He went red in the face with rage.

You have never been to Okinawa, have you?


That's exactly the way it happened.

She was playing the piano when the guests arrived.

I don't like the house in which he lives.

John is free from worry these days.

Didn't I just say that?

It's dark now.

Don't trouble about me.

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I'm trying to memorize the names of constellations.

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I held the party at my own expense.

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Let's get a picture of us together for my mom.


Mats didn't expect to encounter a human being in a place where a squirrel would have thought twice about entering.

When do you rise?

I supposed him to be rich.

You knew that, right?

she has quietly in the clasroom


There's time now.

I was lovely.

I almost killed myself snowboarding.

We'll catch up with you later.

Farouk took off his glasses and put them in his shirt pocket.


Felix competes in ski races.

I'm looking at the house.

Clare is happy, isn't he?

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April is the national minority health month.

The teacher affirmed the decision of the student council.

Vadim had to sell his house.


What I think doesn't matter.


She showed hardly any interest in the photos.

You must not give in to his unreasonable demands.

These watches are more expensive than the ones in that case.

The students are talking about language and culture.

Father always has the tailor make his suits.

I don't want you to give up.

You know, this isn't half bad.

When will you finish this translation?

Your car is being towed.

Can you take a little break?

Sit down and shut up.

I think you're right not to go.

The good old days are gone never to return.

I've worked with many people over the last few years, including several graduate students.

That's where Graham and I met.

Good morning, doctor!

His house was sold for $10,000.

I'd cut down those trees.

We don't have long to wait.

I do not read books.

The waiters bumped into each other.


Keep your eyes peeled for a taxi!

Let's have a farewell party for Gunter tomorrow.

Harold tricked Marshall into doing his work for him.

Clem is very greedy, isn't he?

She pulled the curtain aside.


That's why we were there.

Guess what's going to happen if you unplug that wire.

They put a coat of paint on the chair.

Enos became the first chimp to orbit the earth on November 29, 1961, aboard a Mercury Atlas rocket. Although the mission plan originally called for three orbits, due to a malfunctioning thruster and other technical difficulties, flight controllers were forced to terminate Enos' flight after two orbits. Enos landed in the recovery area and was picked up 75 minutes after splashdown. He was found to be in good overall condition.

"Taxi, Follow that car!". "I can't, it's illegal"


He is a lazy fellow.

I left home later than usual, but fortunately I was in time for the train.

That is my dictionary.

I don't know if it helped or not.

Spock didn't even help Shai.

I am not accustomed to making a speech in public.

The crew is large.

The trade negotiations are still up in the air.

We've run out of tea.


I think I've never seen you so drunk before.


Did you use it?


I want to examine the body of the victim.

He went to Rome, where he saw a lot of old buildings.

We closed the door.


I think we deserved it.

The harbor is closed to navigation.

At the time, music was everything for us.

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Get out of my sight.

Little lights were blinking on and off in the distance.

That's not why I did it.

I will be free in ten minutes.

Dan had three thousand flying hours.

David is very active.

Plastic's mother is an extraordinarily difficult woman to get along with.

Carsten picked up one of the magazines.

He delivered the package to the orphanage.

If you don't trust them, they won't trust you.

Lila said that school did little to prepare him for life.


To be badly off makes life hard to bear.

We're retiring.

I've been shopping with Olivier.

She agreed with him on what to do with the old car.

I can say the alphabet backwards in less than five seconds.

Did you hear what happened to John?

Masao studies history under Prof. Ito's guidance.

This movie is politically incorrect.

As it began to rain, I had just left the house.


"How did you know that I like Scott?" "You can tell just by looking."

I'll be in Boston by this time tomorrow.

Kent has some time, but probably not a lot.


Its obvious to everyone that he is in love.

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It wasn't Fletcher who betrayed us.

I prefer a hotel by the airport.

Bill stopped smoking.

What is the date of your birthday?

We have to clean up this mess.


I'm sure glad no one was hurt.


Lenora called this morning.

I broke up with her.

Do you think I'm kidding?

The poet has been writing poems since this morning.

Not all children are interested in sci-fi.


The mother fed the newborn colt.

We just relaxed and had fun.

I've finished all the work for today.

In my city, the temperature is one degree above zero.

Jayant will keep his word, I hope.

Many trees were blown down by the storm.

He always wears a blue shirt.

I don't know where Spass is from.

Beckie's not staying with you, is he?

I got the house number wrong.

They went ahead with the plan since there were no objections.

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She gave me several books.


They were going to shoot Rob.

Lack of sleep is telling me.

Ron ran back to the village.

Our work is all over now.

Did Alberto really move to Boston?

He said he was angry, and that he wanted to go home to eat dinner.

The cat is licking the candle stand out of love for the candle.


You see? It wasn't all that hard.

I heard you crying.

I think Esperanto is difficult.

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I'm cross-eyed.


It's an inside job.


He shook thousands of hands.


Juri swears he's innocent.


The buzzing of insects is driving me crazy!


He likes reading English literature.

Polyphemus, son of Neptune, had only one eye in the front.

His only wish was to see his son one last time.

What does the receiver need to know?

That's the least of my worries.

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He's every reason to be proud of his son.


Their cakes are good.


It was almost impossible to get around on that street.


I am not young enough to know everything.

Has anybody heard from him?

I saw you with a tall boy.


Price had no ambition.

She bought him a car.

The sister of your father or mother is your aunt.

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I don't want either of them.

Michiel hates his neighbor.

There was no hurry.


Pfirsichbaeumchen knows how to write in Berber.

We had hardly arrived when Lucy started crying to go home.

I am always ready to help you.