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Leigh really had a good year.

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I can't believe we're here.

We've already learned a lot.

This song makes me homesick.


Don't bother Wilmer.

I discussed the problem with my friends.

You need to buy him a present.

Don't you ever say that again.

I know I got it right this time.

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How would wheat grow, if you've sown sorghum?

What Toerless did wasn't all that creative.

Real is a little taller than Celia.

I think they'll understand.

Newton's mother remarried and he was left in the care of his grandmother.

I must finish reading that book by tomorrow.

This knife was very useful to me.

I've been dreading this moment for a long time.

No matter where you looked you could see damage caused by the earthquake.


I don't think I did very well.

In towns, speed is limited to 50 km/h.

Who's in command?

What is "language ecology"?

She advised us that it would rain all day.

I get out of breath.

Jessie urged the little donkey forward.


Watching wild birds is a lot of fun.

Shawn is used to sitting.

Mix two parts of rum with one part of lemon juice.

Jock's hair is wet from the rain.

Wolf isn't that different.


Oliver asked his parents, Loren and Sho, where do children come from.

I just tried to stay focused.

The refugees barely escaped death.

She was my first crush.

I wanted to sell Jingbai my old car.

Aside from his salary, he receives money from investments.

Oranges are a seasonal fruit.


Lynne didn't listen to what I said.

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I usually get up at about six-thirty.


You have a choice to make.

I really have to think about this a bit more.

I don't think it would be a good idea to do that.


They murdered him.

He has decided not to go to the meeting.

This concert was awesome.

Let me go to her!

Jeffery and Saumya sat on the couch very close together.


Bea will take care of everything for us.

Almost every day he goes to the river and fishes.

Johann didn't know that I couldn't do what he was asking me to do.

I need somebody who speaks Italian immediately.

We must not give way to their demands.

To lose weight, you must cut back on sweets.

The reporter shot questions at the politician.

If he doesn't come, what will you do then?

I did what most people do.

Stay calm. I promise nothing bad will happen to you.

I figured you might change your mind.

Let's take a walk.

I'm not confused.

He looks just like his brother.

I want to drink something.

Come and see me soon.

I didn't really want to see Lisa today.

You've got to wait.

Syed stayed with us for several days.

Gregor looks a bit like Denise Richards when she was young.

Our factory needs a lot of machinery.


We went back to the living room.


Be serious.

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Someone said something, but I could not understand it.


I guess they really weren't so happy.

I thought I'd go to Boston next week.

Ira looked after my dog while I was in the hospital.

Rudy has got three of them.

Let me know what you want to do.


That kind of person will definitely fail.

What color is his sweater?

As a boy he was tipped for greatness in adult life, now he is tipped for serving guests in a restaurant.

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Who will compensate for the loss?

I was married.

Can someone check this?

There is enough iron in your body to make a nail.

I didn't know that your mother lived with you.

Ravi is too weak to lift himself.

They live from hand to mouth.

Lukas's mother died young because she drank and smoked too much.

Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.


I could stay here all day.

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Your research will surely bear fruit.

I'll put my guitar back in the car.

Grant maintained his innocence.

In my youth, I was wronged.

I really like the technique called chiaroscuro.

We instantly became friends.

I got angry.

If the opposition were to win, it would not entail a radical departure from current policies.

Then there are the public places.

He amused himself by reading a detective story.

Can you bring down my trunk from upstairs?

That seems to be a sensible precaution.

We teachers are human just like you students.

Everyone looks great.

Somehow, I knew you would make it.


After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

She went on reading and didn't answer me.

Europe today is a political vassal of the USA.

She is weak by nature.

The baby was crawling on all fours.


I'm the one who has the key.

I didn't get home until 2:30.

Why didn't you get undressed yet?

That's why we need to fight.

Credit cards are useful but dangerous.

She always runs away from her responsabilities.

Ethel was crying; the young man threw himself at her feet.

I've been a little busy, Shadow.

People should be honest with one another.

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Leonard altered his plans.

Ramiro seemed to regret what he had done.

Don't judge a man by what he has.

We can see the tower above the trees.

What were they after?

I was compelled to leave school.

His face showed that he was annoyed.


The girl is blowing bubbles.

I'll buy them a new one.

It is rude to stare at strangers.


My general impression is that it is very good.

I know you've been avoiding me.

You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.


How many taxis are there in New York City?

He was nominated for the presidency.

We look forward to your early reply.

Is the bank open today?

There's a comparatively large cinema complex inside the mall.


The poor have no relatives.

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The people tend to shorten their words as they speak and some of these sound more like contractions rather than separate words.

Gordon was happy.

We can do all of that.

"Look at the time! I'm gonna be late for school! Bye!" "See you later. Be careful."

Business is at last beginning to pick up.

What if we don't find him?

I don't want to be alone.

Jacobson is doing well.

Did he laugh at you?

Ray has tattoos on his arms.

The children blow dandelions to see the seeds disperse on the wind.

Go get your passport.

I like to eat.

I can't trust people like him.

Barman, I need a drink.

Harv married me this morning.

Say the alphabet backwards.

Justin passed the physical test.

We're all sure of that.

I'm riding with him.

When did you buy that from her?

He gave me precise instructions to do the job.

The fundamental problem is that in the modern world the foolish are completely sure of themselves, while the smart are full of doubts.

She is two years younger than I.

Shahid doesn't seem to be able to get started today.


I'm not going to show you.

He was scolded by his mother.

My town is not what it used to be.

Clarissa, alone, bent over the left edge of the sentence, was hesitating to jump, to put an end to all this story.

Valuation is not always objective.

Let well alone.

We are speaking on behalf of the young people of Australia.

Teriann showed Greg around the city.

I'm afraid of him.