came as a surprise.

Look behind you.

Which is the highest mountain in Japan?


They were badly in need of water.

They laughed at him.

Taiwan was far from being any kind of economic miracle in the 1950s.

In this paper I address the question, what is difficult about the intermediary's position in a negotiation?

It's often said that women live longer than men.

Don't make little of me.

I don't want to raise false hopes.

There's the presence of an interpreter.

Maria went ballistic.

Don't forget to do your homework, OK?

That horse is very expensive.

Santa Claus is dropping from the sky!

My alarm just went off.


Jose talked Hillel into inviting John to the party.

I never knew his real name.

Shakil asked Emil what she meant.

The car is waiting at the gate.

As a rule, we have a lot of rain in fall.

The investigation could take weeks.

Spread your legs apart.

I have never met Maria.

You're not invited.


Were you drunk last night?

"Are you alright?" "I'll be fine. (That is, once I see a cardiologist. I think my heart stopped.)" "Then you must go to the courthouse! Go with many blessings!"

This car is owned by me.

Could I have flight information on flights from Salt Lake City to Phoenix please?

He was far before his time.

They had fun with us.

This video recorder doesn't work right.

The telephone rang repeatedly.

These are the words of Kohelet, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.


I just ignore him.

Jackye seems very tense.

I have to go change.

I take it you talked to him.

A new building is being built in front of my house.


The police thought the victim was Hugh, but they were unable to identify the body.

This gentleman asks interesting questions.

Margot has gone to Boston on urgent business.


I'll never work for Ami.


I asked Bryce what had happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

This is the key point. It's now or never.

I think I can probably speak French better than Leith.


Frankly, I didn't have the confidence to ask Vinod to have lunch with me.

She's trying really hard.

He has a burning desire to become famous.


Tammy seems to have packed everything but the kitchen sink.

Do you believe that God exists?

We have a composting toilet.

Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?

Get that away from me.

He said he could do it.

The thief set his eyes on that house.