Lida lived for many years in a small Native American village in eastern Nicaragua.

What's your full name?

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Cleanliness is a virtue.


He was excited to see the beautiful scenery.

Lowell said he's trying to hide Shuvra.

They feared a threat to democracy.

Are you sleeping?

Isn't Lyndon marvelous?


I sent him a letter to let him know my decision.

A man of wealth has to pay a lot of income tax.

Pierre and Sabrina are with John.

We learned English.

The wind has gotten stronger.


Help is on its way.

I swim once a week.

Mwa was stunned.

Who were you there with?

You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.


Duane may possibly be lying about that.

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I'm not sure.

He'll make it.

Is everything arranged for the trip?

I am shaking with cold.

Beware of frostbite!

It is human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion.

People believe this report true.


You should visit Boston.

Do you know how to get there?

I hope the weather clears up before we have to leave.

You're lucky Angus didn't come.

You're a slug with hair.

I believe you all know me.

Kay kicked Jisheng in the stomach.

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I made myself a cup of hot chocolate.


Regardless how you look at it, he's your big brother.

That's a jewish cult.

I'll wait up for them.


Did you see the knife?

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Don't ever give up.


Do you know where Tricia lives?

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We're both on the same side.


My wife really hates cats.

I'm extremely interested.

I'm glad you liked my friends.

"I'm going to marry him." "You're not," said her father.

I appreciate all your help.

The horse was lying on the straw.

I don't want them to forget me.

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Protestors rallied in a last-ditch effort to save the medical centre from closing down.

What information are you requesting?

I don't regret arriving late.

Shatter made me swear not to tell Neal.

He talks as if he were a teacher.

Thanks so much for the help.

What do you suppose happened there?

Christian was quite good-looking when he was young.

While laughing is allowed, it is most dishonest to laugh out loud or to extend one's laughter beyond the limits of a just moderation; the Holy Ghost teaches us that it is the character of a madman to raise one's voice while laughing.


Susumu didn't notice a thing.

I can't believe I didn't even think of that.

This project will involve 50 trained staff members.

His story departed from his main theme.

The office is empty.


The couple had a son.

For my part I have no objection to the plan.

We have to get rid of her.

This room is very cold.

Are you sure that's going to work?

I recognized her at first sight.

What's Merril up to in Boston?

Throughout the day the weather had looked more than threatening.

I'm certain Stephen will want to speak with you.

My brother died of that shit.

You boiled nothing.

I'll handle them.

Newspapers lay scattered all over the floor.

There are a few drops of rain now.

Joyce didn't arrive at the agreed-upon time.

That which is not today, will be tomorrow.

Darren wouldn't accept my apology.

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You know it yourself: a man without any documents is strictly forbidden to exist.


Why did they search us?

I didn't know you had a boyfriend.

Charleen has answered all of the questions.

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The wind was so strong it blew Stagger's umbrella inside out.

I'm the one who should be apologizing.

He then bound his son, and took up his sword, in order to sacrifice him in the ancient manner.

I've always wanted a pet.

Why are you sitting out here?


They did it successfully.

That's disgusting.

Maria is a very polite, simple girl.

Evergreen wreaths are Christmasy, but credit cards are Christmasier.

What a cool picture!

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I've come to see her.

What do you want to propose for the new job?

Lynnette got married when he was 30 years old.


Not only did he teach school, but he wrote novels.


Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.

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During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.

I have no money to buy the book with.

Lynne has to work tomorrow.


You obviously want to be left alone.

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It's one of the stupidest things I've ever done.

Everything popular is wrong.

How young is Shawn?


Who do you suppose that was?


You seem to be insensible of their good intentions.

Tears welled up in the girl's eyes.

Shankar was really glad to hear that Sergiu wanted to come to his party.

May I visit an art gallery?

Excuse me, do you work here?

I don't know whether to cry or to laugh.

Floria couldn't find anyone to help him.

Herb just can't stand Sugih's brother.

We did pretty well.


Art does have some new ideas.

The truth is I don't like them.

Neal came to Boston in 2013.


I want to be a guitarist.

I know it's cruel, but you're far too ugly to make it in the entertainment business.

If you are strong, I am strong.


Scott took off his coat and hung it up.

It was kind of surreal.

Is that what you think, too?

Sonja was at home.

Lea has a heart of stone.


Tell Luis what Ragnar said she wants.

Nothing else happened.

Everyone was surprised to see Raphael.

It'll work out.

Marian is wearing a black leather jacket, a purple scarf, and purple pants.The outfit looks great on her.


Would you mind looking the other way for just a minute while I change my clothes?

You have my word on her sincerity.

Help me out here.

No running around.

You didn't die in vain.


I need help from several people.

Why did Kissinger flee Paris and make himself a fugitive from the French law?

Would you mind sparing me thirty minutes of the day?

Larry is thinking about getting married.

The police tried to separate the two hostile gangs.

That's my purse.

Stacey pulled out a whistle and blew it.

Several people are already waiting.

I'm beginning to regret hiring Benson.

Hi, sorry I didn't understand you.

I have visited Kyoto before.

The educational system is now under review.

We now turn to a different problem.

Leslie doesn't seem to like me.

Did they find it?

It'd be best if a few more female singers could come.

You've been here all night, haven't you?

I wear my old coat in weather like this.

Because the surroundings were so dark, he could not see anything.

Two plus two equals five.

Well, I guess you were right.

I have no doubt English is the most common language in the world.

She is a hysterical woman.

I hope you're not alone.

The difference is staggering.

What was Micky looking at?

I went to the hospital to see my wife.

They're all watching us.

Our band played here last week.