I have to transfer schools.

My ears are bleeding!

The iPhone 5 was released yesterday.

I'll watch your back.

When does Merton get here?

He says he isn't going to leave Turkey anymore.


He was fined 5000 yen for illegal parking.

Alain recognized Ronald the moment she entered the room.

Free Caucasus!

He was involved in the trouble.

We've never given a concert in Boston.

She was living alone in a hut.

I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but ...

Travis has really helped us a lot.

I am from England.

Duke thought it over for several days.

His girlfriend cheated on him over and over again.

The girl in a blue coat is my daughter.

Your proposal is worthy of being considered.

Looks like I will become a dad.

What did you hope to gain?

Harv is a very talented singer.

You won't have to hide any longer.

Ms Jaguar offered Mr Clinton the position because she had faith in his capabilities.

She's very protective of him.

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I got to know Meeks when I was in college.

Swimming makes your legs stronger.

You should get out of town.

They don't go to school at the weekend.

It doesn't work like that.

They advanced on the enemy.

What's new this year?

Ronni is a highly sensitive person.

Leads didn't press charges.

He has been very busy this week.

Can I make copies?

Her futuristic vision helped shape the company's mission statement.

He was promoted to section chief.

There were cotton candy vendors in the shrine.

We didn't give Graham a choice.


Glynn was accused of performing a lewd act in public.

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I don't think Dan would make that decision.

I know what you did to her.

She's not in yet.

You don't need to worry about such a thing.

What are we going to have for dinner tonight?

We combed police records of the incident but found no mention of witnesses seeing a tall, bearded man.

Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.

This can only end in tears.

Danielle believes that the Earth is flat.


Should you change your mind, let me know.


Did you know Shadow very well?


Amigo considered her answer carefully.

The rumor was without foundation.

These police officers are corrupt.

It would be hard for me to say no to Wolfgang.

I enjoyed this article.

I'm here on both Mondays and Tuesdays.

He refused my friend request.

I wonder if you'd talk to us for a moment.

I think Stanly is timid.

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We live in a big city.


Give them to him.

I need to see you right now.

Who's the person with The?

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I read the label.


Barbara is little hysterical, isn't she?

You have to let me talk to him.

One must hide one's suffering from the world.

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Piotr drinks milk every morning.

We'll meet at the usual place.

They all have one thing in common.

I write everything down; I feel uneasy without my notebook.

Did you read this?


Carol told his wife he had to work late.

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Our daughter burnt her finger with a match.

I'm interested in things meta-physical.

He's not serious about her at all - he's just playing with her.

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You're almost right.


Shall I buy this dictionary just because it's cheap?

His house is near the subway station.

She looked after my dog for a month.

Get me the evidence.

I don't get paid very much.

That's me, that's Amigo and that's Janos.

It was not until I had a baby myself that I knew what mother's love is.

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The couple took a horse carriage that evening.

I just want to get away.

Brender is in the library.

My mother, who has become a sun, has been on my mind throughout the years.

Did you remember to turn off the gas?

I need band aids.

What time does the ship leave?

Andy has offered no suggestions.

You have a feather on your hair.

Sonny set his alarm for 2:30.

They wouldn't believe me.


The woman hugged the baby.

I hope Vidhyanath changes his mind.

Nicolas was there that night.

When the lights are red all vehicles must stop, and they may not start until they turn to green. Amber is the intermediate colour.

This statue is as large as life.

Kemal has had no interest in other people since he was a child.

I went to the beach with him.

New Age ideas are a refreshing alternative to the staid orthodoxy of traditional Christianity.

How do you know how thick it is?

You did this to me.

Turn it off, Lori.

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He was lying in bed on his back.


That won't change.

Would you care for another sandwich?

Dawson told me things I never knew about him.

This is good for us.

He often laughs at his own jokes.

I never meant to say anything about what happened.

They tried everything.

They say our house is too small by Western standards.

That was the best part of the whole trip.

I've fully recovered.

Bob had had many dangerous adventures during the war.

It's not time to die.

I've learned how to relax.

I was sacked yesterday.

Have you found him?

Mt. Fuji is very beautiful.

You might want a little help.

He attributed the accident to the bad weather.

I just want my dad to get better.

The snow was very deep.

I just have a few more questions.


That kitty is so cute!

Scot certainly is good-looking.

He is a poet by birth.

Philology and medicine were named by Nietzsche to be "the two great opponents of all superstition".

Let's all give her a hand.

I remember meeting him in Paris.

The room is sunny.


Urgent business kept me from coming sooner.

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Does Jenine really want to do that?

You should stay away from Rudolph.

The alarm sounded.


Maximum length: 200 words.


You're one narrow minded individual.

I want to go to Boston.

I will accompany you.

This is the first time I've ever wasted so much time.

I'm not sure why I'm here.

I saw her talking on the phone.

Have you been getting enough sleep?

I don't like pepperoni pizza very much.

Andy might be harder to deal with in the future.

It's been reported that some men had killed and eaten some animals that were in the local zoo.

Siegurd can't read French.

It was the window that Dominick broke yesterday.

She is excellent in making speeches.

He gave me this in return.

I understand you have a problem.

We're about to leave here.

What does the girl want to know?

When do you write?

The country needs your help.

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I would sooner stay than go.


Even if I had wished to stop, I couldn't.

That university conducts its entrance examinations using a computer scored answer sheet.

Death is the possibility of the absolute impossibility of Dasein.


When the police stopped him for questioning, Spass tried to make a run for it.

Is that supposed to be a joke?

The motorman slowed down the train.

I'm ready to face any challenge.

I will not come tomorrow.

He thought it foolish of me to go to Kyushu by bike.

Teach me some kanji, please.